5 Gibson Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes


5 Gibson Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes. Gibson acoustic guitars come in a variety of body shapes. Some are more suited for certain playing styles than others.

The dreadnought is the most popular Gibson acoustic shape. It offers a wide range of tonal possibilities, including warm low-end production and plenty of mid-range projection.

5 Gibson Acoustic Guitar Body Shapes


The Dreadnought is a guitar body shape that has a wide dynamic range, which is helpful for players who need to project their sound. It is also very versatile and can be used for a variety of different styles, including bluegrass music.

Dreadnoughts can be quite expensive, but Gibson has several variations of this popular body style that are affordable. They are a great choice for both beginners and professional musicians alike.

Round-shoulder dreadnoughts, like this J-45 model, are more comfortable for small players to hold. They are also easier to play on than their square-shouldered counterparts.

However, a dreadnought’s bass response may be a bit less powerful than a smaller-bodied guitar. This is especially true of dreadnoughts that are built with mahogany or rosewood back and sides.

This Gibson dreadnought is designed for fingerpicking and flatpicking, and it features a solid Sitka spruce top and a mahogany back and sides to provide rich overtones. It also comes with Amulet M electronics, which roll off an extra bass response to avoid feedback issues.

These acoustics are part of Gibson’s Generation line, which is aimed at the next generation of guitarists. They are hand-built using time-tested Gibson build techniques such as hide-glued dovetail neck joints and domed top braces.

They are available in a range of finishes, and many come with LR Baggs electronics for natural sound onstage. They are ideal for acoustic musicians who play country, folk, or blues styles of music.

Gibson has a long history of building round-shouldered dreadnoughts, and they are still produced to this day. Collings Guitars has a special dreadnought that is designed with rounded shoulders, and some modern makers use this shape as well.

Super Jumbo

The Super Jumbo Collections
The Super Jumbo Collections

If you’re looking for a large-bodied acoustic guitar that can fill the room with a rich, deep sound, the Gibson Super Jumbo is your best choice. It’s the perfect instrument for bluegrass musicians who love to play loud, but it can also be a great guitar for more casual players.

Its wide dynamic range allows it to produce powerful highs and soft lows, making it a great guitar for multiple styles of playing. It’s also a great choice for guitarists who want to create complex overtones.

A dreadnought is one of the most iconic body shapes in the world. Created by Martin, it is known for its powerful midrange and ability to project. However, it may not be the best guitar for recording or fingerstyle players who want more articulation and clarity in their tone.

Gibson has its line of dreadnought-sized acoustics, including the Hummingbird and Dove models. They use a combination of solid Sitka spruce and mahogany for the body and top, so the dreadnought’s rich, complex tone is not compromised.

The dreadnought’s bass response makes it a great choice for fingerpicking and flatpicking, but it can be a bit difficult for smaller-bodied players to handle. This is why it’s not a good choice for beginners, but it’s ideal for experienced acoustic guitarists who want to hear their voices ring out loud and clear.

Another important point to keep in mind when choosing a dreadnought is the scale length. While a new round-shouldered dreadnought from Gibson will often feature a long scale length, many of their earliest dreadnoughts had short scale lengths.

The Gibson J-185 EC is an electro-acoustic guitar that combines the classic tone and feels of a J-45 with modern electronics and a Rosewood Burst finish. It has Grover Rotomatic tuners and a Tusq nut and saddle to ensure spot-on intonation and a comfortable playing experience.

The Super Jumbo Collections



The Gibson J-45 is the company’s most popular acoustic guitar. It’s often referred to as the “workhorse” acoustic and has been used by many of Gibson’s most legendary players, including Johnny Cash, John Lennon, Paul Weller, and Robert Johnson.

Aside from its classic sunburst finish, the Gibson J-45 also has a distinctively woody sound. It’s typically characterized by warm bass and a rich tone that can be very dynamic when played with the fingers. It’s also a good choice for guitarists looking for a versatile and reliable instrument.

While the Gibson J-45 has often been compared to Martin’s square shoulder D-18 dreadnought, the two models have different construction and performance characteristics. According to Dana Bourgeois, the luthier behind Bourgeois Guitars, the sonic differences between the two dreadnoughts are more likely due to their different bracing styles and scale lengths than to their shoulder shapes.

For example, Gibson’s traditional hand-scalloped X bracing on the J-45 is more subtle than the forward-shifting non-scalloped X bracing found on Martin D-28. Additionally, the Gibson J-45 has a more round neck profile than the Martin D-28, allowing for faster action and easier chord changes on the fretboard. Its solid spruce top has also been thermally cured to produce a rich and powerful tone that is capable of producing massive overtones. In contrast, the Martin D-28 has a more robust design, using solid mahogany back and sides and rosewood adorning the top. The D-28 also features a beautiful, aesthetic satin gloss finish. With its strong design and superior build quality, it is one of the best acoustics on the market.

Gibson J-45 For Every Budget and Playing Style


J 50

The Gibson J-50 is one of the most successful acoustic guitars ever produced, and it’s a great choice for guitarists who want to achieve that classic acoustic tone without breaking the bank. The dreadnought body and neck shape make it easy to play, and the spruce top provides a rich sound that’s ideal for flatpicking and fingerstyle work.

The dreadnought body on the J-50 is slightly smaller than the J-45, which makes it easier to hold and easier to play. That’s important if you’re a songwriter who also performs solo since you don’t need the extra full voice that bigger guitars have.

It’s got that characteristic Gibson sound that accompanies a voice and records well. There’s no sign of the plastic bridge that Gibson replaced with ceramic in 1963, and a good set of original bridge pins is still in place.

Like many of Gibson’s acoustic models, the J-50 has been subject to several design changes over the years. Some feature a thinner neck profile, and some come with a different binding/neck-profile combination. These variations add to the overall acoustic sound, and they’re worth looking at if you’re unsure whether a Gibson acoustic is right for you.



L 00 Original Ebony
L-00 Original – Ebony

Gibson is a world-famous acoustic guitar brand that has been making quality instruments since 1902. They offer modern acoustics and guitars made with traditional tonewoods that are customarily made in the USA. They also have signature acoustic guitar models that are designed to the specifications of famous musicians.

Gibson acoustics are often built with a solid Sitka Spruce top, and many models have mahogany back and sides as well. These woods are known for their warmth, clarity, and projection. Some acoustics are built with rosewood, maple, or walnut bodies, which tend to have a brighter tone.

There are several dreadnought guitars from Gibson, including the J-45, which is considered one of the brand’s best-selling models. It features a round-shoulder shape, unlike the Hummingbird’s square shoulders, and it’s perfect for singer-songwriters or strummers who prefer a more comfortable playing experience.

Another popular dreadnought is the L-00, which is a parlor-style guitar that’s slightly smaller than most dreadnoughts. It’s easy to handle and play, and it offers a richer and more full-bodied sound.

The L-00 is available in a variety of different styles, and it’s commonly found in sunburst finishes or black. It’s an excellent choice for budget-minded players, as it is less expensive than most of the dreadnoughts in the Gibson lineup.

Regardless of the body style you choose, it’s important to consider your playing style before deciding on an acoustic guitar. Some musicians like an intimate parlor-style acoustic with a more focused projection and slinky playability, while others prefer a dreadnought with more dynamic range and the ability to project delicate passages with greater clarity. Lastly, it’s important to remember that acoustic guitars are sized differently than electric guitars, so it’s important to find the model that is right for you.

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