Specs and Features of the Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P90


Specs and Features of the Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute P90. Before buying your next Gibson guitar, check the Specs and Features of the Gibson Les Paul P90 Special. This guitar has a low price and is the perfect entry-level rock Guitar. It features a Mahogany body and neck, 2 P-90 single coils, and a wrap-around bridge. Read on for more details. It also includes a built-in tuner and volume control.

Gibson Les Paul special tribute P90 review


The Les Paul Special P90 is a no-frills rock Guitar initially designed as a budget entry-level Paula. This guitar features a solid mahogany body and neck with a glued-in mahogany/rosewood neck, two P-90 single coils, and a simple wrap-around bridge. It also has a classic Gibson design with a rosette-style headstock.

The Les Paul Special’s design started as a low-cost entry-level Paula but evolved into a low-cost rock guitar. This guitar has a Mahogany body, glued-in mahogany/rosewood neck, and two P-90 single coils with a wrap-around bridge. Its lightweight and inexpensive materials have a rich, mellow sound. However, it lacks the subtlety of an authentic 1950s Les Paul.

The P-90 pickup was a landmark innovation from Gibson in the 1950s and helped define rock and blues music. Nicknamed “Soapbar,” “Cobalt,” and “Soapbar,” the P-90 was revolutionary for Gibson and continues to inspire guitarists today. With vintage braided two-conductor wiring and fully wax-potted pickups, the P-90 is an ideal vintage replacement.

Its fingerboard radius is a notable feature of the Gibson Les Paul P90 Tribute guitar. The radius of the P-90 is the same across the fretboard, giving it a flatter profile compared to the Fender Stratocaster. It is ideal for guitarists with small hands as the fingerboard radius on the Gibson Les Paul P90 Special is more balanced than the Fender Stratocaster’s.

The P-90 pickup is also available in a Les Paul reissue. Its P-90s give the guitar a distinctly different tone than its humbucker-equipped counterpart. Compared to a humbucker-equipped Les Paul, the P-90 pickup has a more mid-range and twangy character. You can also get the thunder of a humbucker and a hint of single-coil brightness in a Les Paul with a P-90 pickup.

The Gibson Les Paul P90 Special is the ultimate in versatility. It features an ES-335 nitrocellulose finish with a satin finish. This finish is thin compared to the polyurethane finish that some Gibson aficionados prefer. It also has a satin finish, familiar to those who have experienced the nitro sinking into a 60-year-old mahogany slab. Its satin finish also comes in walnut, black, and white.


The Les Paul Special was initially designed as a low-cost, entry-level Les Paul but has evolved into a no-frills rock Guitar. The Special features are a Mahogany body with a rosewood/mahogany neck, two P-90 single coils, and a wrap-around bridge. Les Paul Special guitars cost an average of $999, though some cheaper models are available.

The Price of Gibson Les Paul P-90 guitars has increased over the years, but the Special Tribute has a surprisingly affordable price. Its classic single-cutaway body design and P-90 pickups offer a rich, primal tone. This guitar’s mahogany body adds warmth to the P-90s, allowing you to play open chords without muting your strings. This guitar has a great look, too, with a rounded maple neck and a Rosewood fingerboard.

If you’re looking for a vintage-style Les Paul, you’ll find a guitar that suits your tastes. The Les Paul P-90 has a distinctive ring to it. Its classic treble clef and bass sounds are reminiscent of the guitars Gibson made in the early 1950s. The Gibson Les Paul P-90 pickup has a distinctive, raw sound that helped define rock and blues music.

The Les Paul Special was initially designed as an entry-level Paula, but it has evolved into a no-frills rock guitar with a Mahogany body and glued-in rosewood neck. The P-90 single coils are a great way to get a unique, clear tone. The in the United States produced Les Paul P90 is an excellent value for the price.

The Standard and the Special share some features; the LP Standard has a maple top, which provides a flame effect, while the Special lacks this feature. The LP Special is more expensive than the Standard, at around $400. The Les Paul Standard is available in three colors: black and red. The LP Special II has a maple top and a mahogany body. A humbucker pickup configuration is standard on both models.

The Special Tribute model has the same neck shape as the Special but is available with P90 or humbucker pickups. It also shares a flat black pickguard, a black top hat, and a gloss finish. Its pickups are different, but they are similar in tone. The humbucker has a fuller, brighter sound and a warmer style. On the other hand, the P90 is more focused on treble frequencies.


Body Les Paul

Finish Worn White Satin

Model Special Tribute – P-90

Neck Pickup P-90

Bridge Pickup P-90

Controls 2 Volumes, 2 Tones, Toggle Switch

Nut Material Graph Tech

Fret Count 22

Neck Inlays Acrylic Dots

Fingerboard Rosewood

Tuning Vintage Deluxe w/ White Buttons

Bridge Compensated Wrap-around

Tailpiece Aluminum Stop Bar

Switch Tip Black

Body Finish Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Body Material Mahogany

Pickguard Black 5-ply

Neck Profile Rounded

Price ($) 999.00

The Specs of the Gibson Les Paul P-90 Special are no frills rock Guitars. The original design of the Les Paul Special was a low-priced entry-level Paula, but it evolved into a versatile, no-frills rock guitar. It has a mahogany body, glued-in rosewood/mahogany neck, two P-90 single coils, and a wrap-around bridge. The guitar is an excellent choice for beginning players and professionals alike, and its specs are listed below.

The Gibson Les Paul P-90 Special was initially designed as a student-model model. But when rock music got loud, these P90-equipped mahogany slabs became mighty rock machines. Initially, these guitars were deemed impractical and cheap, but they quickly gained a loyal following among rock musicians. The Specs of the Gibson Les Paul P-90 Special indicate that it was designed with affordability. However, it does not come with a tuner or maple cap, now considered an extravagance.

The P-90 pickup was introduced in the early 1950s. Its high output and biting treble were legendary in rock and blues music. Its versatile nature made it known by nicknames such as “Soapbar” and “Cobalt.” It is the perfect replacement for vintage P-90s, featuring two-conductor vintage braided wiring and full wax potting.

The two models have several similarities and differences. They have two P90 pickups, but the LP Special features a thinner neck. They also both come with a hard shell case. Despite the differences, these guitars have similar tone characteristics. Gibson also offers a variety of body woods and neck profiles. If you’re unsure, check the Specs of the Gibson Les Paul P90 Special to see which model is best for you.

The Specs of the Gibson Les Paul P-90 Special make it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality guitar for the price. The guitar’s solid wood body and unbound neck are both impressive features. The frets were well-dressed, but Gibson has a history of shoddy finish work on its lower-priced models. Nevertheless, these guitars are still very affordable, which makes them an excellent option for beginners.


gibson les paul p90 special

The ’50s model is a classic Les Paul, featuring a mahogany body with a maple top and a gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Its neck is made from AA-grade maple and comes in various colors, including a new wine-red finish and an Ocean Blue one. This model also features a unique, rounded 50s-style mahogany neck with trapezoidal inlays. It is available in a monthly payment plan through Affirm.

The LP Standard and Special share several characteristics, including scale length, nut width, and neck wood. They also share the same 22 medium jumbo frets and a gloss finish. However, the LP Special lacks the subtlety of a 1950s-era instrument, while the LP Standard does. Both guitars come with a hard case and are available in various colors.

The Lightning Bar Wrapover bridge, which Gibson first introduced in the early 1960s, is another characteristic that distinguishes the Gibson Les Paul P90 Special from other models. While the Lightning Bar Wrapover bridge was an innovation for the era, it was still a relatively new technology. Gibson designed The Lightning Bar Wrapover bridge to compensate for wound G strings. However, the compensation could have been better, and most of the world had already moved to a plain G string.

The design of the Gibson Les Paul P90 Special is a classic. A new take on this guitar features a no-frills spec and dual P-90s. It also features vintage white button tuners and a compensated wrap-around tailpiece. The rounded maple neck with rosewood fingerboard has an actual rosewood fingerboard. A rosewood fretboard helps ensure a smooth tone, while the double P-90 pickups provide a rich tone and feel.

Another design element of the Les Paul P90 is its tone. Its ’50s reissued P90 pickups provide a unique ’52 Goldtop sound. They’re hardwired, meaning each one has slight blemishes on its finish. It is one reason that many Les Paul fans love the P90 model, but you can always find a better guitar for less money.

Gibson Les Paul P90 Special
Les Paul Special Tribute – P-90 – Worn White Satin

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