Gibson J-45 – Keb Mo 3.0 12-Fret J45 Review


Gibson J-45 – Keb Mo 3.0 12-Fret J45 Review. Keb’ Mo’s extraordinary career, featuring five Grammys, 14 Blues Foundation Awards, and nearly 50 years of incredible vocals and guitar playing, never ceases to inspire.

He’s joined forces with Gibson once more to create his signature model, the 3.0 12-Fret J-45. Boasting a slope-shouldered Mahogany body and thermally aged Sitka Spruce top, this instrument provides an incredibly versatile tone suitable for virtually any musical genre.

Gibson J-45 – Keb Mo 3.0 12-Fret J45 review

Gibson J 45 Keb Mo
Gibson J-45 – Keb Mo 3.0 12-Fret J45


Gibson’s J-45 is one of the iconic acoustic guitars ever designed, having been played by some of music’s biggest names for years. Its slim profile and workmanlike approach to picking notes have cemented its place as a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

The third collaboration between Gibson and multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and five-time Grammy award winner Keb? Mo? the “3.0?” 12-Fret J-45 is an update on an iconic model. It boasts an aged Sitka spruce top as well as mahogany back and sides for an incredibly versatile sound.

Mahogany is an age-old tonewood, and its natural resonance blends perfectly with thermally aged Sitka spruce to produce that distinctive and iconic sound. Furthermore, mahogany offers excellent harmonic overtones as well as provides a warm and well-balanced tone you won’t find elsewhere.

A compound dovetail neck-to-body joint joins the mahogany neck and body of this J-45 model, featuring traditional hand-scalloped Advanced X-Bracing combined with an LR Baggs VTC preamp and under saddle pickup for an incredibly clean, crisp sound that’s easy to control. Plus, its vintage sunburst finish features nitrocellulose lacquer that will gradually fade over time, adding to its authenticity and vintage vibe.

Blues guitarists will appreciate the guitar’s 12-fret neck join and 19 frets, offering a more comfortable playing experience than standard J-45 models with 14th fret joints. Additionally, this new joint provides slightly stiffer string tension to match the full-bodied sound produced by a 12-fret neck.

For comfort, the neck features a wider 1.805-inch nut to provide extra room for thumb-over play and its profile is shaped in a soft V shape. This design provides an underhand that’s ideal for digging deep grooves.

This high-quality acoustic guitar features a 12-” radius rosewood fingerboard with MOP dot inlays and an inlaid mother-of-pearl Gibson logo, plus open-back Grover tuners for ultimate playing comfort.

As expected, the J-45 is a reliable instrument that will handle your most rigorous performance and recording demands. With its versatile construction and performance-enhancing electronics, you’re guaranteed a well-made acoustic that will be an enjoyable pleasure to play for years to come.


A J-45 is a beloved classic acoustic guitar that’s been produced since 1942. It’s ideal for fingerpicking but can also serve as an excellent option for bass players looking for reliable practice instruments at home.

Recently, Gibson unveiled the third edition of their signature J-45 model with five-time Grammy winner Keb Mo. This new acoustic has the same core design as previous models but features some personal tweaks selected by Keb himself for added personal flair.

This guitar showcases a thermally aged Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This time-tested tonewood combination adds warmth to any song. Finished in Vintage Sunburst without a pickguard, it comes equipped with LR Baggs electronics for added versatility.

This acoustic guitar is the ideal choice for guitarists who need something that will hold up to rigorous writing, recording, and performing commitments. Featuring a custom Keb Mo profile mahogany neck with 12-fret rosewood fingerboard and bone nut construction, this model promises to be an absolute joy to play with.

As with all Gibson acoustic guitars, this model comes with a hardshell case and is currently priced at $4,299. For guitarists who appreciate blues music but aren’t looking to invest in an expensive instrument, this guitar could be perfect for you.

Another reason this guitar is ideal for blues acoustic players is its 12th-fret joint on the neck, providing comfortable playability with fewer frets and making the instrument feel more intimate to play.

The Keb Mo 3.0 guitar features a 25” scale length, perfect for many playing styles and applications. The neck connects to the body at the 12th fret, giving this instrument its rounder, fuller sound that only a 12-fret can provide.

This Gibson acoustic guitar is currently available and priced at $4,299 – an affordable price point has given the high quality of this instrument. As one of Gibson’s newest Custom Shop Artist models, this may be worth considering for those interested in trying out an instrument co-created with a famous musician.


Gibson’s J-45 is an iconic American workhorse with exceptional build quality and sound, having been around since 1942.

This classic dreadnought continues to be a favorite with players and collectors for good reason. The J-45’s “compromise” design offers a more balanced, full sound than most acoustic guitars in its price range, making it ideal for various musical compositions and playing styles.

It’s also one of the most comfortable acoustic guitars you can play. Like all Gibson instruments, its body is made from solid mahogany and features a thermally aged Sitka spruce top. The neck is custom Keb? Mo? profile mahogany joined to the body at 12-fret with a compound dovetail joint and finished off with a 12″ radius rosewood fingerboard, bone nut, and mother-of-pearl dot inlays for added aesthetic appeal.

This guitar features a vintage sunburst finish for that classic aesthetic, along with a multi-ply top, single-ply back, fingerboard bindings, and an LR Baggs Element Plus treble bleed pickup to give it that stage-ready feel.

Keb? Mo?’s J-45 acoustic guitar is equipped with some impressive features designed to deliver the best playing experience – such as its twelve-fret neck joint for more intimate playing. Additionally, there’s an adjustable truss rod, Grover open-back tuners, and compound dovetail neck-to-body joint – all of which combine to form one impressive piece of technology. With such fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, it’s no wonder why this model has become such a favorite among guitarists of all ages.


Five-time Grammy winner Keb’ Mo’ has once again joined forces with Gibson to release his signature model, the 3.0 12-Fret J-45. This guitar is an updated version of the classic J-45 that incorporates some personal enhancements by Keb’ Mo for improved playability and a richer tone.

This acoustic guitar comes in a Vintage Sunburst finish, boasting a thermally aged Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides. It also has LR Baggs electronics as well as the custom Keb’ Mo’ neck profile that joins the body at the 12th fret for a rounder sound with more fullness, along with 19 frets total (the standard J-45 has just 14 frets).

Keb’ Mo’ is an acclaimed blues guitarist renowned for his incredible performances. His unique blend of blues, folk, and rock elements has earned him critical and listener acclaim over the years, earning him 5 Grammy Awards from 12 nominations in total. A true blues legend, his new signature model serves as a testament to how good a guitar he designs can sound just like him when he plays it.

Keb’ Mo’ “3.0” 12-Fret J-45 Acoustic Guitar offers excellent value for those seeking a reliable instrument that can withstand the rigors of live performance, writing, or recording. Its compromise design provides exceptional playing comfort and an expansive, full-bodied sound suitable for various musical compositions and playing styles.

In addition to its thermally aged Sitka acoustic top and mahogany back and sides, the Keb’ Mo’ “3.0” boasts a custom Keb’ Mo’ neck featuring 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, bone nut, as well as the mother of pearl dot inlays. Plus it comes equipped with an LR Baggs VTC preamp and under-saddle pickup system.

As with all Gibson acoustic models, the 3.0 12-Fret J-45 offers excellent value for money. It’s ideal for any guitarist seeking an instrument that can perform at its highest level and for just $4,299 it’s sure to please.

If you are considering purchasing a guitar, we suggest booking an appointment with one of our guitar gallery specialists who will guide you through the selection process and give you peace of mind when selecting your ideal instrument. With over 30 combined years of boutique and rare guitar sales expertise, they guarantee to find you the ideal guitar!

The Artist Keb Mo

Mo, a native of South Los Angeles, draws his musical inspiration from Muddy Waters and Taj Mahal. However, his eclectic sound also incorporates elements from other eras and genres like pop, rock folk, and jazz.

Keb’ Mo’ has become a beloved member of Nashville’s music scene, performing alongside country music icons Bonnie Raitt and the Dixie Chicks. He has earned multiple Americana Music Association awards and is often considered for Grammy nominations.


Keb Mo

Keb Mo is an American blues musician, singer-songwriter, and guitarist renowned for his unique approach to storytelling through music. As a unique voice within the genre, his songs have captured millions of hearts around the world.

Keb’s story is deeply rooted in Compton, Calif., where he spent much of his childhood and early adulthood. A self-taught guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Keb has collaborated with numerous artists from different genres over the years.

His songs express social issues and protests. He’s collaborated with Musicians United For Safe Energy, appearing at No Nukes concerts across North America.

He embodies the blues genre’s traditional storytelling sensibility, drawing from timeless themes like nomadic movement (Suitcase), painful breakups (Rita), and struggles against poverty (Every Morning). But his message is also energizing, upbeat, and inspirational.


Keb Mo’s music is a direct link to the iconic Delta blues that traveled up and across America’s rivers. His modern Blues style draws influence from multiple eras and genres such as pop, rock folk, and jazz.

He draws much of his distinctive sound from contemporary music’s singer-songwriter movement and also draws inspiration from blues legend Robert Johnson. For him, storytelling and the power of song to convey human experience and emotional weight are the common threads that tie these different strands together.

He has released numerous award-winning albums and collaborated with Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne. Additionally, he is an ambassador for the Playing for Change Foundation – providing free music education and basic needs to children around the world. Additionally, he frequently performs on television, and in theater and film projects, as well as is involved in environmental and racial justice activism.


Keb Mo, born in South Los Angeles and a lifelong fan of the Delta blues, brings his timeless brand of music to the stage. His evocative playing and soulful singing provide the perfect complement to his insightful lyrics.

He is a three-time Grammy winner, having collaborated with artists such as BB King, Buddy Guy, Robert Palmer, Joe Cocker, Tom Jones, and Zac Brown Band. Additionally, he serves as an ambassador for Playing For Change–a global musical movement that works to raise awareness about social injustice issues and provide resources to those in need.

Keb Mo’s performances are packed with positive energy and an eclectic blend of his material and classic blues classics. He has performed at several renowned venues, from the Kennedy Center in Washington to Eric Clapton’s hometown of Memphis for the Crossroads Festival.

What Makes the Gibson J45 Special


Keb Mo has collaborated with a wide variety of artists over the years, such as Vince Gill, Darius Rucker, and Old Crow Medicine Show. His latest album Good to Be is a testament to these relationships formed over 11 years in Nashville’s music industry.

He has collaborated with producer Chuck Lorre on his CBS sitcom Mike & Molly, creating and performing the theme song for it. Additionally, he’s appeared on Martha Stewart Living, TNT’s Memphis Beat, and John Sayles’ Honeydripper.

Moore is an artist and passionate supporter of the blues. He has long been associated with the Playing For Change Foundation, which offers free music education to children around the world and has established 12 music schools. Furthermore, they collaborate with partners on basic needs like clean water, food, medicines, and clothing in their teaching communities.

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