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Famous Rock Guitarists Playing Gibson Guitars

Famous Rock Guitarists Playing Gibson Guitars. Many legendary rock guitarists have chosen to play a Gibson guitar. Angus Young, Izzy Stradlin, James Dean Bradfield, and Pete Townshend are all famous Gibson players. In addition to their talents, Gibson has produced several iconic guitar models. In this article, you’ll learn about a few of their famous instruments. Also, discover how their playing styles have influenced generations of rock musicians.

Famous Rock Guitarists Playing Gibson Guitars

Angus Young

Famous Rock Guitarists Playing Gibson Guitars

One of the most iconic rock guitarists of all time is Angus Young. Born in Cranhill, Scotland, he moved to Australia when he was eight years old. He studied under legendary rock guitarists like Freddie King, Chuck Berry, and Jimi Hendrix and honed his skills by studying guitar legends. Young’s musical style is rooted in rock and roll and blues and he draws his inspiration from his role models. His signature vibrato style and high-energy performances have earned him a place among the greatest rock guitarists of all time.

Angus Young’s playing sound is best described as thunderous, loud, and explosive. He has a great presence on stage and rocks his guitar face-off without fancy accents or fast shredding. Many modern rock guitar icons learned how to rock with such an attitude. Young shows that the guitar player doesn’t need to be the best guitar player to be great. He is the perfect example of guitar power.

Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads, one of the most influential rock guitarists of the past 50 years, played an Alpine White Gibson Les Paul Custom. The guitar is also one of the most iconic. Rhoads began playing the guitar at age six and was influenced by his early influences the Bluesbreakers. His breakthrough single became a blues standard and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His work with Kiss and his later work on Texas Cannonball and Burglar albums is an example of how a guitarist can be a true king of the blues.

James Dean Bradfield

James Dean Bradfield has a variety of guitars used th his career, from the Gibson Les Paul to the Fender Thinline Telecaster and a Guild Black Star violin guitar. He also uses a Gibson J45, as well as a Gibson ES-330, a Gibson ES-335, and a Gibson ES-335. He also has several electric guitars.

Gibson’s Les Paul Custom is a staple of rock music, with a few notable bands of all time, such as Metallica and The Black Crowes, recording it on numerous occasions. This iconic guitar is a mainstay in the band’s sound. In 1993, Wylde formed the band Pride And Glory with Bradfield. They recorded an album with a similar sound to their previous releases.

Bradfield is a great guitarist and an equally great acoustic guitarist. He is a versatile performer who can rock and blues, with his latest album inspired by the life of Chilean activist Victor Jara. Bradfield is a rock star of our time!

Pete Townshend

pete townshend with the who at forest hills tennis stadium on july 29th 1971 in forest hills new york t20 kobj9R

The most recognizable image of the Rolling Stones is probably Pete Townshend playing a Gibson. The iconic rock star has played a variety of guitars, including Gibson’s ES-335. He used this particular model during his 1971 U.S. tour and in various recordings. Although Townshend owned a variety of guitars, this one is particularly notable. The SG has a natural finish and a small pickguard, and he sometimes used the guitar’s pre-1966 model with a gold pickguard.

The Gibson SG Special was Townshend’s favorite guitar, and the 50th anniversary of this legendary model has a tribute to the legendary rock star’s SG Special. With a P-90 pickup, this model is packed with punch and thumping lows. The guitar is also built with a wraparound bridge and compensated lightning bar saddle ridge. The tone of the guitar is also quite distinct, with an abundance of rich and resonant highs.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page, the late guitarist from Chicago, has written many of the most influential rock guitar riffs. Page’s Les Paul played an integral role in the blues standard “Whole Lotta Love” and has been named by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the songs that “shaped rock and roll.” Jimmy Page’s later guitar work on albums like Burglar and Texas Cannonball is also a highwater mark for one of the true kings of the blues.

Jimmy Page played a Gibson ES-175D during many of his live performances. In addition to Gibson guitars, many famous rock guitarists also used mandolins.

Dave Grohl

Some of the most legendary guitars of all time have been manufactured by Gibson. From the earliest Les Paul Goldtops of 1956 to the latest custom-made Les Pauls, many of the biggest names in the world of rock have owned a Gibson. Guitarists such as Jan Akkerman have benefited from the Gibson Les Paul’s versatility. Among his guitars are the Les Paul Custom, the ES-175D, and the ES-355 in Ebony.

For example, Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl played a black standard Explorer, while the band’s white Explorer was the original. Both guitars can be seen in videos of the band. However, there are some notable differences between the two instruments. Some of the most notable changes from the original models are in the pickups. The Explorer is a famous example of this. Its design was influenced by the guitars used by the late great Eric Clapton.

John McLaughlin

Famous Rock guitarists playing Gibson have long been synonymous with the Double Rainbow model. This particular model was used by McLaughlin in the Mahavishnu Orchestra and is so popular that it broke in half when he dropped it off the guitar bench. The Double Rainbow model is the only double-neck guitar capable of rocking that hard. This guitar also has a scalloped fretboard, similar to the vina.

Born in Doncaster, England, John McLaughlin played in bands with other musicians including Brian Auger, Georgie Fame, and Tony Oxley. In his early teens, he began taking guitar lessons and branched out into different genres, ranging from flamenco to jazz. His guitar skills soon improved and he played with a variety of groups, including the Marzipan Twisters, Alexis Korner, Georgie Fame, and the Blue Flames. He also became a member of the Graham Bond Organisation, Brian Auger, and other notable musicians.

1958 Gibson Explorer

Pat Metheny

Among the many guitar legends, Pat Metheny has won more than 20 Grammy awards and is one of the most sought-after guitarists of all time. The veteran guitarist began playing the guitar at age thirteen when he was flirting with flunking high school. At first, his guitar playing was simplistic, using many triads and pentatonic, and a limited amount of chromaticism. Rather than using a traditional scale, he started by playing the triad and then sequenced it through the scale.

After becoming a teenage prodigy, Pat Metheny was one of the youngest tutors at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. His debut recording, Bright Size Life, was a triumphant success, with a rich, melodic sound. Since then, his work rate has been brisk, with a punishing touring schedule and an endless string of albums. His musical curiosity has never waned, with an enviable catalog of albums to choose from.

Roy Orbison

A recent video of Roy Orbison playing a Gibson shows the guitar to be a reissue of the original model. It is a Gibson Super 400 with a fancy bound neck. The headstock features a split diamond design and the bottom portion of the neck ends in a fancy volute. It lacks the Gibson logo, but the guitar’s pickups are from a Sho-bud steel guitar and feature eight pole pieces. The guitar also features a metallic pickup ring.

In addition to playing a custom guitar in the 1960s, Orbison also played a Gibson Super 400. The body is believed to be a Gretsch White Falcon Country Club, while the neck is generally accepted to be a Gibson Super 400. His son stated that the guitar his father played in One of the Lonely Hearts was a Gretsch Country. The Gretsch Country was lost in a fire in 1968, and Orbison’s son has yet to confirm the exact model of his guitar.

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Slash plays several Gibson guitars, including a black Les Paul with block inlays. While he owns some vintage Gibson guitars, he prefers playing modern Gibson models, including the AFD Les Paul. The Gibson AFD Les Paul is a replica of the one used on Guns N’ Roses’ debut album. It features Alnico Pro II pickups, a Floyd Rose tremolo system, and a black finish.

Slash’s Gibson Les Pauls are known for being extremely playable. He uses them on all his major hits, including “Alive” and “Unbreakable”. These guitars also feature the AJF30 and 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Whether Slash is playing a tribute band or a solo show, he’s sure to get a lot of use out of them. Gibson is proud to be a partner in Slash’s musical career.

The Gibson Custom Shop produced just 125 of these instruments, and all of them are signed by Slash. Slash’s model is a replica of a Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck, purchased by the rock star in 1990. It features a C-neck profile, versatile LR Baggs VTC pickup, and Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups. Slash’s Gibson guitars are also known for their sound, which distinguishes them from the typical Les Pauls.

Slash played a Gibson SG guitar during the studio sessions for “Appetite For Destruction.” He did not like the sound of the Warlock, so Niven, the band’s manager, gave him a Les Paul guitar. Even though he’s not always clear about which guitar he played, he still used it during “My Michelle” on AFD. That particular guitar became Slash’s main guitar. It was later used on all of Slash’s albums and solo performances.

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