Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut


Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut. In the realm of music, few creative partnerships are as remarkable as the one between renowned music educator, Rick Beato, and Gibson, a leading guitar manufacturer. It’s enriched the landscape with a unique instrument — the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut. This article delves beyond the surface, tracing the history of this extraordinary collaboration and exploring the unique design elements that give the Les Paul Special Double Cut its characteristic tone and style.

History and Design of the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut

The Unfolding of the Collaboration

The partnership between Rick Beato, a revered music producer, and Gibson, a prominent musical instrument manufacturer, gave birth to the remarkable Les Paul Special Double Cut. Their collaborative journey started when Beato, a lifelong fan and avid player of Gibson guitars, expressed his interest in developing a guitar that epitomized his understanding of great sound, playability, and aesthetics in an interview. This garnered the attention of Gibson’s product team, who approached Beato to turn this idea into a tangible instrument.

Distinctive Design of the Double Cut

Like all other Gibson Les Paul guitars, the Special Double Cut is a solid-body electric guitar. However, what makes it truly special is its double-cutaway design. Unlike the traditional Gibson Les Paul Specials that sport a single-cutaway construction, this model features a double-cutaway design, which not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances accessibility to the upper frets, making the playability seamless for guitar players.

The guitar also relies heavily on a mahogany body and neck – a staple of Gibson guitars – but manages to keep itself lightweight. To achieve this, the mahogany body is relieved with multiple weight relief chambers, resulting in a comfortable, well-balanced, lightweight guitar that still maintains the rich tonality characteristic of mahogany.

Hardware and Electronics

In terms of hardware and electronics, the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is outfitted with two Gibson P-90 single coil pickups. These pickups were specifically chosen by Beato for their warmer, thicker tone that can still cut through a mix with intensity. The guitar also features a 3-way toggle switch, along with individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, contributing to its broad tonal palette.

Completing the hardware layout is the classic Gibson ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop tailpiece. Not only does this combination contribute to the guitar’s sustain and resonance, but it also provides accurate intonation and excellent tuning stability.

Distinctive Aesthetics

Rick Beato’s Les Paul Special Double Cut comes in an eye-catching Vintage Cherry finish. The cherry-red body is complemented by a distinctive Ebony fingerboard, creating a striking contrast. The satin finish of the guitar adds a played-in feel and aesthetic, making it stand out amidst other glossy-finish guitars.

Additionally, the guitar features dot inlays, rather than the trapezoid or block inlays typically associated with Gibson’s Les Paul models. This understated choice adds to the vintage vibe of the instrument. Another unique aesthetic touch is the distinctive Gibson script logo with “Les Paul Model” underneath, found only on select Les Paul models.

Sound and Performance

The Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut offers a rich, full-bodied tone while maintaining impressive clarity and balance, thanks to the fusion of its classic P-90 single coil pickups and the mahogany body and neck. Its adaptability to various music genres, from blues and jazz to country and heavy rock, makes it a versatile choice among enthusiasts. Adding to its appeal is Beato’s passion as a music producer and educator, which has inspired him to craft a guitar that not only offers an astonishing sound but is also designed for maximum player comfort. Its slim-taper neck profile caters to players of all kinds, resonating with those of different hand sizes and playing styles, thereby amplifying its user-friendly appeal.

Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut
Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

Features and Technical Details of the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut

Wood Type and Finish

Manufactured using a premium solid mahogany body and neck, the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut guitar exudes a warm, resonant tone, making it suitable for a spectrum of music genres. This guitar is finished with glossy nitrocellulose lacquer, a choice that not only enhances the natural aesthetic of the wood grain but also offers a comfortable playing experience due to its soothing touch.

Fretboard Radius and Hardware

The fretboard has a standard Gibson radius of 12 inches and is made from rosewood, which provides a quicker and smoother response to playing. The guitar is equipped with 22 medium-jumbo frets that are perfect for both rhythm and lead players. The distinctive Gibson ‘Tune-O-Matic’ bridge and stop-bar tailpiece ensure precise intonation and easy action adjustment. The traditional white ‘button’ tuners add a classic aesthetic touch to the instrument.

The Pickups Installed

Arguably one of the most essential components of any guitar, the Rick Beato Special Double Cut comes with two P90 pickups. The P90 is a Gibson classic, known for its bright and bold tone with more output than traditional single-coil pickups. This unique design allows for a broader range of sonic possibilities, making this guitar versatile enough for any music style from blues to punk, jazz, and more.

Rick Beato Signature Features

One of the defining characteristics of the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is its unique ‘TV Yellow’ color, a classic Gibson finish introduced in the 1950s and revered by guitar enthusiasts around the world. In addition to this, Rick Beato’s signature is stamped onto the back of the headstock, meaning each instrument comes with the seal of approval from the music producer and YouTube sensation himself.

Key Details

The Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is a part of Gibson’s ‘Made to Measure’ series, which features limited edition instruments that are constructed to the exact specifications requested by certain artists. This guitar is crafted meticulously by the skilled luthiers in Gibson’s Custom Shop ensuring that every detail, from the string spacing to the polished gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, is carefully attended to.


No detail is too small for the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut. Its 24.75-inch scale length and classic Gibson neck profile mean that it should feel familiar and comfortable in the hands of almost any player. Whether you’re shredding up high on the neck or playing rhythm in the lower register, the double cutaway design provides easy access to all 22 frets.

The Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut, a high-end instrument crafted to the finest specs, caters to serious guitarists in pursuit of superior tone and unparalleled feel. This unique instrument, which integrates Gibson’s illustrious craftsmanship and Rick Beato’s taste, is a truly standout choice in the world of guitars.

Image of the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut Guitar

Photo by imjustintime on Unsplash

Playing Techniques on the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut

Engaging Hand Feel

Known affectionately as the “RB LPC”, the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is a titan in the electric guitar realm, acclaimed for its impressive solidity and precision craftsmanship. Designed with a robust mahogany body and neck, it offers a secure grip and a frictionless playing experience. The neck design accommodates a variety of hand sizes, and a 24.75″ scale length provides convenience and broad accessibility when playing. The rosewood fretboard is a genuine pleasure to play, offering a silky surface for your fingers to explore across its 22 medium-jumbo frets.

Versatile Music Styles

The RB LPC is renowned for its compatibility with a broad range of musical genres. It forms the foundation of many rock and blues tunes, owing to its robust, warm, and punchy tone. However, it is also capable of delivering satisfying sounds for jazz, country, and even heavy metal. This eclectic capability comes from its dual P90 pickups, which are known for their balanced response to both low and high frequencies, providing all-around sonic diversity.

Suggested Techniques

When mastering the RB LPC, a varied palette of playing techniques is recommended. The P90 pickups respond impeccably to both aggressive strumming and gentle fingerpicking, allowing players to seamlessly transition between heavy riffs and soft melodies. For rhythm players, palm-muted power chords deliver a potent, chunky sound. Lead players, on the other hand, can exploit the guitar’s superbly articulated tone, employing techniques like string-bending and vibrato to great effect.

Tone Variety

The RB LPC, in typical Les Paul fashion, offers a myriad of tonal possibilities. Each P90 pickup has independent volume and tone controls, empowering players to sculpt their desired sound. You can go from a thick, growly tone at the neck pickup to a bright, sharp tone at the bridge pickup. Rolling back the tone control reveals a smooth, vintage voice while dialing it up results in a more present, aggressive sound—an incredibly versatile range for artistic expression.

Finally, the Les Paul Special Double Cut’s intonation and sustain are praiseworthy, adding another dimension to its tone capabilities. Regardless of musical style or playing technique, this instrument is dependable for delivering high-quality sound and fulfilling creative visions.

Image of the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cutaway guitar

Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

Photo by dylu on Unsplash

Bringing together the rich heritage of Gibson and the musical expertise of Rick Beato, the Les Paul Special Double Cut continues to make significant waves in the music industry. It doesn’t just offer an instrument with an exceptional aesthetic appeal, but a dynamic tool musicians can use to breathe life into their artistic vision. With its fine-tuned technical details, versatile playing techniques, and an enchanting blend of sounds it can create the Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is indeed an instrument that has elevated the art of music-making.


BodyLes Paul
FinishTV Blue Mist
Model Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut
Price ($)1999.00
Neck PickupP-90
Bridge PickupP-90
Controls2 Volume, 2 Tone
Nut MaterialGraph Tech
Fret Count22
Neck InlaysAcrylic Dot
FingerboardIndian Rosewood
TuningVintage Deluxe with White Buttons
TailpieceAluminum Stop Bar
Switch TipBlack
Body FinishSatin Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Body MaterialMahogany
PickguardBlack Multi-ply
Neck ProfileSlimTaper
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Hardshell case

The Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is now available in the custom TV Blue Mist finish. The guitar ships with a hardshell case that features a Rick Beato signature design. The guitar is priced at PS1,799 ($1,999), and proceeds from the sale of the model go to the Save the Music Foundation.

The Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut is a lightweight guitar that is well under eight pounds. It features a Mahogany neck and an Indian rosewood fingerboard. It also has nickel hardware and dual P-90s on the bridge and neck. The guitar’s signature design is subtle but noticeable.

The Les Paul’s neck is made of Indian rosewood and features 22 medium jumbo frets. The neck is specially sculpted to provide easier upper-fret access. It also features a P90 bridge and a three-way pickup switch. The guitar also features a black multi-ply pickguard and vintage deluxe tuners. The hardshell case for this guitar is finished in nickel and protects the guitar from dust and other damage.

Donation to Save The Music Foundation

In honor of the importance of music education, Rick Beato is donating all of the royalties from the sale of the Gibson Rick Beato Les Paul Special Double Cut to Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports music education in underserved communities. The foundation believes that music education is vital to national recovery and young people’s mental health. The foundation provides over 15,000 musical instruments to community and educational organizations across the EE U.S.

Rick Beato is an accomplished musician, educator, and YouTube star. His channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers. This Rick Beato signature guitar is available in a TV Blue Mist finish with a double cutaway body. The guitar has a Tune-O-Matic bridge and Stop Bar tailpiece and is equipped with P-90 pickups. Rick’s limited edition guitar will be sold for $1999 and is a great way to support this important charity.

Rick Beato is an acclaimed discographic producer and composer who shares his expertise through YouTube. He also collaborated with the Gibson luthiers to create the Les Paul Double Cut guitar. This guitar has a slightly longer body and is lighter than the standard Les Paul. It is equipped with a Tune-O-Matic and Stop Bar, which allow for easy tuning and a high level of sustain.

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What guitars does Rick Beato use?

Rick Beato has used various guitars throughout his career. However, it’s important to note that his gear preferences may have changed or evolved since then. Here are some guitars he has been known to use:

  1. Gibson Les Paul: Rick Beato has often been seen playing Gibson Les Paul guitars. This model is known for its solid body, dual humbucker pickups, and rich, warm tone.
  2. Fender Stratocaster: Beato has also been spotted playing Fender Stratocaster guitars. The Stratocaster is known for its versatile sound, three single-coil pickups, and iconic design.
  3. PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars: Beato has mentioned using PRS guitars in his videos. PRS guitars are renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship, versatility, and their ability to produce both warm and crisp tones.
  4. Suhr Guitars: Beato has showcased Suhr guitars in his videos as well. Suhr guitars are known for their exceptional playability, craftsmanship, and their ability to deliver a wide range of tones.
  5. Music Man Guitars: Beato has occasionally played Music Man guitars, such as the Music Man Majesty and Music Man Axis models. These guitars are recognized for their modern designs, versatile pickup configurations, and high-quality construction.

Please keep in mind that Rick Beato’s gear preferences may have changed or expanded over time, and he may use other guitar brands and models as well. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking his recent videos or social media accounts where he may share details about his current gear choices.

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