Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana

Visit the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana

Visit the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana. For over 128 years, Gibson has shaped the sound of music with their handcrafted American-made guitars that have been played by some of music’s most renowned artists.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars’ Bozeman manufacturing facility, employing skilled artisans who craft their iconic acoustic guitar collections, recently announced an expansive expansion to meet increased demand.

Visit the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana

What to Expect

The Gibson Guitar Corporation is an American company that manufactures acoustic guitars and other musical instruments. With more than a century of experience under its belt, the brand is renowned for its superior craftsmanship.

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee but also maintains a manufacturing facility in Bozeman Montana where many of their acoustic guitars are created. Here, over 100 full-time employees use traditional techniques and modern manufacturing processes on custom-built machinery to craft some of the world’s iconic Gibson acoustic guitars such as the J-45, Hummingbird, and Dove models.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars take pride in the attention to detail and quality control they put into every acoustic guitar they produce, with each step overseen by a team of workers dedicated to crafting the finest instrument possible.

In addition to acoustic guitar models, Gibson also produces several electric guitar models here. These guitars utilize similar machining processes as the acoustic models but with greater attention to detail and quality control than most of their counterparts.

In addition to acoustic guitars, the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana also manufactures other music products like bass guitars and drum kits. Although these guitars are more expensive than those sold elsewhere, they are all of exceptional quality – making the extra expense worthwhile.

Visit the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana and you will witness first-hand how each guitar is handcrafted. This level of skill and attention to detail cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

The Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana is a must-see for any acoustic guitar enthusiast. Not only can visitors learn more about the process that goes into crafting these stunning instruments, but they’ll get an up-close and personal view of some of guitar history’s most renowned instruments.

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The Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana is the birthplace of some of the world’s most beloved acoustic guitars. Here, some of the finest luthiers craft each instrument with meticulous care – from sanding, assembly, and binding raw wood to paint, buffing, and tuning each guitar.

In this episode of “The Process,” Robi Johns (Senior Product Development Manager, Gibson Acoustic) and Don Ruffatto (Product Development Manager, Gibson Acoustic) take viewers through the initial steps in crafting these unique acoustic guitars in a factory that does more handwork than any other major manufacturer. These guitars boast an authentic sound from carefully chosen tonewoods that improve with age; plus each dovetail neck joint is fitted by hand.

Bozeman, Montana marked the beginning of Gibson’s flat-top guitar revival in the eyes and minds of artists, dealers, and fans alike. Bozeman’s dry climate made it ideal for acoustic guitar production – providing plenty of inspiration to artists, dealers, and enthusiasts alike.

After several years in Kalamazoo and Nashville, Gibson relocated their acoustic guitar division to Bozeman in 1987. As their manufacturing facility expanded rapidly, Gibson decided to more than double their Bozeman acoustic guitar factory and add a custom shop and showroom for better customer service.

For over 119 years, the Gibson acoustic guitar has been a mainstay in music. Notable artists that have featured its classic sound include Slash, Jimmy Page, Sheryl Crow, and Luke Combs – just to name a few!

Due to a surge in demand for acoustic guitars during the COVID lockdown pandemic, Gibson responded by investing in an expansion that more than doubled their facility size. The new 25,000-square-foot addition will create between 100 and 200 jobs.

This expansion includes additional manufacturing space, a larger machine shop, enhanced custom shop capabilities, and an artist showroom to commemorate Gibson’s 119-year handcrafted acoustic guitar heritage. This modernized facility will enable Gibson to produce more acoustic guitars without compromising on quality standards.

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Visit the Gibson Factory in Nashville

Visit the Custom Shop

The Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana is home to skilled artisans who continue the company’s legendary tradition of acoustic excellence. Utilizing dovetail neck joints, hide glue, domed tops, and nitro-cellulose lacquer, they craft guitars that will last years of playing and will show their age gracefully over time.

The Custom Shop at Gibson is a highly sought-after division, with many people visiting to have their dream guitar built from the ground up. Whether you want to recreate an artist’s piece or have your beloved Gibson reissued with updated specs, the Custom Shop is the place for it all.

In addition to offering new Gibson guitars, The Custom Shop also carries an extensive selection of other musical products. Plus, visitors are welcomed on guided tours through their factory where they can learn about how guitars are constructed.

When considering visiting the Custom Shop, it is highly recommended to book a tour in advance. Doing so will guarantee you an enjoyable experience and allow you to ask any queries you may have beforehand.

Touring the Gibson factory gives you a rare opportunity to witness how guitars are created and why they’re so sought-after. Additionally, you’ll get to witness the impressive amount of handwork that goes into each instrument.

For over three decades, The Custom Shop has been a go-to destination for guitar enthusiasts looking to have their instruments custom-built. The staff is welcoming and helpful; they will happily answer any queries you may have.

Experience the custom shop firsthand on Gibson TV with Robi Johns and Don Ruffatto as they take you through the initial steps of crafting acoustic guitars at their famous factory.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some companies are facing shortages. Gibson however is pleased to announce that they will expand their Acoustic factory in Bozeman Montana by doubling their manufacturing space and adding a custom shop and showroom.


Guitarists around the world have been playing Gibson acoustic guitars for over a century, helping define music genres such as folk strummers and hard rock ballads. From folk to hard rock ballads, these instruments have shaped generations of guitarists and still do today.

As one might expect, there are multiple steps involved in crafting a Gibson acoustic guitar. Each step must be meticulously done for an instrument that sounds as beautiful as it looks – an exacting process!

The initial step in building a guitar is carefully selecting the wood for use. Once chosen, it’s carefully cut into the desired shape before being glued on top and polished until perfect. Finally, multiple coats of nitro-cellulose lacquer are sprayed over everything – this requires several passes with great skill before each coat curing between each application.

It can be a long, laborious process that takes much time and energy; however, the outcomes are well worth all of the trouble.

Once an acoustic guitar is finished, it undergoes a final inspection and tuning by a Gibson employee before being packed up and sent off to musicians around the world.

Gibson acoustic guitars are known for their impeccable craftsmanship, which is one of the reasons why so many artists choose Gibson to craft their instruments.

Gibson plans to expand their Bozeman, Montana acoustic factory to meet growing demand. This expansion will create between 100 and 200 additional jobs.

The new expansion will also feature a public showroom and custom shop to showcase some of Gibson’s most renowned pieces.

Gibson also manufactures electric guitars at its Bozeman facility, in addition to acoustic models. These include Les Paul, SG, Flying V, and Explorer models.

Visit the Gibson Factory in Bozeman Montana

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