Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG Review


Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG Review. Gibson’s Parlour Rosewood AG 6-string electro-acoustic guitar boasts a solid Sitka Spruce top, rosewood body, and mahogany neck with Richlite fingerboard.

The Sitka spruce top provides a rich dynamic range, crisp articulation, and crystal-clear treble response. The rosewood back and sides add deep lows and throaty growls to the soundscape.

Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG Review

Body & Neck

Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG review
Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG 2019 (Rosewood Burst)

The Gibson Parlor Rosewood Acoustic Guitar (AG) is an ideal guitar for players seeking a small-bodied acoustic instrument. With its beautiful Sitka spruce top and jumbo rosewood back and sides, this instrument produces an amazingly clear and crisp sound, as well as full and rich tones suitable for many musical genres.

This guitar is ideal for players seeking a small-body acoustic that’s comfortable to play. It boasts a mahogany neck with a Richlite fingerboard, providing durability and comfort with its ebony feel and look.

Another amazing feature of this guitar is the LR Baggs VTC pickup system. This pickup has a low-profile under-saddle transducer which enhances the coupling between the pickup and guitar for an incredible acoustic sound. Plus, there’s an unobtrusive volume control conveniently accessible through the output jack.

If you’re in search of an acoustic guitar, the Gibson parlor rosewood ag is an incredibly versatile option that can accommodate a variety of musical genres. Its sound is dynamic yet smooth and articulate, featuring clear mids and bright highs. Plus, this instrument can also be used for fingerpicking and strumming.

No matter your skill level or musical taste, the Gibson Parlor Rosewood SG guitar is an affordable yet quality option that’s ideal for budget-minded musicians. This guitar can be used at home, studio, on stage, or in high-level professional performances alike – perfectly home, studio, or stage!

The Gibson Parlor Rosewood Acoustic Guitar features a mahogany body with a Sitka spruce top. This combination of tonewoods gives the Parlor Rosewood its distinct sound that will appeal to musicians across genres. Plus, with its rich, vibrant sound produced by the spruce top, you have an ideal choice for home or studio recordings.

This guitar is ideal for players who appreciate the classic design principles of parlor guitars. It boasts a classic parlor shape and narrower neck that may be more comfortable for those not used to larger dreadnought styles.


The Gibson Parlor Rosewood Acoustic Guitar is not for the timid; it packs big-time sound in a compact package. Powered by its LR Baggs Element VTC pickup system and unobtrusive volume control, your acoustic guitar will always be at its peak performance.

The Gibson Parlor Rosewood ag has a square-shouldered body and boasts an expansive tone from its Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. A Venetian cutaway allows for comfortable access to the upper frets, while its purfling system adds extra elegance.

Finally, the Parlo Rosewood ag boasts one of guitar history’s most groundbreaking necks; an advanced response design that’s arguably the most comfortable neck in its class. Plus, its 19-fret richlite fingerboard provides plenty of room for both hands.

With its well-designed electronics and other top-of-the-line features, the Gibson Parlor Rosewood ag deserves to be part of your collection – we’re sure you’ll make it uniquely your own once you get it in your hands.


The Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG is an ideal option for players seeking a big, booming sound in a compact package. Inspired by their legendary Jumbo-body acoustic guitar line, this model features a smaller body with cutaway access to upper frets.

This model is constructed with a Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides, creating an expansive sound that’s equally at home being strummed or fingerpicked. Plus, its traditional hand-scalloped X-bracing provides balanced power without sacrificing clarity or presence.

If you need a top-tier parlor guitar that can withstand extensive use and abuse, this model is an excellent option. It features LR Baggs Element VTC pickups for multiple tonal options as well as reliable amplification in any performance scenario.

This model comes in a range of colors, such as sunburst and vintage sunburst. Its ebony fingerboard and herringbone binding give it an eye-catching visual presence.

For those seeking a classic yet affordable J-45 model, the 2019 edition offers some improvements. It replaces last year’s modified rectangular bridge with an older belly-up design and adds mother-of-pearl parallelogram inlays instead of simple dot ones. Otherwise, all other components including back and sides, mahogany neck, Richlite fingerboard, mini Grover Rotomatic pickup and LR Baggs Element VTC system remain unchanged from 2018 models.

This sturdy acoustic guitar offers plenty of tonal variety and flexibility, enabling you to play anything from jazz to bluegrass. Its compact body and resonant construction provide a balanced, articulate sound ideal for performing or recording.

If you’re a fan of blues, country, and classic rock music, this model is ideal for you. Its warm mids and powerful bass can take songs from the guitar stage right into your living room, while its lightweight design makes it easy to hold in one hand.

This model’s narrow and shallow body makes it easier to grip than larger dreadnaught guitars, making it a comfortable option for players who are familiar with these styles of playing. Plus, its Venetian cutaway provides easy access to the upper frets for an enjoyable playing experience.


The Gibson Parlor Rosewood ag offers great value for the money. It seamlessly blends classic design, contemporary craftsmanship, and performance-driven appointments to create an acoustic guitar that’s sure to become one of your favorites.

This 6-string acoustic-electric parlor guitar is constructed from solid Sitka spruce and rosewood, offering a powerful yet clear tone that’s both visually appealing and highly versatile. The Sitka spruce top produces a bright sound that’s easy to hear, while the rosewood back and sides give off a deep throaty growl for an inviting tone.

Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG Review

The Parlor acoustic guitar’s narrower and shallower body size makes it more comfortable to hold than its larger dreadnought-style counterpart, giving players more control over their playing dynamics.

The Parlor guitar is constructed with a solid Sitka spruce top for longevity and uniform grain. Its intricate scalloped X-bracing adds an old-school aesthetic, contributing to its distinct sound, look, and stability.

Venetian cutaway: this design features soft, round lines to provide easy access to the upper frets. This type of cutaway is often considered a must-have feature on acoustic guitars and will give you plenty of freedom when playing.

And as if that weren’t enough, this Parlor is equipped with an LR Baggs Element VTC pickup. This system is a popular choice among guitarists at Sweetwater and features a low-profile under-saddle transducer to enhance coupling between pickup and guitar for a robust, lively, and natural acoustic sound.

Finally, this Parlor features a classic Gibson peghead inlay to bring an authentic touch to your playing experience. This design has been a signature element of Gibson since the 1930s and never looked better than on this Parlor model.

The Parlor Rosewood guitar offers a timeless design, contemporary craftsmanship, and performance-driven appointments that make it an ideal starting point for guitar players of all levels. Not only that, but its acoustic-electric versatility also makes it suitable for those just entering the world of acoustic-electric guitars.

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