Gibson J-35 Exclusive Review


Gibson J-35 Exclusive Review. Gibson’s J-35 was first released in 1935 with a price tag of $35 and remains popular to this day. This model quickly became one of the company’s best-selling models.

This guitar is the modern take on the iconic round-shoulder flat top dreadnought, handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson Acoustic’s luthiers. Featuring an advanced 1930s X-bracing pattern for increased projection and balanced tone, this instrument is sure to please!

Gibson J 35 Exclusive Review

Gibson J-35 Exclusive Review

Gibson introduced the J-35 in 1936 as a simplified version of their Jumbo dreadnought model, offering musicians a warm and balanced instrument without all the frills. To this day, it remains one of their most renowned models, and discerning flattop players can now appreciate its full-bodied tone and classic aesthetic charm.

The J-35 is an acoustic guitar designed with a round-shoulder body shape. Crafted with solid Sitka spruce on top and mahogany on the back and sides, this combination produces an inspiring yet balanced tone that’s earned it recognition from artists, recording engineers, and mixing engineers for its warm expressive quality.

Today’s Gibson J-35 features a slightly shorter scale length than its originals, making it more comfortable for flattop players. Plus, its scalloped “X” bracing gives it wonderful projection and an array of tonal possibilities.

This guitar’s natural finish has been hand-sprayed with Gibson’s signature nitrocellulose lacquer, which protects the wood’s grain and enhances resonance. Additionally, it features a unique fire stripe pickguard as well as multi-ply top binding for added security.

This item comes in a range of colors, such as sunburst, blond and black. This used one has an organic finish in good condition with some minor marks and scratches but no major dings or dents.

This guitar features nickel-plated white vintage button tuners with an attractive antique natural finish in excellent condition. Additionally, it’s equipped with LR Baggs VTC pickups and a Tusq nut for versatility in your playing style.

This Gibson J-35 features a modernized “X” bracing pattern, unlike the originals. This provides superior projection and powerful low-end response while being more stable and durable than its predecessor’s X-bracing.

The J-35 is an American model handmade in Bozeman, Montana by Gibson’s master luthiers. Constructed with solid tonewoods such as Sitka spruce on the neck and mahogany on the back and sides, it produces a warm, expressive sound sought by acoustic enthusiasts, artists, and record producers alike.

Body & Neck

Gibson’s slope-shouldered dreadnoughts are considered some of the finest guitars in the world. Their elegant curves and understated detailing create a harmonious beauty that rivals iconic designs such as the Eames chair or the classic Coca-Cola bottle in terms of style.

Our J-35 Exclusive review sample was crafted from mahogany with a natural finish. Crafted to Gibson’s exacting standards, it features an exquisite dovetail neck-to-body joint secured with traditional hide glue for superior sound transfer from strings through the body.

The Gibson J-35 Acoustic Guitar offers a robust, warm tone. It also has a radiused top and back for increased resonance and projection across its frequency range.

The J-35 features a timeless design with its distinctive fire stripe pickguard, multi-ply top binding, and soundhole rosette. Additionally, Gibson added the “Only a Gibson Is Good Enough” banner on the headstock – something no prewar J-35 would have had – which brings together vintage elements with contemporary touches for an intriguing combination.

This J-35 features a modern finish and hardware, but still retains many of its original details, like the two small screws that went through the bridge plate on either side of the E-string bridge pins to secure it in place. Plus, its headstock is embellished with mother-of-pearl dots for extra decoration.

The body of the J-35 is slightly thinner than a typical dreadnought, making it feel very light and airy. While not quite as loud as its bigger brother, the J-35 still provides a wide range of tones with an open soundscape. Though slightly brighter than I prefer in a dreadnought, its upper midrange can get quite assertive at times.


Gibson acoustic guitars are known for their high-quality hardware and wood. They have been a popular choice among guitarists worldwide for years. The Gibson J-35 Exclusive review model is a classic workhorse acoustic that any player can easily add to their collection.

The Gibson J-35 guitar boasts a Sitka Spruce top over the Mahogany back, sides, and neck for balanced output throughout the tonal spectrum. The Mahogany gives this instrument an organic sound that can be utilized for both bold chord work and subtle fingerstyle playing alike.

Introduced in the 1930s, Gibson’s J-35 guitar offered musicians an affordable yet highly appealing alternative to more costly models. Even today, this versatile instrument remains popular with modern-day troubadours and old-time revivalists alike; as well as those looking for a simple but highly appealing aesthetic on their acoustics.

Its distinctive fire stripe pickguard, multi-ply top binding, and soundhole rosette set it apart from other Gibson round shoulder flattops, while its simple aesthetic charm makes it the ideal addition to any collection. Finished with Gibson’s signature nitrocellulose lacquer to preserve the natural beauty of the wood while also improving resonance and sound quality.

The J-35 boasts an advanced X bracing pattern that offers superior projection and tonal balance for bass and midrange frequencies. This wider angle than the J-45s’ hand-scalloped X bracing makes the J-35s stand out for their powerful, bassy sound – one of their hallmark qualities.

The J-35 offers a wide range of construction and design variations, so there’s sure to be the ideal model for any player. Some feature drop-in saddle bridges while others have longer slide-in saddles. Some feature tone bars that are scalloped (open, dynamic sound with louder trebles) while others feature two non-scoped bars (closed for more delicate and quieter sound).


Gibson J 35 Exclusive sound

Gibson has a long and illustrious history of crafting some of the world’s most iconic acoustic guitars with a sound that has universal appeal. Their instruments are easy to play, boasting a luxurious feel and beginner-friendly features without overwhelming you with too many options.

The J-35 is one of Gibson’s most sought-after guitar models, and for good reason; it provides guitarists with a warm, rich tone that’s great for performing live or alone. Plus, this model is versatile enough to handle various styles and genres while having an attractive aesthetic that will stand out on stage or in the studio.

This dreadnought-shaped guitar is handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by passionate artisans who understand how to craft an instrument with timeless and enduring quality for musicians. The round shoulder shape preserves its sweet and articulate voice while its LR Baggs VTC electronics make it gig-ready.

Sunburst models are the most common, though some also feature natural hues which are slightly rarer than sunburst versions.

Some early J-35s were refinished with a blond opaque finish instead of the traditional natural one, as wood supply issues during WWII required. This looks very similar to the natural finish but conceals any visible grain patterns.

At this time, some bridges were changed to a drop-in saddle design (instead of the slide-in bridge), and string spacing on the bridge narrowed slightly. Furthermore, natural finish versions of J-35 models feature thinner French heels than sunburst models.

The J-35 has a distinctive sound, making it difficult for beginners to replicate its qualities on other Gibson models. As you gain experience with the J-35 though, you can use different picks for more subtle variations on its signature sound.

Why you should play a Gibson J-35 Exclusive

In the 1930s, Gibson began producing dreadnoughts, but Martin had already released theirs. In 1936, Gibson introduced the J-35, an affordable flattop designed to take on Martin’s massive Jumbo model. As such, it quickly became one of Gibson’s most sought-after models.

Its iconic shape and rich, full tone made it a go-to choice for musicians on a budget.

The J-35 guitar’s unassuming aesthetic and acoustic charm was its selling points during the Great Depression, and it continues to be a favorite among guitarists today. Its round shoulder design – reminiscent of Martin’s archtop dreadnoughts – makes it comfortable to hold and play with, whether strumming chords or fingerpicking.

The J-35 offers rich, powerful tones from its Sitka spruce top and mahogany body. Plus, its advanced X-bracing pattern provides an exceptional projection for delicate fingerstyle playing.

This instrument is offered in both sunburst and natural finishes, as well as a “faded” satin nitrocellulose finish for classic vintage appeal. Part of Gibson’s original collection, it’s expertly handcrafted from solid tonewoods in Bozeman, Montana by experienced luthiers who understand how to craft an instrument that will last generations.

This guitar features an eye-catching ’40s-inspired fire stripe pickguard that some might find distracting or too garish, but others think it looks fantastic! It is equipped with LR Baggs VTC pickups for a lush, versatile sound.

This guitar boasts a number of great features, such as its rosewood fretboard and Tusq nut. The tuners are nickel-plated white vintage button tuners, and it comes with a black hardshell case for storage.

This guitar’s ‘faded’ satin nitrocellulose finish gives it an aged, sophisticated appearance that’s sure to wow any audience. This stunning piece of guitar history will remain the centerpiece of your collection for years to come.

This model features an LR Baggs VTC pickup and convenient volume and tone controls located in the soundhole. It’s ideal for any musician, from bluegrass to rock, as it can capture a wide variety of sounds.

Another distinguishing feature of this guitar is its stylish soundhole logo, “Only a Gibson Is Good Enough”. Adorned beneath the classic script Gibson logo, this banner adds an air of class that no prewar J-35 ever had and adds just enough flair without overshadowing its classic appearance.

If you’re searching for an acoustic guitar with a unique and high-pitched sound, this Gibson is the ideal option. Boasting a mahogany body, this instrument delivers a beautiful and unique tone that’s sure to stand out in any crowd.

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