Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases


Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases. Gibson’s Original Series hardshell cases are designed to protect your Gibson instruments without sacrificing style. They’re built with the highest-quality materials and hardware. These cases are available in a variety of styles to accommodate any instrument. They also feature an accessory pocket that makes transporting your instrument easy.

Gibson Les Paul brown case

Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases
Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases

The Gator GW-LP-BROWN Deluxe Wood Case for Gibson Les Paul(r) Guitars has a Vintage Brown Exterior. The guitar case is made with high-quality wood and is designed to fit your Les Paul guitar. This guitar case is ideal for protecting your instrument while traveling and is compatible with all Gibson Les Paul models.

Gibson AS335CASE-ORG Bruin Flightcase

If you’re looking for a case that will protect your new Gibson ES-335, you’ll want to consider the Bruin flight case. This flight case features a padded interior for maximum protection and comes in a stylish bruin finish with the Gibson logo.

The Gibson Accessories ES-335 Original Hardshell case provides rugged protection for your guitar, and it’s also a stylish addition to your home or studio. Its rugged black exterior, heavy gold latches, and stenciled “Gibson” logo give it a sophisticated look.

The ES-335 Original Hardshell Case by Gibson offers professional-grade protection for your guitar. Its rugged construction protects your guitar from road debris and features heavy-duty latches to keep your guitar safe. Its silky interior is also beautiful. It includes an accessory compartment for easy access. This hardshell case is available from Sweetwater.

The ES-335 was the first commercially available semi-hollow body electric guitar. It was released by the Gibson Guitar Corporation in 1958. The guitar’s body is made of solid maple wood, but the top part is hollow. A solid maple wood block runs through the middle of the body, with two f-holes positioned over the hollow chambers.

On-Stage GCES7000 guitar case

Another case that fits the Gibson ES-335 is the On-Stage GCES7000 guitar case. It is made of 600D polyester and features a double layer of foam padding. The case is also lined with a soft gray interior for maximum protection. It also features an internal accessory compartment.

Kace KGE-335 gig bag

A good gig bag is very important for protecting your guitar and should be an important part of your guitar case. Luckily, there are several high-quality gig bags available on the market. Kace KGE-335 gig bag is inexpensive and dependable, while ProTec’s CF229 is a good quality soft case.

Choosing a gig bag is an important step in protecting your Gibson ES-335. There are several high-quality bags available, including the Crossrock Metro Series and the Reunion Blues RBCSH. These gig bags are affordable and comfortable and will protect your classic axe. A gig bag will also provide extra protection for semi-hollow guitars.

The Best Gibson ES-335 Cutaway Guitar Case

The Gibson ES-335 Modern hardshell guitar case is a sleek and rugged choice for your guitar. Its black exterior features heavy gold latches and a stenciled “Gibson” logo. Its hardshell construction also provides the ultimate protection. It has a hard shell and a padded interior.

Crossrock Metro Series

If you’re in the market for a gig bag for your Gibson ES-335 cutaway guitar, the Crossrock Metro Series is the best option. This semi-acoustic guitar case has reinforced Flexoskeleton construction and extra foam padding on the sides and bottom. It’s also the most affordable option for semi-acoustic soft guitar cases.

There are a few different styles of the Metro Series. The ES-335 and ES-345 PRO feature gold-plated hardware and a tremolo. They are also available with a vibrato tailpiece and a vibrato unit. There is even a version of the ES-335 with a stereo output jack. Another option is the CS-336, which has a smaller body and a carved mahogany neck. It comes with gold-plated hardware and a three-ply body binding.

Reunion Blues RBCSH

The Reunion Blues RBCSH Gibson ESS-335 cutaway guitar case is a high-quality, semi-hollow guitar case for semi-hollow guitars. This model features a sturdy, reinforced Flexoskeleton construction and one inch of protective foam padding. Its features make it an ideal bag for touring musicians or hobbyists.

It features a waterproof exterior and soft lining for additional protection. It also has a convenient quick-grab carry handle and three pockets for storing accessories. It’s one of the most practical gig bags available for Gibson ES-335 guitars, but it’s not as good as the more expensive Gibson guitar cases.

Kay Vintage GB370

The Kay Vintage GB370 is a cheap alternative to most guitar cases. Its price is a lot lower than the other brands, and it might even offer you the same protection. It features a comfortable handle and a soft interior for your guitar. It also has protective reinforcements and 10mm padding to keep your guitar protected from damage.

This guitar case has enough space for a Gibson ES-335 cutaway guitar. It also has three pockets and a quick grab carry handle, making it ideal for touring musicians. The GB370 is suitable for traveling musicians, but not for those who play in crowded and risky venues. This guitar case also has a backpack version, which is great for guitarists who don’t want to lug around their gear all day.

If you own a vintage Gibson ES-335 cutaway guitar, you will need a quality case to protect it. Kay Vintage’s GB370 case is a perfect fit for storing your instrument. Its padded interior provides maximum protection and prevents your instrument from scratches and dents. It also features two side pockets for cords and a large compartment for storing a guitar’s accessories.

The GB370 guitar case is a great buy for the price. It is more affordable than many other guitar cases but offers just as much protection as its rivals. It features a comfortable grip handle and 10mm padding to protect your guitar. There are reinforcements on the corners and sides for additional protection.

Gator case

If you’re on a budget, the Gator case might be the perfect choice for your new Gibson ES-335 cutaway guitar. It’s one of the top-rated hard cases and won’t break the bank. It’s also similar to Gibson’s case in terms of design but features more prominent angles at the handle and vinyl covering.

This case is perfect for musicians who rarely travel. It’s designed for road trips, but it’s not ideal for crowded areas or risky locations. It’s also a great option for guitarists who don’t want to carry around their guitar and case. A backpack bag is another good option. These bags are very comfortable and protect your semi-hollow guitars from damage.

A good gig bag is a must-have for protecting your new guitar. Mono Cases is a reputable company that offers gig bags and padded guitar cases. This case will protect your guitar on all sides and will give you peace of mind. The Reunion Blues is another good option for touring musicians and hobbyists alike.

Gibson ES-335 Non-Cutaway Guitar Case

The Gibson ES-335 Non-Cutway guitar case features a black exterior and heavy gold latches, providing rugged and stylish protection for your guitar. It also features the Gibson logo stenciled on the front of the case. For maximum protection, this guitar case also comes with a hardshell case.

SKB 1SKB-35 hardshell case

The SKB 1SKB-35 hardshell guitar case is a great way to protect your Gibson ES 335 electric guitar. It features a trigger-release latching system and TSA-approved locks. Available at Sweetwater, this case is the perfect way to protect your guitar when traveling.

The SKB 1SKB-35 hardshell guitar case is ideal for storing and transporting your Gibson ES-335 electric guitar. Its plush gray lining and lidded center picket double as a neck rest. The case is finished in the signature Gibson gold letter branding. The padded interior and molded outer shell are both great protection for your guitar.

iSeries 4719-35 semi-hollow guitar case

If you’re looking for a hardshell case for your Gibson 335 electric guitar, consider the iSeries 4719-35 semi-hollow guitar case. The guitar case features military-grade protection and includes space for a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. It’s made from ultra-high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin and is designed to last for years. It also comes with wheels, and a comfortable handle that’s easy to grab and maneuver.

The iSeries 4719-35 guitar case is TSA-approved and features a water-resistant and air-tight seal. It has a gasket-like seal that maintains independent internal pressure. Its water-tight and TSA-approved design also ensures your guitar’s safety even when in transit.

Gator Cases GC-335 deluxe molded case

The Gator Cases GC-335 Deluxe Molded Case is designed especially for SemiHollow Guitars. Its plush fabric lining and EPS foam core contour to the shape of your guitar for extra protection. It is made of ultra-resilient ABS plastic, which is highly impact-resistant, and features heavy-duty aluminum edging for a secure fit.

This case is perfect for protecting a SemiHollow Gibson 335 electric guitar. The padded interior is lined with plush fabric and outfitted with an EPS foam core to cushion your instrument. Its outer shell is made of durable ABS plastic and is designed to fit snugly to your guitar. The molded lid is made with heavy-duty aluminum edging to ensure that the case is secure and fits securely.

Calton fiberglass flight case

Gibson is an American icon for 126 years, and the company’s guitars have become icons in many genres. They are a symbol of quality, in terms of sound and design. Today, Gibson is entering another century of success. For more than 50 years, Calton Cases has been designing custom cases for guitar players, and they know how important it is to protect and preserve the instruments you love. That’s why they understand how important the guitars are to you, and they identify with the unsurpassed quality and durability of Gibson’s products.

Made in Austin, TX, the Calton flight case protects your guitar against bumps, drops, and dents that may occur during travel. It also protects your instrument from extreme temperature changes, which can cause damage to your instrument. Guitars gradually adjust to outside temperatures, but sudden changes in temperature can cause them to break. A flight case protects your instrument from these shocks by offering layers of protection and security and can withstand impacts of up to nine feet.

Crossrock Metro Series gig bag

The Crossrock Metro Series Gibson ES-335 non-cutaway guitar case offers excellent protection for your semi-hollow Gibson guitar. Its reinforced Flexoskeleton design makes it the safest choice for semi-hollow guitars. The case comes with reinforced straps for comfort and a side-carrying handle for convenience.

Besides its protective exterior, it also includes a rain fly. Added features such as wire reinforcement and extra stitching improve the overall quality of the case. It is a great companion for the back of a tour van, but not ideal for carrying around a guitar on your own.

If you are on a budget, you can opt for the lowest-cost option. Despite its lower price, this case still offers a lot of protection and comfort. It also comes with a cable organizer and a storage pocket. It is the best option if you are looking for the lowest cost but want something that will last.

The ES-335 is a non-cutaway Gibson guitar produced between 1959 and 1982. The ES-335 is the basic model and the ES-339 is a more elaborate model with a smaller body. This guitar features an electronic pickup circuit and six-way tone control, located above the volume and lead tone controls. This tone control affects the resonant frequency of the pickups and helps to enhance the overall sound of the guitar. It also has gold-plated hardware and three-ply edge binding.

The ES-335 is also available in a 12-string version called the Gibson EB-2. This version of the ES-335 has hardware borrowed from the EB-0. In 1991, the ES-335 received a dot to indicate it was a reissue. Its name was changed to ES-335 Reissue. From 1986 to 1994, it was available as the ES-335 Studio. This version of the ES-335 is similar to the regular one but features two single-coil P-90 pickups.

Reunion Blues RBX335 semi-hollow electric guitar case

Reunion Blues RBX335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Case For Gibson ES-335 Non-Cutaway is a good choice for musicians who want a simple and sturdy case for their semi-hollow guitar. It is padding, shock-absorption, and impact-deflection features ensure that your guitar stays safe and protected during your travels. It also includes a padded strap and a side-carry handle for convenience and comfort.

The ES-335 is an excellent Gibson guitar if you play in a variety of styles. Its rich, classic tone is reminiscent of the Gibson Les Paul, and its double-cutaway design makes it easy to play. Its pickups are well-balanced and will create a warm, jazzy sound. The ES-335 is available in three body styles: semi-hollow, non-cutaway, and cutaway.

Reunion Blues has been making top-quality guitar cases for 40 years. The RBX line combines its passion for quality with sleek aesthetics and strategically-placed impact panels for superior protection. The case contains a dense foam neck cradle, a top-quality end-pin rest, and a Zero-G handle for easier transport and storage.

A semi-hollow electric guitar case is essential for your guitar, whether it is for the ES-335 or any other semi-hollow model. If you want to protect your semi-hollow electric guitar from any damage, then you can find an RBX335 semi-hollow case online for only $9.99. This case can fit a Gibson ES-335 non-cutaway guitar.

The ES-335 was first introduced in 1958. The body was one 3/4″ deep and the neck was 2 3/4″ deep. The body featured a Bigsby B7 vibrato tailpiece and an adjustable nickel saddle. The guitar’s bridge and neck were made of laminated maple and had pearl dot inlays.

Another great semi-hollow electric guitar is the D’Angelico Excel Mini DC. It has a solid reputation and an affordable price. Many top guitarists use D’Angelico guitars, including Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter. It’s not too bulky and has a great sound.

This guitar case is a good option for the ES-335 and ES-339 non-cutaway guitars. They are similar in size to the Gibson 336/346, although the ES 339 is a little smaller.

The Gibson ES-335 non-cutaway is perfect for travel. Its case is snug and prevents the guitar from moving while it is in the case. It has a lid that does not push down on the top section of the guitar, and it is protected by a protective cover on the truss rod.

Gibson Historic Replica Case

Designed to protect your Gibson Les Paul guitar, the Gibson Historic Replica Case features the shape and style of a traditional hardshell case. It also features a lidded center pocket and riveted Gibson Star logo plate. This case was originally developed in the late ’50s for the Gibson Les Paul.

If you want to protect your Les Paul while touring or performing, the Gibson Historic Replica Case is a great choice. This case will not only protect your Les Paul but also look great while doing it. It features vintage styling and custom-made components for an authentic aged look. It also features heavy-duty latches and a plush interior. A handy accessory compartment is also included.

The Gibson Les Paul is an iconic model, and it deserves the best possible protection. The Gibson Historic Replica Case was designed to accommodate its distinctive shape. The hard shell case also features a pink plush lining, which gives the Les Paul a luxurious resting place. The case also features a TSA-approved locking system for added protection.

Gibson Explorer Original Hardshell Case

A good quality Gibson Explorer Original Hardshell Case can protect your guitar and accessories from the elements. It’s made of durable Tolex and features a gold Gibson logo and a red plush interior. It also comes with five sturdy snap closures and a lock for added security. The case can fit the Explorer/Firebird type.

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SKB Hardshell Guitar Case

The Gibson ES-339 Original Hardshell Case was designed to protect and store your Gibson guitar. It features a brown Tolex cover with a gold Gibson logo and a plush red interior. It also has five sturdy snap closures and a lock. And if you aren’t comfortable locking your case, you can easily remove it by unzipping the top of the case.

Designed to protect your Gibson guitar from any accidental impact, this original hardshell case for the Gibson Explorer provides maximum protection and storage for your Explorer electric guitar. It features heavy-duty latches, a locking mechanism, and a regal red plush lining. It also has a convenient accessory pocket. And because it was designed in the factory by Gibson USA, it’s made with only the finest hardware.

Gibson Original Series hardshell guitar cases

The Gibson ES-339 Original Hardshell Case is made especially for the ES-339 electric Gibson guitar. This case features a red plush interior and an accessory compartment. Its brown Tolex cover is imprinted with the gold Gibson logo and is secured with five sturdy snap closures and one lock.

The Gibson Explorer hardshell case is made of premium materials and is built to last. It includes a red plush interior to keep accessories organized and safe. It meets Gibson USA factory specifications and comes in a variety of sizes.

SKB Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case

SKB Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case
gibson hard case

The SKB Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case is a well-designed case that is suitable for Gibson Flying V guitars. Its interior is padded with EPS foam, which protects against scratches, and the exterior is made of ABS polymer. It also features a bumper valance support, injection-molded feet, and an over-molded carrying handle. Trigger-release latches are reinforced with fiberglass, and the case is TSA-approved.

The Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case is designed to fit most Gibson Flying V guitars, as well as Epiphone and Gibson guitars. It is also made of plush lining and has an accessory compartment for extra accessories. The exterior is made of ABS polymer, with a molded EPS foam interior and an over-molded handle for convenient carrying. The case also features a padded TSA trigger release latching system and includes a convenient accessory compartment.

The SKB Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case is available in various colors and designs to complement your guitar. It is available in several sizes and comes with a padded interior for extra comfort. It also features a molded carrying handle, which is virtually indestructible. The SKB Flying V Hardshell Guitar Case is a great case for your guitar and will protect it well. Its molded exterior will protect it from damage, and its cushioned carrying handle will protect your guitar from scratches.

Gibson SG Guitar Cases

Gibson SG guitar cases
Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases

Gibson SG guitar cases come in different styles and colors, but they all serve the same purpose: to protect your guitar. The CRW620 is a good example, but there are also other options such as the SKB-61 and the Gator GW-SG. The Gator GW-SG is a good choice for musicians who want a vintage look and feel while still protecting their instrument.


The CRW620 hard case is a more affordable alternative to the CRW700 but still provides superior protection. It is designed to fit the Gibson SG and Epiphone SG guitars. Its arch-top design and multi-layer wood shell are sturdy and protect your guitar from damage.

These guitar cases are designed to protect your guitar from the elements. A few of the features include a comfortable grip handle, a removable shoulder strap, and plenty of storage space. These are all important features to consider before purchasing a hard case for your guitar. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, these cases will protect your instrument and give you a secure storage place for your accessories.


The SKB 15KB-61 Gibson SG six-string guitar hard case features a polyethylene outer shell that protects your instrument from shock. Rigid EPS interior foam cradles your instrument in a protective, cushioned environment, and the full-length neck support offers extra production. The case also features trigger-release latches with fiberglass-reinforced nylon construction for added security.

The SKB-61 guitar case is ideal for protecting your Gibson or Epiphone SG-model guitar. Its redesigned interior provides the most protection and offers a stylish look for your guitar. It also incorporates rigid EPS interior foam with a molded-in bumper design. A sturdy TSA lock allows airport security to open the case without damaging the instrument. The case also features a comfortable rubber handle. However, the case is prone to odor and has a chemical odor that transfers onto your instrument. The case needs to be left open for two weeks to let the smell go away.

The SKB-61 case features trigger-release latches made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon and a TSA-recognized lock. The trigger release latches are overmolded for a secure grip. They are also TSA-recognized, allowing you to lock your case while undergoing airport security.

Gator GW-SG

Vintage Gibson Guitar Cases
Gator GW-335 Brown Laminated Wood Case

The Gator GW-335 Brown Laminated Wood Case is made from 5-ply cross-grain Luan plywood and features a traditional brown exterior with gold-plated hardware. It also features a plush magenta interior. The case also comes with a storage compartment.

Gibson sg case

This case is less popular than the previous model but offers optimum durability. It is a great choice for SG-style guitars. The case has a comfortable grip handle and is designed to keep the instrument safe and secure. It has a solid case that will prevent any damage to the guitar body.

The Gator GW-335 Brown Laminated Wood Case is made from strong 5-ply cross-grain Luan plywood and features a traditional brown exterior with gold-plated hardware. Its interior is plush magenta and has plenty of storage compartments. This case is ideal for traveling and local transportation. It also features a TSA latch for added security.

Who Makes Gibson Guitar Cases?

GWW (General Wood Workers), is the manufacturer of cases for Gibson and other instrument brands for over 65 years. In December 2021 Gibson acquired GWW.

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