Nikki Lane and Gibsons Generation Collection


Nikki Lane Gibson Generation Collection. Nikki Lane has achieved great success through her unyielding determination. Her most recent album, Highway Queen, showcases this gritty blues-influenced side.

Lane is one of three musicians to collaborate with Gibson on the Generation Collection, a guitar series designed to help musicians hear more of themselves. Each model boasts the innovative Gibson Player Port (TM), providing an immersive sound quality.

Nikki Lane and Gibsons Generation Collection

The Generation Collection

Gibson’s Generation Collection brings an innovative design concept to the fore of acoustic guitars. Comprised of four models – the small-bodied G-00, slope-shouldered G-45, cutaway-equipped G-Writer, and Jumbo-sized G-200 – each instrument features a side sound hole designed by Gibson in 1964 as an alternative to traditional soundhole placement. This side port design projects sound toward players for a more immersive sonic experience.

These guitars boast several premium artist features, such as an African mahogany (utile) neck, striped ebony fingerboard, TUSQ nut and saddle, Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners, and Natural finish. All Generation Collection guitars are meticulously handcrafted in the USA by highly-skilled craftspeople who craft all Gibson acoustics.

The Generation Collection is for musicians who challenge convention, and Gibson has chosen three artists who embody this new wave of creatively fearless songwriters. Amythyst Kiah, Nikki Lane, and Scarypoolparty are three women on a mission to push genre boundaries and revolutionize music with their innovative styles.

These artists are creating a more diverse audience for Gibson Acoustics with the Generation Collection, which brings US-built acoustics within reach of everyone.

Generation Acoustics offers a slim, lightweight body and Advanced Response profile that makes them comfortable to hold for extended periods, along with an accessible neck. Plus, these acoustics boast a slim fingerboard radius, LR Baggs Element Bronze pickup systems, and Walnut back and sides for an aesthetically pleasing tone.

The Generation Collection was crafted through collaboration between three passionate songwriters and guitarists with an unwavering dedication to perfecting their sound. The songs produced have a variety of styles, as well as these artists’ distinct voices are sure to enchant players across all genres.

Highway Queen

Nikki Lane has earned a reputation as an accomplished outlaw country and rock songwriter with powerful lyrics, unbridled blues guitars, and vintage Sixties country-pop swagger. Her third album, Highway Queen, showcases Nikki’s growing prominence within the genre of country music.

Lane has been likened to Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris; her music to Lana Del Rey, Jenny Lewis, and Neil Young; and her attitude to Johnny Cash. But Lane deserves recognition in her own right.

She may not be from Texas, but her eclectic sound fuses outlaw country, Americana, and rock. On her third album, she showcases an extraordinary voice that blends thrilling road songs with poignant ballads.

The album cover art features Lane gazing out upon vast, uninhabited Texan plains while leaning on the horns of a huge steer. It’s an image that transports us back to a time before highways were even thought about.

Nu-Nashville rockers typically modernize country music while maintaining its roots, but Lane takes a more classic route. Her powerful lyrics combine with unbridled blues guitars and vintage Sixties country-pop swagger to create an authentic sound that will appeal to fans of Lana Del Rey, Jenny Lewis, and Tom Petty alike.

Her lyrics are filled with doomed resolve. They speak of facing down shame, anger, and bitterness; people’s flaws, and how those can impact generations later on.

But the lyrics also offer up hope and inspiration. It’s a message that resonates with those who have experienced both triumph and defeat.

With her latest album, Lane continues to explore an untraditional sound combining elements of rock, R&B, and indie with her distinctive country voice. She’s been praised by NPR, and Rolling Stone magazine and appeared on “Conan.”

Gibson Guitars has joined forces with three songwriters and players – Amythyst Kiah, Scarypoolparty, and Nikki Lane – to inspire the next generation of guitar players. These artists represent a new breed of fearless creators and performers breaking through traditional barriers on their path toward worldwide recognition.

Their debut full-length, “Bitter Soul,” will be released this December via Rockshots Records and showcases the band’s powerful melodies and heavy riffs.

Nikki Lane and Gibsons Generation Collection
lane Gibson generation collection artist

New Generation Artists Playing Gibson Guitars

Denim & Diamonds

Denim & Diamonds, produced by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Joshua Homme, finds Nikki Lane taking a more rock-oriented approach. While her outlaw country roots remain undiminished throughout her career, this album marks a more rugged version of herself that many fans of her past work have come to know and love; there are still plenty of traditional country hooks included too.

On a song such as “Born Tough,” Lane acknowledges the hard work it takes to become a self-made woman; someone who takes pride in her accomplishments and remains unflinchingly independent despite modern life’s demands. “Good Enough” mocks those who settle for lives they don’t desire, while “The Title Track” emphasizes how difficult it can be to stick by your convictions in an industry rife with compromise and perverse incentives.

Lane expresses her labor of love in the uptempo ‘Try Harder,’ a track that addresses the difficulty of success as an artist without compromising one’s values. And in ‘Black Widow,’ Lane shows off a newfound strength as she dances energetically while singing, “I’m the black widow / I’m the silver moon, I’m the black star!”

It can be challenging to remain committed to your beliefs, but Lane’s music serves as a reminder that people should make their own choices and not let others dictate their path. She has lived by this principle throughout her career, taking it seriously as she inspires people to make their own decisions and not let others dictate their path. It is an idea she takes very seriously.

After years of taking breaks from album cycles and touring, Lane returned to the studio with Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme. With his help, she transformed those ideas that had been simmering away into an exciting reimagination of her soundscape. As such, Denim & Diamonds feels less polished and unpolished than past efforts while also featuring a more varied and layered palette than anything she has previously released.

Live Shows

Nikki Lane has taken the outlaw country genre by storm, adding an edge and gritty perspective. Combining her heartbreaks with pure country music, her sound will resonate with fans both old and new alike.

Her album Highway Queen, released in 2017, cemented Lane’s place as one of the most exciting country artists. Combining powerful lyrics with unbridled blues guitars and vintage Sixties country-pop swagger, this powerful work sees Lane emerge as one of the finest songwriters in modern music.

She’s enlisted the support of fellow country artists Jonathan Tyler, Josh Homme, and Alain Johannes from Queens of the Stone Age to deliver an outstanding record that promises to become one of this year’s key country albums. It serves as a powerful testament to her self-determination, filling her with pride as she strives for greater heights.

Nikki Lane’s show was an intimate one, and she interacted with her audience throughout the performance, chatting to those who had come along to hear her perform. One man who had seen her play 11 times drove up from Castro Valley while another farmer wearing a vintage short hoop skirt spoke of the joy of dressing up for a concert.

Lane’s voice was stunning as she performed her songs with precision. Her songwriting is impeccable, and Lane’s performances have been compared to those of Dolly Parton and Brenda Lee.

Lane’s set featured both her new material as well as classic hits like ‘Highway Queen’ and ‘700,000 Rednecks’. She and her band put on an excellent show for the audience which was highly appreciative throughout.

The Gibson Generation Collection

Gibson Generation collection

Gibson is proud to introduce its Generation collection of acoustic guitars, inspired by a 1964 blueprint from its archives and continuing its legendary history of innovation. This new lineup offers an enhanced sonic experience to HEAR MORE OF YOU with balanced tone woods and comfortable necks at accessible price points.

Generation Guitars are expertly handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana by the same luthier team responsible for Gibson’s entire acoustic line. Each model boasts solid Sitka spruce tops, walnut back and sides, utile necks with scalloped X-bracing, and striped ebony fingerboards.

With a range of body shapes available, guitars in the Generation collection offer something suitable for everyone. Parlor-sized models allow easy playing in small spaces while round-shouldered jumbos provide big sounds and classic mid-sized models are equally easy to play – there is something here for everyone with this collection!

Experience Gibson’s patented Player Port soundhole

Every Generation guitar comes equipped with the Gibson Player Port, an original 1964 concept reinterpreted by today’s luthiers for today’s player. By positioning this soundhole on the upper bout, it provides a truly immersive sonic experience for both player and audience alike.

This revolutionary design, first envisioned in an early 1960s blueprint, allows acoustic guitar players to get closer to their instrument’s sound, giving them the optimal seat at the table and making it simpler for them to interact with it. It’s an effective way to get more out of each note while adding a layer of resonance that enhances each note’s richness.

The Generation collection from Gibson Acoustic Guitars is an excellent addition to their already extensive line of acoustic guitars, and in some cases, it could even improve upon some older models. For instance, the Player Port allows you to better hear your instrument’s full sonic spectrum without an audience present – creating a more intimate performance space where just you and the guitar stand can perform together.

With some experimentation, you can discover exactly how the sound of your instrument changes when the Player Port is covered or unveiled. The effect can range from subtle to dramatic, but it’s always an intriguing discovery.

Beyond the Player Port, each Generation guitar is constructed with quality Gibson acoustic components such as domed tops, scalloped bracing, hide glue dovetail neck joints, and nitrocellulose lacquer finish. This makes it easy to connect your guitar to various amps, pedalboards, and PA systems.

In addition to the Player Port, each model is equipped with Gibson’s exclusive LR Baggs Element Bronze under saddle pickup system which amplifies low-end and high-end detail while accentuating string nuances. All Generation guitars are handcrafted at Gibson’s crafty in Bozeman, Montana, and feature a Sitka spruce top, walnut back and sides, useful necks with scalloped X-bracing, striped ebony fingerboards, and natural satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

The G-45 and the G-Writer EC are both easy to pick up and feel great in my hand. Playing them was an absolute joy, especially knowing they had been handmade in America at Gibson’s Bozeman factory. It was especially rewarding to take these guitars into the studio and on stage with me knowing they had been carefully crafted by hand for me.

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