What guitars does Billie Joe Armstrong use


What guitars does Billie Joe Armstrong use? Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day’s frontman and guitarist, is an iconic figure within punk rock. He plays a variety of guitars but has some special ones in his collection that he uses exclusively.

The Green Day frontman is an accomplished guitarist and the creative force behind their iconic songs. He also crafted Tortex Picks, featuring durable celluloid with a sharpened tip ideal for strumming fast-paced punk rock chords.

Billie Joe has an array of electric guitars he uses both during tours and at home. His collection often consists of both new and vintage models, though his go-to instrument is the classic red Gibson SG Standard.

His signature guitar, the Fernandes Stratocaster which he affectionately refers to as “Blue,” has become one of his most renowned instruments and helped him achieve worldwide fame with Green Day.

What guitars does Billie Joe Armstrong use?

Blue Stratocaster

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame is renowned for his distinctive guitar playing. The singer-guitarist often employs palm muting, stabbing the 6th string with his left index finger, and other techniques to produce an eclectic range of sounds.

His guitar collection includes a variety of Gibson instruments. His first purchase, a Fernandes Stratocaster, which he bought when ten years old, has been featured on several Green Day songs such as Basket Case, Longview, Brain Stew, Hitching a Ride, and Geek Stink Breath.

Throughout his tenure with the band, his guitar underwent numerous modifications and had various stickers applied. Ultimately, he replaced Bill Lawrence’s humbucker pickup with a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position.

Since then, he’s been using this same model guitar to craft many of Green Day’s songs that appear on albums. It is one of his prized possessions and also the main guitar he plays live with the band when performing live.

Another of Armstrong’s guitars is a Les Paul Junior, affectionately known as “Floyd”. This 1956 or 1955 model boasts a double cutaway body and H-90 pickup in the bridge position for that classic Gibson look and sound from the 50s.

In addition to his Les Paul Junior guitar, Armstrong owns several other Gibson models. One black one features a Mary sticker and he recently began using his signature LP Junior produced by Gibson in 2018.

As for amplifiers, Armstrong relies on a Marshall Plexi 1959SLP nicknamed “Pete”. This amp was popular during Green Day’s era and saw extensive use during their tours.

The Blue Stratocaster is a popular choice among guitar players, and for good reason. This classic instrument boasts an attractive finish and fantastic sound output, plus it’s easy to play at an affordable price point – making it ideal for musicians looking to buy their first electric guitar. Furthermore, this guitar has proven durable enough to handle plenty of abuse without breaking down.

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer and guitarist for Green Day, and he’s made a name for himself with his guitar collection. His signature Fernandes Stratocaster Blue and Fender Custom Shop Telecaster serve as backup instruments to each other.

The Fender Custom Shop Telecaster guitar is an ideal choice for performing onstage. It’s simple to play, with plenty of tones, plus it’s lightweight and portable so you can move around easily while performing. Furthermore, this guitar comes at a relatively affordable price point too – perfect!

Green Day is renowned for its punk rock sound, and Billie Joe Armstrong often incorporates his Telecaster Custom into songs from the band’s catalog. His guitar playing is truly distinctive – it’s no surprise why it was chosen for such an important role!

He also uses a Gibson J-180, an acoustic guitar with an iconic sound and classic look. He’s been touring with this guitar since 2011.

Green Day also uses several electric guitars for live performances, in addition to his trusty acoustic. These include the Fernandes Stratocaster Blue, Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, and Gibson Les Paul Junior.

Billie’s favorite guitar is the Fernandes Stratocaster Blue. It boasts a stunning gloss finish and double-cutaway body, plus it stands out with features like its black pickguard and skull design.

One of the most iconic guitars in history, it has had a major influence on guitarists throughout their careers – including thrash metal pioneer James Hetfield.

A Fender Custom Shop Telecaster is a model of the iconic Telecaster guitar designed in 1987 by the Fender Company. It features a ’57 Soft V’ neck, 9.5″ radius fingerboard, modern Tele wiring, and Greasebucket tone circuit, vintage-correct Tele bridge, and Texas Special pickups, along with parchment pickguard and vintage tuners featuring classic Fender logo.

The Fender Custom Shop Telecaster was one of the guitars that helped Fender restore its reputation as a quality guitar manufacturer after CBS took over in the early 1980s. This model cemented Fender’s place as one of the top guitar manufacturers, and it remains popular to this day. Many renowned musicians have utilized it, making it an excellent option for those seeking quality instruments at low prices.

Maton J-180

Billie Joe Armstrong is renowned for his skill with guitars, but he especially enjoys Gibsons. In addition to a Fernandes Stratocaster nicknamed “Blue,” Billie Joe owns several Gibson Les Paul Junior guitars which feature prominently in many of Green Day’s songs.

He’s often seen playing a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster and a white Gibson ES-135. Additionally, he uses Tortex Pick and Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal for accompaniment.

Billie Joe Armstrong typically places the pick between his thumb and index finger when picking, which helps keep the sound balanced and prevents squeaking or clicking. Additionally, he typically utilizes a pickguard which further enhances his sonic clarity.

Furthermore, Armstrong prefers using a standard strap button rather than the truss rod adjustment tool to avoid damaging his pick. Furthermore, keeping the pick at an angle helps him keep the string in tune.

It’s no secret that Green Day are hard-rockers, but there’s more to their songwriting than just playing loud guitar parts. Armstrong has repeatedly demonstrated his capacity for crafting subtler acoustic tunes as well.

On tour, he often plays acoustic guitars. In 2011, he purchased a Gibson J-180 Collector’s Edition from the Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop; this limited edition guitar features a thermally aged Sitka spruce top and mother-of-pearl moon and star headstock.

The J-180 is an outstanding acoustic instrument crafted with the same meticulous care as other Gibson guitars. It provides superb playability, as well as plenty of sonic punch and resonance for rock and country music genres alike.

It features an internal microphone, making it ideal for playing acoustic songs that require an additional midrange boost to get their best sounds. Plus, its high-quality pickup and versatile design enable various sound combinations. Furthermore, its affordability and longevity make it a great choice for aspiring guitarists.

Gibson Les Paul Jr.

What guitars does Billie Joe Armstrong use
Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior – Silver Mist

For over 60 years, the Gibson Les Paul Junior has been a favorite among guitarists due to its straightforward design and easy playability. Notable musicians have even endorsed it – including Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong!

This guitar features a flat-top and single-cutaway body made of solid mahogany. Its pickup is an EMG P90 single coil, plus there is both volume and tone knob control available.

It features a rosewood fretboard and a 1960 slim-tapered neck profile. This guitar looks good, can be played easily, and has been well-kept. Plus, its tuners are in excellent condition making it suitable for beginner or intermediate players alike.

Despite its simple design, the Junior is equipped to deliver powerful sounds for modern music. It’s flat-top and single-cutaway mahogany body boasts an extensive tonal range that’s largely driven by its humbucker pickup.

This guitar is user-friendly and provides a diverse range of tones from subtle to powerful. It’s comfortable and reliable, making it ideal for extended play sessions.

In 1954, The Les Paul Junior was introduced as a budget model and has been a beloved favorite among guitarists ever since. It features one doge’s-ear P-90 pickup, single volume, and tone controls, an iconic 50s neck profile, and a wraparound bridge – making it one of the most sought-after rock guitars available today.

Recently, there have been a variety of Les Paul Junior models released with modern features like a slim-tapered neck that makes playing much more comfortable than older versions with larger necks.

These models have become a go-to choice for guitarists of all levels, from beginner to professional. Not only are they affordable and ideal for new guitarists, but they may also appeal to those simply looking to add another guitar to their collection.

Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Review

Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior
Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior – Vintage Ebony Gloss

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has always carried a Les Paul Junior, and Epiphone is proud to introduce his signature model! Featuring a slab mahogany body with neck, Indian laurel fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, powerful PRO P-90 pickup, master volume/tone controls, Graph Tech nut, and wraparound Lightning Bar bridge – this simple rock ‘n’ roll monster makes the ideal guitar for both beginners and pros!

Mahogany Body & Neck

Mahogany is a widely used tonewood for guitar bodies and necks. It can be found in various solid and multi-wood (or laminated) body styles, such as popular slab designs like Gibson Les Paul Junior or SG.

Mahogany offers a warm, balanced sound with a robust midrange and intricate low end. Its denseness and open pores absorb vibrations, softening out note-intensity differences.

Mahogany is an exceptionally dense and stable wood that resists warping, making it popular for guitar bodies. Furthermore, mahogany offers excellent sustain when playing electric guitar style.

Single PRO P-90 Pickup

The Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior features the Single PRO P-90 Pickup, providing that hard-rocking in-your-face sound that inspired generations of players. Perfect for power chords and no-frills solos alike, you can dial in your tone quickly with master volume and tone controls.

The P-90 pickup is a hybrid of single coil and humbucker characteristics, offering more output than standard Tele or Stratocaster pickups but less bass response. It’s popular across a variety of styles such as punk rock, blues rock, and metal.

These PAF-style pickups offer plenty of fatness at high gain. They have a focused note attack and a solid midrange which can be shaped with touch. These pickups are great for playing furry not-quite-clean tones, as well as squeaky clean tones.

Master Volume & Master Tone Controls

The Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior features master volume and tone controls with CTS potentiometers, making it perfect for practice as well as performance.

These controls are similar to those on Fender Stratocasters, making the guitar easier to play than a standard Gibson Les Paul.

It’s also ideal for people who want to press the strings easily but need guidance on when to stop so their tuning doesn’t slip out of tune.

The nut is 43mm (1.693″) in diameter. This measurement provides a great balance of string separation at the nut and has become popular with many players.

Graph Tech Nut

This Gibson Master Luthier Jim DeCola-crafted guitar features a solid slab of mahogany as the foundation for its stylish appearance, featuring a Billie Joe Armstrong SlimTaper (TM) profile, rosewood fretboard, Graph Tech (r) nut as well as our latest P-90 DC Dogear Hum-Canceling design. Completed with Epiphone Vintage Deluxe tuners, black pickguard, top hat knobs, and its custom hardshell case, the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Signature stands proud in its admirable presence!

Custom Hardshell Case

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has long been a devotee of the classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar. His go-to instrument is a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior that he affectionately refers to as ‘Floyd’.

This guitar has enabled him to craft his signature sound – an intense, raw tone. This sound has cemented Green Day’s place as one of rock music’s iconic acts.

Epiphone has released the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Player Pack for US customers – featuring a practice amp, cables, picks, and tuner.

Peter Frampton’s Les Paul Custom

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Guitar Center

Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior specs

Body ShapeLes Paul Junior
FinishSilver Mist
Vintage Ebony Gloss
Fingerboard MaterialRosewood
FretsMedium Jumbo
JointGlued In, Set Neck
Body FinishGloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Bridge PickupP-90 DC Dogear
ControlsMaster Volume, Master Tone, Hand-Wired with Orange Drop Capacitors
PickguardBlack Multi-ply (Silver Mist)
Acrylic Tortoise Shell (Vintage Ebony Gloss)
BridgeAluminum Wraparound
Truss RodAdjustable
Truss Rod Cover2-ply Bell; Black and White; Billie Joe Armstrong Signature
CaseCustom Artist Signature Protector Hardshell Case with Pink Exterior and Leopard Print Interior

What is Billie Joe Armstrong’s Favorite Guitar?

In addition to his Fernandes Strat, Armstrong also uses several other guitars in the Green Day sound: his 1955 or ’56 Les Paul Junior, Fernandes Custom Stratocaster, and Epiphone Gibson Les Paul Jr.

The Fernandes Strat is his iconic guitar, which he’s had since age 11 when it was given to him as a gift. Ever since then, it’s been an essential part of Green Day’s music.
He also owns a few guitars that may not be widely known, but they still appear on his recordings and live shows with Green Day. These include a blue Fernandes Strat that he received as a gift when he was 11 and a blue Gibson Les Paul Junior that he has used throughout most of his career with the band.

What kind of guitar is Billie Joe Armstrong’s Blue?

What kind of guitar is Billie Joe Armstrong’s Blue?
For much of Green Day’s career, their main guitar was a Fernandes Stratocaster nicknamed “Blue.”

It had originally belonged to David Margen – bassist for Santana. Billie received it as a birthday present from his mother as part of their recording sessions.

This guitar was an integral part of Green Day’s early albums, Dookie, The Logo, and Nimrod. It has since become one of the band’s most iconic instruments and continues to be used live today by members onstage.

Billie Joe Armstrong | Les Paul Junior Signature

Introducing the latest additions to Billie Joe Armstrong’s exclusive Gibson Signature Model guitars. Billie Joe is an American musician, singer, songwriter, …

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