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Slash Guitars and Gear. From electric guitars to acoustic guitars, Slash has inspired multiple generations of players. Gibson has even built a signature model based on his iconic style. But how do you choose the right product? We’ll answer that question and more. Keep reading to find out more about Slash Guitars and Gear.

Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Vermillion Burst

The Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard Limited 4 Album Edition is available in Translucent Cherry. It was designed to commemorate the release of Slash’s new album on Gibson Records. The guitar features an AAA-figured maple top, solid mahogany body, ’50s Vintage “C” neck, and dual BurstBucker Alnico II pickups. It also features hand-wired electronics and color-coordinated hardware. A special Slash logo decal completes the guitar.

The Slash Les Paul Standard comes with two Custom Burstbucker pickups with Alnico II magnets and visible pole pieces. The pickups are adjustable using two nut screws and are activated with a three-way knob. Each pickup has its tone control.

The Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard Appetite Burst also features a classic ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge. This is a great feature for guitarists who want to play chords without mutes.

The Slash guitar also features a hand-wired harness with Orange Drop capacitors. It also comes with a plain truss rod cover and a pickguard of the appropriate color.

The Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard is available in a variety of finishes. Although this guitar is not a “production line” model, it is still of great value. You can get your hands on the Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard at NAMM 2020.

Gibson has made improvements to the quality and binding of its guitars. They are no longer as heavy as they once were. Also, new dye formulations make the guitars more fade-resistant and less translucent.

Another thing to look for is the size of the frets. Medium Jumbo frets are good for easy string pressing and feedback. Most guitarists prefer a 43mm nut width, which offers a wide open space for string separation.

The Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard also has a solid mahogany body and a figured AAA maple top. It includes a stop tailpiece and vintage keystone tuners. As an added bonus, it has custom-wound SlashBucker pickups.

slash guitar collection

The Slash Les Paul was originally released in 1958 but has recently been updated to include a few modern features. The body of the guitar is a more compact version of the original Les Paul Standard. The guitar also features a vintage-style pickup and a tremolo bridge. Unlike the Gibson Les Paul Standard, this version is also available in dark burst and white. It retails for $12,999.

Overall, the Gibson Slash Les Paul Standard is a great option for any guitarist. Regardless of whether you’re a rocker or a blues enthusiast, this guitar is a good investment.

What’s your appetite?

For years, guitarists were enamored with Slash’s whammy bars and pointy Les Pauls. With the release of his classic album Appetite for Destruction, however, Slash’s bluesy, straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll riffs put Les Pauls back in the spotlight. The instrument had fallen out of favor since the heyday of Led Zeppelin, who slung LPs with abandon.

Slash’s signature guitar dates from 1976. It was used for the single “Slither” from Velvet Revolver. Slash played it on special occasions and took it with him on the road. It was the first acoustic guitar he used after the Appetite for Destruction tour. He bought it during a break from the road, set it up in his car, and played it during his brief time off. This guitar has been close to him for so long that he even wrote an acoustic part for the ballad “Patience” using it.

As for Slash’s gear, it’s worth remembering that the guitar is just one part of his rig. In the studio, the guitarist used a Marshall amp. He has used other amps as well, but this one has been his “go-to” amp. Moreover, rumors have been flying about Slash’s recording amp. The website of Marshall Amps states that the JMP and JCM800 models are the ones that Slash used for his recordings.

How do I choose the right product?

Several different Slash guitars are available. The Guild Crossroads double-neck guitar, for example, is a remarkable piece of engineering. It features a solid 6-string and a wired acoustic 12-string guitar setup. The guitar is also equipped with a single-track recorder and a complete set of mixing and mastering tools. Slash himself also owns two Guild JF-30 guitars, one of which is still in his collection, and one of which recently went on auction.

While the Gibson Les Pauls became legendary, they were often stolen from their owners’ apartments. The guitar Slash used for his Shine music video was stolen. However, in 2010, Slash was able to buy back the guitar from Hudson. The guitar’s history is so complicated that unraveling its myths is like trying to piece together an ancient Norse epic. Slash had previously been hesitant to use Les Paul replicas because they were altered. However, after the success of Appetite for Destruction, Gibson made another Les Paul that was supposedly stolen from Joe Perry’s apartment.

Slash’s Acoustic Guitars

Gibson Mockingbird

In the Guns N’ Roses era, the Gibson Mockingbird was used by bassist Mark Hudson and guitarist Slash. The guitar was featured in the band’s debut EP, Lies, as well as the band’s second studio album, Live?!*@ Like a Suicide. It was also used by Slash in the music video for November Rain.

Slash has played a wide variety of guitars over the years, but his favorite has been a Gibson replica. He has owned and played a number of different models, and most of his signature guitars are based on the Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959.

Slash’s first guitar was a Memphis model, which he used to practice and perform with. The guitar had a bumblebee yellow binding and an Alnico II pickup setup. After playing with the guitar for a while, Slash bought a Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck electric guitar. This guitar was later sold to Eric Johnson.

Before his involvement with Guns N’ Roses, Slash used a Jackson Firebird Custom Shop, which had a black finish and 22 frets. This guitar was also a staple on the GNR tour and in the studio.

After the breakup of Guns N’ Roses, Slash continued to use this same guitar for special occasions. In 2001, his Gibson SG was immortalized in the Shine music video.

Another model of Gibson guitar that was popular with Slash was the Gibson Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo Special Edition. These guitars have a unique look and feel and are slightly thinner than classic guitars.

In the late 90s, Slash started using more modern guitars. This included a Gibson SG. But he eventually switched to a Gibson Mockingbird.

Slash has used a wide range of guitars, including Gibson replicas and even his own custom-made instruments. His guitars have a unique sound that is suited for many genres. If you’re looking to purchase a Gibson guitar, you can try it online. There are several models and finishes to choose from. However, it’s hard to go wrong with the Gibson Les Paul Standard. You’ll be sure to get a guitar that has a rich, warm tone. Plus, you’ll also be able to pick it up for less!

Gibson D-28

Slash has used a variety of guitars throughout his career. His Gibson Les Paul is one of his favorite guitars and he is known for owning a collection of these. However, he also has a Gibson acoustic, the Martin D-18. He has used this instrument in many songs.

The Martin D-18 has been a favorite of session musicians for decades. It’s the perfect acoustic for live performances or the studio. This guitar has a spruce top and is made of East Indian rosewood back and sides. These acoustic guitars have excellent projection and rich harmonic detail. Many users rave about their iconic features.

Another acoustic guitar that Slash has played is the Guild JF-30. This guitar is a 12-string acoustic guitar with one neck. In addition, it is also made of all-solid Sitka Spruce blackwood. Moreover, the guitar features a nitrocellulose finish which gives a more pure sound.

One of Slash’s first guitars was a B.C. Rich Mockingbird. Later on, he bought a Gibson Les Paul. A few years later, he tried out a Telecaster when he wanted a different vintage tone.

His original ’59 Les Paul has a serial number of 9 0627. It is considered the most beautiful ‘Burst’ by Gibson Les Paul collectors. Moreover, Slash purchased this guitar with original PAF pickups. Afterward, he swapped the pickups with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups.

Other guitars that Slash has owned include the Gibson Explorer 1958 and the Flying V 1959. During the Appetite for Destruction tour, he had trouble with his gear. Luckily, he was able to get his stolen guitar back. For his studio recordings, he usually uses the Guild JF-30. Besides, he also owns a variety of other gear.

The guitar is still in production but has slight alterations. You can see it in the official Patience music video. There are red and green finishes available. Moreover, there is also an Epiphone version of the acoustic guitar.

If you love Slash’s acoustic guitar, you can get a copy of it from Epiphone. This is a cheaper alternative to Slash’s Gibson Acoustic Slash J-45.

For his solo work, Slash often uses Martin guitars. The D-28 acoustic guitar was his primary choice for Use Your Illusion. It features a Sitka Spruce top with X bracing that allows for more vibration, and East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. Its unique design is a perfect match for his voice and style, and its warm sound and comfortable feel make it a popular choice among aspiring rock stars.

Slash’s first electric guitar was most likely a Memphis Les Paul, which he used to record his debut album with his first band, Tidus Sloan. He eventually decided to upgrade to a better guitar and sold his B.C. Rich Mockingbird to pay off a drug debt. But he didn’t just use any guitar that looked good. He even used the same guitar in a YouTube video where he discussed his first guitar.

Slash uses Ernie Ball guitar strings. His signature series is the RPS Power Slinky Guitar Strings (11-48), and his other guitars are all made with this famous brand. His guitars are well-made and offer superb sustain. The Red Monkey Slasher guitar straps are made of leather and are slightly thinner than classic guitar straps. Slash’s signature guitar straps are a great way to emulate his sound and look.

Slash GuitarsSlash — a brief biography

The world-famous rock guitarist has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Although he has partied away millions of dollars, Slash has earned global recognition for his Les Paul guitar. His musical style is traditional, yet draws on an eclectic range of scales to create unforgettable melodies. Guitarists who follow Slash’s lead should consider purchasing one of his guitars.

Slash Guitars and Gear are widely regarded as an essential part of his stage shows. The custom shop Slash Les Paul, which he signed in 1990, is one of his most recognizable signature guitars. Later, he began to collect Gibson Les Pauls and became the brand ambassador for the company. Despite his storied career, Gibson launched a special collection of Slash guitars and gear in 2017.

In 1999, Slash regrouped with his former bandmates and released their debut album, Ain’t Life Grand. It received mixed reviews and was the band’s first studio album since disbanding. He also performed with Snakepit in 2000, where he collaborated with drummer Matt Laug, bassist Johnny Griparic, and singer Ryan Roxie. The band embarked on a worldwide tour in the summer of 2000 and a headlining theater tour in 2002.

Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul

The Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul is a custom one-off guitar created by J.T. Riboloff of Gibson’s Custom Shop. The ’59 replica Slash saw at NAMM prompted the guitarist to commission his guitar. He requested an all-black body with screaming yellow binding and jumbo frets. The stripped-down design was important to Slash, who traded his fourth guitar in the Gibson vault for the Slash-signed guitar.

The Slash AFD Les Paul Standard features a solid mahogany body with AAA figured maple top and a ’50s-style neck. The Slash-approved electronics include hand-wired harnesses and orange-drop capacitors. A vintage-style brown hardshell case completes the package. A unique Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul is sure to turn heads. This guitar is guaranteed to be a hit with Slash.

Slash’s AFD Les Paul was a breakthrough for the rock and roll scene and it’s no wonder why the legendary album inspired him to create one. This Gibson Les Paul Standard Appetite for Destruction guitar is in excellent shape and sounds great! It even comes with its original shipping case! The Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7 Gibson customer support are just a few of the benefits that accompany this instrument. If you’d like to own a Gibson Slash AFD Les Paul, you can order it from an Authorized Epiphone Dealer.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst

Slash is renowned for his impressive collection of Gibson Les Pauls. Along with Les Paul, the rock star has also owned a variety of other guitars and gear over the years. During his tour with Appetite for Destruction, Slash had trouble with his gear, so he had his manager purchase two Les Paul replicas from Jim Foote. During the tour, Slash used the guitar to play several songs.

The Slash guitar was first purchased during the early days of Guns N’ Roses. It was a favorite model at the time, and the band used it extensively throughout their time together. In particular, the guitar was used extensively during Live?!*@ Like a Suicide, which introduced the closed-circuit sound. Hudson also played most of the songs on the EP with this guitar. Later, the guitar was included in the GNR’s Lies album.

Slash’s first Gibson guitar, a Hunter Burst Les Paul, had been pawned before Hudson picked it up. Peter “Max” Baranet, a top-level Gibson replica expert, reconstructed the instrument and installed Seymour Duncan pickups. Although he didn’t build the instrument himself, he was able to secure a $59,000 reward for the discovery of missing books, documents, blueprints, and other historic assets. To claim the reward, all you need to do is email a photo and description of the missing item.

Gibson ES-335

When Slash started collaborating with other artists, he switched to a modern guitar. Eventually, he settled on a Gibson ES-335. This guitar has premium gold appointments, pearl inlays, and a semi-hollow body.

The Gibson ES-335 is one of the most popular pieces of equipment that Slash owns. The guitar’s features include a pair of humbuckers, a two-tone control knob, and a three-way pickup selector switch. The guitar was manufactured in only 250 pieces. However, it’s expected that it will remain in demand for many years to come.

The Les Paul and Gibson ES-335 are both great electric guitars for playing metal, jazz, and blues. The difference lies in the tone and size of the body. The Les Paul has a solid body design while the Gibson ES-335 has a semi-hollow design with f-holes. The Les Paul is better suited for hard rock, while the ES-335 is better suited for blues, rock, and jazz.

Slash started playing the Gibson SG during his early days with Guns N’ Roses. He used the instrument on his first EP. Later, he switched over to the Gibson ES-335 in the studio, where it became a mainstay. The guitar is Slash’s most prized possession.

The ES-335 has premium gold appointments and pearl inlays. Gibson Custom crafts the ES-335 with meticulous attention to detail. It was the guitar of choice for Slash’s guitarist, Vic DaPra. His original ’59 Les Paul, serial number 9 0627, is considered the most beautiful ‘Burst’, and is nicknamed ‘The George Gruhn’ by Gibson Les Paul collectors.

Twin Custom Burstbucker Alnico II Humbuckers Deliver Scorching Rock Tones

For the album Use Your Illusion, Slash used a Martin D-28 acoustic guitar. The guitar’s maple-capped mahogany body and angled headstock make it a great choice for Slash, whose music is based on classic rock. Its warm, rich sound is also a great choice for Slash, as it allows him to play with a more comfortable feeling and sound.

1987 Gibson Les Paul Standard

This guitar was played by Slash during the “Appetite For Destruction” album. Hudson owned it briefly in the late ’80s but eventually sold it to fund his drug habit. The guitar is made of black body wood and features two humbuckers and a tremolo bridge. The body is fitted with a sticker of the same design as the tattoo on Slash’s arm.

Interestingly, the guitar was made by Guild. Slash drew the design on a cocktail napkin. This type of guitar is essentially hollow at the top and solid underneath, with two humbuckers in each pickup. Slash’s guitar is also a black Les Paul with a tobacco burst finish and a zebra-patterned Seymour Duncan humbucker.

This Slash signature guitar is rare, produced only in limited quantities. Only three thousand were made, and Slash received one. Despite the limited number, Slash adopted it as his regular amplifier and still plays it. Its price and rarity have led to it becoming one of the most sought-after guitars for decades. The Slash Collection includes an extensive selection of guitars from the famous rocker.

C. Rich Warlock

BC Rich Warlock guitars are a favorite of many rock royalty. This guitar was introduced in 1981 and has been played by Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, and Lita Ford. Later models of this guitar featured Paul Stanley, Rick Nielsen, and Randy Jackson of Zébra. Some of the best-selling Warlock models featured Craig Goldy and Giuffruff pickups. Slash is a longtime Warlock player.

A B.C. Slash purchased the rich model guitar in his early Los Angeles years. It was one of his favorites and was extensively used in the formation of Guns N’ Roses. The band’s debut EP, Live?!*@ Like a Suicide, introduced a closed circuit, which was made possible by bassist Mark Hudson’s B.C. Rich Mockingbird guitar. Hudson’s guitar also appeared on GNR’s Lies album.

While Slash is renowned for his Les Paul guitar, he used BC Rich guitars early in his career. He was a BC Rich fan from his high school days and commissioned BC Rich to make him a 10-string model. The maple pickups on the BC Rich guitars are known to add brightness and definition to the guitar’s tone. This guitar is a great choice for Slash’s signature sound.

C. Rich Mockingbird

In the early ’90s, Slash played the B.C. Rich Mockingbird, but soon switched to a custom-made Les Paul with Floyd Rose. This guitar was used in the music video for “You Could Be Mine,” and is said to have been sold by Slash to fund his drug habit. It is now a collector’s item and is valued at more than $75,000, with an average asking price of more than $7,000!

Although Slash’s Gibson Les Paul has been a staple of his career, he isn’t afraid to experiment with different guitar designs. His first guitar, a Memphis Les Paul copy, is one of the most famous in the world. He has since switched between a Jackson Superstrat and a B.C. Rich Mockingbird model. The guitar’s neck has a heelless joint, which makes it possible to play it from the floor.

Slash’s guitar collection is huge, with numerous Gibson Les Pauls. But his most iconic guitar is a 1959 replica custom-built by Kris Derrig. The guitar was purchased by Slash’s manager in late 1986 and featured Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 pickups. The guitar is currently on display in Slash’s Les Paul collection. You can browse the photos of this guitar and others in Slash’s collection and see which model is the perfect fit for you!

Gibson Les Paul “The Hunter Burst”

The Les Paul “The Hunter Burst” is a signature model from Gibson that is known for its distinctive look and soaring sound. The guitar features a hollow body, six strings, and a pair of humbuckers. Originally, Slash purchased this model with the original PAF pickups but later switched them to Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros.

This Gibson Les Paul “Hunter Burst” was owned by Slash and played by several famous musicians, including Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, and Howie Huberman. It is a reissue of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul. The Les Paul was originally produced by Gibson and reissued for the first time in 1959. During the reissue, Gibson removed the “Hunter Burst” logo and shifted the serial number to the back of the headstock. It was then sold to Slash by Howie Huberman, but it is not an official Gibson.

The guitar was designed by Guild and was used by Slash during the music video for “The Last Fight” by Guns N’ Roses. It is finished in black and has two humbuckers, and it has a zebra-shaped Seymour Duncan humbucker. Slash’s signature guitar was a Gibson Les Paul “The Hunter Burst,” and the legendary musician has been known to use it throughout his career.

1978/79 B.C. Rich Mockingbird

The B.C. Rich Mockingbird Slash is one of the most iconic guitars in the history of rock. This guitar features a unique shape, with a triangle cutout on the back of the body and a ten-string design. The guitar was created by Neal Moser, who developed the instrument with Hendrix and Crosby.

In the early ’90s, Slash purchased a Mockingbird guitar, which cost him $400. Unlike many modern tremolo guitars, the Mockingbird was a perfect match. It was used during the UYI tour and album, as well as in the music video for the song “You Could Be Mine.” Later, in 2011, Slash replaced it with a custom-made Les Paul with Floyd Rose. It was then sold to an unknown collector.

During the recording of Appetite For Destruction, Slash had his first guitar, a Gibson Les Paul, sold to a pawn shop to settle his drug debts. He was so pleased with the sound of the instrument that he had the band manager, Alen Niven, take him to a guitar shop and buy him a Jackson model. The guitar was black, with two humbuckers and a tremolo bridge. The guitar’s neck was inscribed with the same design that Slash had on his arm tattoo.

The 1970s/80s Memphis Les Paul

Slash has created an amazing guitar that embodies the spirit of the Memphis sound. Using rare materials, the guitar features a top made from a 2,800-year-old spruce tree, and sides made from a 1965 mahogany tree. A video shows how each component of the guitar is handcrafted and why Slash chooses this model of guitar. The guitar is remarkably affordable, going from $65 to $185, depending on the condition of the guitar.

In 1986, Slash sold the original LP to a pawn shop to pay for his drug debts. However, when recording “Appetite For Destruction,” Slash purchased a Jackson model that featured a black finish, two humbuckers, and a ‘Slash’ sticker on the headstock. This guitar has earned its name in the Slash universe and is one of the few that bears the signature of the late guitarist.

The Gibson Les Paul Standard 1959 is one of Slash’s most faithful instruments. Since 1987, it has been his main guitar on stage. It features black-and-white zebra coils and Seymour Duncan Alnico II humbuckers. It has a beautiful resemblance to Slash’s original. While it is considerably cheaper, it has the same tone and looks.

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Replica by Max Bar

The 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard was the last year of the original model. Almost identical to the 1959 model, it featured a slim neck profile and a fast-playing action. The ’60s also saw the addition of reflector volume knobs and wider double-ring tuner tips. A replica of the original 1960 Les Paul Standard, the Custom Shop 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue is a faithful clone of the original, giving you the feel and sound of a genuine vintage LesPaul.

Taking hundreds of photographs of the original guitar, Gibson created a replica of the famous ’60s Les Paul. The resulting 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard is a perfect recreation of the instrument used by the late blues legend. The guitar has a custom-aged finish and a tremolo bridge. The volume and tone controls have mismatched knobs. The truss rod cover has “Les Paul” engraved on it. The toggle switch is also included.

1987 Gibson Les Paul ’57 Reissue Goldtop

If you are looking for the best Les Paul replica available, look no further than the 1987 Gibson LesPaul ’57 Reissue Goldtop. This guitar has been professionally set up by a guitar luthier and is in excellent condition overall. Its neck has a medium ’59 profile, with very little fret wear on the cowboys. The neck’s rosewood fingerboard is in excellent condition, and the ’57 Goldtop’s original nickel-plated humbuckers are factory installed. This guitar is straight & true, with a fully functioning truss rod. The guitar is also fitted with a new set of DR Blues #10 pure nickel strings and has been retuned with a strobe tuner.

While the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop retained many of the Goldtop’s specifications, it was updated with a new model, the Standard. This guitar featured a cherry-red sunburst finish and PAF humbucker pickups. It also came with a stop tailpiece and Bigsby vibrato. The gold color used since 1952 was replaced with a rich cherry red Sunburst finish. In 1958, Gibson began to focus on selling Les Pauls to jazz players and marketed the instrument as such.

Gibson ES 335 History

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