Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird Review


The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird is an instrument built for heavy music with the classic Explorer body shape and Non-Reverse Firebird headstock combination crafted into an artist model sure to turn heads and thrill audiences.

This mahogany body features a SlimTaper mahogany neck and an Indian rosewood fingerboard for rich tones. It also boasts a cardinal red nitrocellulose lacquer finish, gold hardware/frets, and powerful ’70s Tribute pickups.

Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird Review


The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird guitar boasts a mahogany construction for an authentic Gibson sound. A slim profile neck and Indian rosewood fingerboard combine to provide an incredibly comfortable playing or strumming experience. At the same time, a cardinal red finish on the body and gold hardware give it an elegant, dignified aesthetic.

Mahogany is a classic tonewood widely considered the ideal choice for rock music, offering deep lows and punchy mids with lush sustain. Plus, mahogany used in guitar bodies is highly durable – meaning years of reliable play!

To deliver that sound, the Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird features hot Gibson ’70s Tribute humbuckers in neck and bridge positions that generate thick, aggressive rock tones. Engage that bridge humbucker for some of rock music’s most brutal riffs and solos.

These humbuckers feature a 3-way switch, Orange Drop capacitor, and individual volume controls for optimal sound control. Furthermore, the Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird boasts a Tune-O-Matic bridge for effortless intonation and string action adjustment, even with lower or stronger strings.

A Graph Tech Nut adds extra stability to the nut, helping prevent tuning slips and increasing sustain. A stopbar tailpiece guides strings over the Tune-O-Matic bridge, while Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners guarantee accurate pitching with reliable tuning.

This guitar’s neck features a 12″ radius, the same size as most of Gibson’s popular fingerboards. While this radius works well for playing single notes, it does not provide the same flexibility as other models when chording or bending.

Mahogany is used for the guitar’s neck, a timeless tonewood used for years to craft Gibsons with legendary sound quality. Not only is mahogany highly durable and lightweight, but its weight also allows you to play for extended periods without sacrificing sound quality.


The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird
The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird fretboard

Gibson’s Explorerbird guitar for Lzzy Hale, featuring an Explorer body with Firebird headstock, will turn heads in hard rock and metal. Sporting a Cardinal Red nitro finish with gold hardware and frets, the Explorerbird promises an explosive tone.

The Explorerbird’s fingerboard is constructed of Indian Rosewood with a 12″ radius, providing a comfortable feel when playing single notes and chords.

This neck has a Graph Tech Nut to reduce tuning slips and boost sustain. Furthermore, it features a Stop Bar tailpiece and Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners for added precision tuning.

Another distinctive aspect of the Explorerbird fingerboard is its 43mm nut width, which gives guitarists plenty of room to play open chords without worrying about strings muting. This size works well as it offers just enough string separation, so you don’t have to bend too many strings and make bar chords challenging to perform.

This type of nut varies in thickness between guitars, with some brands preferring thinner materials. This is because thicker nuts may crack more efficiently, leading to broken strings more quickly.

As the most widely used type of nut, selecting the one best suited to your requirements is essential. A low-profile nut offers better balance when playing single notes and chords, while a higher-profile nut provides greater control over string bends and vibrato.

Guitar players typically opt for a curved fingerboard radius over one with flat edges. This makes playing single-note chords and bending strings easier, but it may not be ideal as an instrument when soloing.

Though most models in the Gibson range feature similar nut widths and fingerboard shapes, some models vary due to how they are manufactured.

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has taken the rock ‘n’ roll world by storm with her electric live performances and powerful sound. As a Gibson Brand Ambassador for several years, this collaboration marks a first of its kind – combining an Explorer body with Firebird headstock.


Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird
The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird body

Gibson and Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale have joined forces to design the Explorerbird guitar – a guitar that captures the energy of her live performances. Combining an iconic Explorer body shape with a Non-Reverse Firebird headstock, this one-of-a-kind model will turn heads wherever it goes.

This limited-edition model is tailored for hard rockers, featuring a solid mahogany body that produces Gibson’s trademark thick and rich sound. With its comfortable SlimTaper neck and chic Indian rosewood fingerboard, you’ll have an enjoyable playing experience that accommodates everything from intense chording to rapid shredding.

The Explorerbird features two ’70s Tribute pickups tailored for high-octane rock! These humbuckers work together in concert, producing balanced and punchy tones that can be tailored using the master tone knob and two volume controls.

Humbucker pickups cancel out the noise that single coils usually produce, creating a warmer tone than using single coils. They’re perfect for genres such as Heavy Metal but can also be used with Jazz, Indie, R&B, and Blues music styles.

On this Gibson Explorerbird guitar, you can expect a comfortable 12″ radius fingerboard with 22 frets. This radius is standard across many of Gibson’s guitars, providing the optimal balance for single-note and chord playing.

This guitar also boasts a 43mm nut width, which is typical for this type of instrument. This provides just enough room to play open chords without leaving too much room for bar chords – which can be challenging to master.

The Explorerbird features gold medium jumbo frets, ideal for creating wide vibrato and pitch-perfect string bends. They are also controllable to help keep you in tune.

The Explorerbird guitar, manufactured in the United States as a Gibson Signature model, is handcrafted for high quality and comfort and crafted out of mahogany with a smooth and silky finish that allows players to play for hours without feeling fatigued. This makes the Explorerbird an incredibly comfortable guitar – particularly for those who lead an active lifestyle.


The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird is an eye-catching guitar designed for heavy music. It combines the iconic Explorer body shape with a Non-Reverse Firebird headstock in an artist model sure to turn heads and thrill audiences. The vibrant Cardinal Red nitrocellulose lacquer finish is accented with gold hardware, frets, 70s Tribute pickups, gold screws/rods on the body as well as deep gold hardware on all parts.

This solid mahogany body has a SlimTaper set mahogany neck, providing smooth playability and quick action. The 22-fret rosewood fingerboard offers an array of tones and great sustain. At 43mm (1.693”), string separation at the nut is balanced for comfortable open-chord playing.

This model features an Ivory Tusq nut made of organic polymers without oil or animal products. This type of nut is typically the highest quality available and can help improve tuning stability.

It features a nut width of 43mm (1.693”), the standard for electric guitars. This site gives guitarists a balanced string separation and the freedom to play open chords without muting the strings.

Gibson guitars typically feature this nut size as it’s the most common electric guitar nut and works well with most instruments.

Alternative options include a 24-fret nut, which has become increasingly popular recently due to its spacious open strings for Jazz or other types of music. Furthermore, this type of nut provides warmer tones when playing many bar chords.

The Gibson Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird guitar boasts Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners for precise tuning, a stopbar tailpiece, and a Tune-O-Matic bridge to maintain tune even when using low tunings. Finished off with gold hardware and frets, plus its Modern Series hardshell case, the guitar comes with all necessary accessories.

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