The Gibson Theodore Review


The Gibson Theodore Review. If you want a solid, classic electric guitar, the Gibson Theodore may be the guitar for you. Its black P-90 pickups are paired with a three-way pickup selector. It also uses CTS pots and bumblebee capacitors. The hardware includes a simple wrap-around bridge, Kluson six-in-line tuners, and a natural nitrocellulose finish.

The Gibson Theodore Review

‘Hockey stick’ headstock

Inspired by Ted McCarty’s sketches, the Gibson Custom Shop has created the ‘Hockey stick’ headstock model. This guitar features an alder body with a slim Explorer neck and a ‘Hockey stick’ headstock. The guitar also features a three-way pickup selector and a triangular scratchplate. These features contribute to the ‘Hockey stick” guitar’s unique look and feel.

The original ‘Hockey stick’ headstock design on the Gibson Theodore was first used in 1957. A few years later, it was used on the Gibson Explorer. Early prototypes featured a split reverse-V headstock. Other features of this guitar included a ‘Hockey stick’ headstock with a walnut center strip, double Florentine cutaways, and a walnut center strip. These guitars are distinguished by their lightweight construction, balanced design, and powerful P-90 pickups.

McCarty sketched new guitar designs during meetings with Gibson executives. The guitar he designed sought to modernize the look of the Gibson electric guitar. However, this design was never produced. Instead, it remained unfinished in the Gibson Custom Shop until today. Now, it’s available for the public to own and play. The ‘Hockey stick’ headstock is an enduring symbol of guitar design.

Alder body

Gibson Theodore
Gibson Theodore Ebony

A new guitar from Gibson is called the Theodore, and the wood used on it is an Alder body with a walnut center strip. It is made in the style of an old-school Gibson and features a Mahogany neck with a long tenon set with hiding glue. The Theodore will retail for $4,999. It is available in three colors: natural, ebony, and cherry. The instrument ships with a vintage-style hardshell case, a premium leather strap, and a COA booklet. The guitar is available now at a retail price of $4,999 and is currently available for pre-order.

The Gibson Theodore is powered by a pair of P-90 pickups with black covers. The guitar comes with a three-way switch, and the pickups are wired through bumblebee capacitors and CTS pots. The hardware includes a wraparound bridge and Kluson six-in-line tuners. Natural nitrocellulose finishes are available on the Gibson Theodore. However, it is not recommended for beginners.

The body is made of an Alder body, and the Indian rosewood fingerboard complements multiple playing styles. Its wraparound bridge and nylon nut keep its tuning stable, while its playability is responsive. The guitar’s classic voice is summoned by two custom Soapbar P-90 pickups. They produce a wide range of P-90 tones: smooth, warm, and punchy.

The Gibson Theodore electric guitar is inspired by the original sketch created by former Gibson president Theodore McCarty. Ted McCarty sketched various designs in various meetings and eventually presented the new solid body model in 1957. The result of his work is Theodore. This historic guitar celebrates a long history of Gibson’s musical achievements. And a true classic, it is worth a look.

Walnut center strip

The Theodore guitar is a custom shop model that is made with an alder body and walnut center strip. Its design was inspired by a sketch by artist Ted McCarty and retails for $4999. The instrument is built like an old-school Gibson and features a mahogany neck with a long tenon that is set with hiding glue. The Theodore is made in a limited run of 318.

The guitar is built with a two-piece alder body and custom Soapbar P-90 pickups. These pickups deliver a distinctive tone with warm lows and smooth highs and a bite in the midrange that will be instantly recognizable. The original P-90 pickups were never released, but they eventually became standard in many Gibson guitars. The Theodore has a rich tone and a warm, punchy sound that will suit a wide variety of styles.

The Theodore electric guitar was designed in 1957 by former Gibson president Ted McCarty. McCarty sketched out various designs during company meetings, and one of his sketches landed on the Theodore model on March 18, 1957. The prototype never went into production, but the design is now being produced for the first time. The Theodore has an alder body, scimitar headstock, double Florentine cutaway, walnut center strip, and lightweight balanced construction. The powerful P-90 pickups deliver a warm, rich tone that will impress any guitarist.

Ted McCarty is credited with helping to create many of the most popular electric guitars, including the ES-335, Flying V, and Explorer. He also helped develop the ES-335 and early Les Paul Standards. The Theodore model was created as a tribute to his work and is now being produced by Gibson. In the future, this model will be produced in limited numbers as an Archive Collection model.

P-90 pickups

P-90 pickups are one of the most popular guitar picks, especially on Gibson Theodore electric guitars. The P-90 has a long history, but it is only recently that it has received an upgrade. This guitar pickup is now known as the “Kinman P-90 Hx”, which took nine years to develop. This new pickup avoids destructive magnetic coupling. The upper single coil is connected to the lower, hum-sensitive coil by a dual-magnet configuration. This coil design allows the pickup to produce the authentic P-90 tone without the negative effects of side effects such as hum.

The P-90 first made its debut in 1946. It replaced the P-13 single-coil pickup. Its patented blade design evolved to include adjustable pole pieces. Originally issued in two versions, the most familiar version has six adjustable pole screws. Its first generation resembles the classic ES-125 pickup, but it has a ring-shaped bridge and a rectangular Alnico slug magnet.

The P-90 was the first single-coil pickup made by Gibson. This single-coil pickup has a bright treble tone and cleans up well when the volume pot is rolled back. It is a versatile and iconic guitar pickup and is the choice of many guitar players. Its vintage design makes it less refined than humbuckers, but it still sounds hot enough to play in any genre.


Furthermore, its sleek body design and Florentine cutaway neck offer a superior sustain and string feel. This guitar is suitable for both soloing and chord playing, with its compound fingerboard radius making it effortless to bend notes.

It’s an ideal choice for acoustic guitarists who use the bridge pickup as a tone control when playing songs with many open strings. While not as loud or bold as other Gibson pickups used on its models, this pickup has an inviting weight and suppleness that encourages you to linger over single notes.

When it comes to electronics, the Theodore is equipped with two Custom Soapbar P-90 pickups hardwired into a Gibson standard control layout consisting of two volumes and two tones. Additionally, there’s a wrap-around bridge as well as Kluson six-in-line tuners.

Though not as versatile as some other Gibson guitars, the Theodore is still an enjoyable instrument to play. I was thoroughly impressed with both its pick-ups and overall tone; making it a great option for those interested in exploring Gibson’s double-cut electric designs without breaking the bank.


The Theodore is a classic Explorer-style guitar with a 1957 “C”-shaped mahogany neck. The guitar’s tone is punchy and warm, but it also produces huge snarls with its exceptional mid-bass response. The Theodore’s hardware includes a wraparound bridge and Kluson six-in-line tuners. The guitar comes in Natural nitrocellulose finish.

A Gibson Theodore is an acquired taste. The price of a Gibson Theodore is $4999. It features an alder body, a walnut center strip, a slatted mahogany neck, and twenty-two historic tall/narrow frets. If you’re looking for a unique guitar, Theodore might be the perfect choice for you. The price of a Gibson Theodore depends on the style of the guitar.

The Gibson Custom Shop Theodore is based on Ted McCarty’s sketches. The instrument has a two-piece Alder body with a Walnut center strip and a 1957 C shape Mahogany neck with a fingerboard made from Indian Rosewood. The “hockey stick” headstock and Kluson six-in-line tuners are also prominent features of Theodore. Its streamlined body design and Florentine cutaway neck provide a superior sustain and string feel.

The Theodore is available in Natural, Ebony, and Cherry finishes. The instrument ships in a custom brown/pink hardshell case with a premium leather strap, COA booklet, and 1957 catalog print. Price of Gibson Theodore: This guitar is a classic that’s sure to become a favorite. If you want to buy a Gibson Theodore, be prepared to pay $4999.

The Gibson Theodore electric guitar was named after the company’s former president Theodore McCarty. The renowned executive was responsible for introducing the company’s iconic electric guitars. During meetings, he sketched out new designs. One of these sketches was a solid body design that was never produced. Today’s Theodore electric guitar is a beautiful instrument that features an alder body with a scimitar headstock. A pair of P-90 pickups give it a rich, vintage sound and a classic look.

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How much does a Gibson Theodore cost?

The price for a new Gibson Theodore is about $4,999.00