The Gibson Signature Series


Few instruments command a stage presence and musical respect on par with the Gibson Signature Series guitars. Distinguished by their combined mastery of craftsmanship and unique acoustic resonance, these sophisticated guitars echo the exact attributes of the legendary artists they’re named after.

This article is a guide to immersing yourself in the basics and intricacies of the Gibson Signature series guitars. These guitars are valued for their historical significance, impeccable sound quality, and unparalleled playing style.

We will explore their creation, various playing techniques, maintenance strategies, and essential accessories. This guide will inform you not only as a worshipper of these classic pieces but also as a future skilled artisan of Gibson’s signature sound.

Understanding the Gibson Signature Series

Distinctive Elements that Set Apart the Gibson Signature Series

As lovers of the fine craft of guitar-making, the name Gibson often strikes a chord with us. This music industry titan has been instrumental in shaping music history, with legendary artists like Les Paul, Eric Clapton, and Slash gracing the stages with their signature Gibson guitars. Among the vast catalog of impeccable instruments that Gibson offers, the Signature Series stands out with its unique blend of craftsmanship and individual artist specifications. But what exactly differentiates the Gibson Signature Series from other guitars?

Firstly, the caliber of artists that Gibson teams up with for their Signature Series is worth mentioning. These musicians have proved their mettle on the world stage and have a distinctive style synonymous with their identity. The Signature Series guitars are custom-built to meet the requirements of these iconic artists, reflecting their particular tastes in every aspect, from the tonal capacities to the physical design. It’s akin to owning a piece of your music idol, something beyond just a tool of the trade.

The unparalleled attention to detail is a significant differentiator of the Gibson Signature Series. The package includes the fretboard inlays, custom finishes, unique pickup configuration, and even the artists’ personal touches— such as a reproduced signature on the headstock or uniquely designed knobs. Take the Slash Signature Les Paul, for instance, with its eye-catching Vermillion finish and Slash’s own “Snakepit” logo on the pickguard – it’s a tribute and a high-grade musical instrument.

One cannot overlook the superior tonal quality that these instruments offer. Each Gibson Signature Series guitar is crafted to generate the sound that made the artist famous. Consider Billy Gibbons’ Pearly Gates’ Les Paul, which replicates the inimitable “Brown Sound” integral to Billy’s music. Consider B.B. King’s Lucille model, whose tones echo the late blues legend’s distinct musical personality.

To enhance the musical prowess of these instruments further, Gibson equips them with standout hardware and electronics aligned with the artist’s specifications. We often see custom-wound pickups and exclusive circuitry contributing to the Signature sound.

Rick Beato Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

Balancing history with innovation, the Gibson Signature Series adopts classic styles but does not hesitate to incorporate certain modern upgrades. Take the Joe Bonamassa ’59 Les Paul. It stays true to the iconic ’59 Les Paul with its Vintage Cherry Sunburst finish but embraces a stylish weight-relieved mahogany body for an improved playing experience.

Like an artist’s musical expression, each Gibson Signature Series guitar is marked by individuality. Combine that with Gibson’s longstanding commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality, you have instruments that surpass the typical, stand out from the crowd, and make a sound, a statement, that is uniquely their own.

Remember, a Gibson Signature Series guitar isn’t just an instrument; it’s an homage to the art, the musician, and the passion that drives music. And that, dear readers, is the music to an enthusiast’s ears.

Techniques to Play Gibson Signature Guitars

Mastery and technique are required when playing a Gibson Signature Series Guitar.

Immense skill and sound interpretation are demanded when handling a Gibson Signature Series guitar. These highly regarded instruments, marathon sessions of tireless craftsmanship manifesting into astounding auditory beauty, beg for precision in technique. Epitomizing elegance warrants a player’s proper understanding of handling and technical proficiency.

One cornerstone technique is proper handling and positioning. The contour and ergonomics of Gibson Signature Series guitars are crafted to facilitate maximum comfort, enabling the musician to focus on the art rather than the tool. Compliance with standard guitar posture applies: back straight, cradle the guitar close to your body, and allow your strumming arm to naturally curve around the instrument’s body.

Your fretting hand needs agility and adaptability for maximum performance when playing a Gibson Signature Series guitar. This can be achieved through regular practice of scales and exercises, which improve dexterity and finger strength. The full capability of a Gibson Signature Series guitar can only be realized with a well-trained fretting hand capable of traversing the fingerboard with grace and power.

The slide technique embodies the essence of the signature blues and rock sound that is synonymous with Gibson guitars. Whether it’s a resonating note on the Les Paul or a screamin’ slide on the SG, the ability to slide up or down the neck of the guitar seamlessly will supplement the tonal versatility these beauties are known for.

Moreover, mastering a Gibson Signature Series guitar necessitates knowledge of Palm Muting, a technique that lets musicians manipulate sounds to their liking. By delicately placing the side of your hand near the guitar’s bridge, one can mute the strings, creating a ‘chuggy’ rhythmic effect that anchors many rock and metal songs.

In contrast, string bending is crucial to the expressive arsenal of any lead guitarist using a Gibson. Bending allows you to move smoothly from one note to another, adding emotive expression to your solos. The efficient string bending technique relies on precise finger placement and the strategic use of strength, optimizing Gibson’s Signature Series’s iconic bright and resonant tones.

Remember, there’s no shortcut to mastering these techniques. Practice, patience, and passion are the keys to fully unleashing these instruments’ power. A Gibson Signature Series guitar is a masterpiece; mastering it is a journey of musical self-discovery.

Whether on stage or in the studio, mastering these techniques will ensure the instrument meets your discerning expectations, leaving audiences astounded by the brilliance resonating from your fingers. So go forth, pluck those strings, strum those chords, and let your Gibson sing in the symphony of sound it was meticulously crafted for.

A Gibson Signature Series guitar, a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and sound quality.

Maintaining Your Gibson Guitar

When it comes to maintaining and caring for a Gibson Signature guitar, the process is much like the dedication to mastering the skills mentioned earlier: It requires practice, patience, and passion. Apart from ensuring that you handle and position your guitar correctly and develop agility in your fretting hand, you must also pay close attention to its maintenance.

To keep your Gibson guitar in top-notch condition, regular cleaning is essential. Dedicate a microfiber or lint-free cloth just for your guitar, and gently wipe the surface after every playing session. This vital practice prevents body oil and sweat from corrupting the strings and damaging the finish.

Changing guitar strings is another crucial aspect. Depending on the frequency of play, a good rule of thumb is to replace the lines every three to four months or sooner if the strings start to look dull and lose their resonance. Gibson guitars are typically strung with medium-gauge strings for optimum tonality.

Another vital component of your Gibson guitar’s maintenance routine is humidification. Avoid exposing your guitar to extreme temperatures or low humidity levels, which can cause the wood to crack or warp. It’s recommended to store your Gibson guitar in a hard case with a built-in humidifier system to maintain appropriate humidity levels.

Regarding Gibson Signature Guitar’s hardware and electronics, care must also be taken to ensure they’re free from damage. Loose knobs or ports should be tightened, and professionals should check for any static or other unusual sounds from the electronics.

That brings us to another piece of advice: for issues beyond simple string replacement or cleaning, always seek help from professionals, especially for things like adjusting the truss rod, fixing electronics, or anything related to structural integrity.

Must we talk of accessories, too? A good quality strap ensures comfort and that your guitar stays safe and secured, minimizing risks of accidental falls. Picks play a significant role, too – they should match your playing style and guitar type. Most Gibson players prefer medium to heavy gauge picks.

Finally, remember that Gibson’s ethos is rooted in history and crafted in innovation. Every unique Gibson Signature guitar is a testament to this principle and should be nurtured in the same spirit. Therefore, maintaining this masterpiece is not just about preserving a musical instrument; it is about upholding the legacy of a longstanding tradition of quality and craftsmanship.

Care for your Gibson Signature guitar with the same passion, commitment, and dedication you use to master each note, riff, and solo. Much like your playing techniques, let it resound through time, underscoring the signature Gibson era in the music world.

A Gibson Signature guitar depicted as an image showcasing its unique features and craftsmanship

Spotlight on Gibson Guitar Accessories

Considering the above considerations, let’s delve into accessories tailored for Gibson guitars to further boost their playing experience and maintain their premium position as one-of-a-kind musical instruments.

An essential component contributing to a superior playing experience is Gibson’s rich inventory of pickguards. These pickguards protect the guitar’s finish and reduce potential scratching during vigorous strumming. They also bring an aesthetic touch to the guitar. Specifically, for Gibson guitars, pickguards are not just valuable – they are pieces of art, tailor-made to elevate the uniqueness of their aesthetics.

Similarly, Gibson offers a range of specially crafted tuners to enhance the guitar’s tonal stability. Tuners are paramount to ensuring the guitar is always in tune, adding to the flawless sound Gibson guitars are renowned for – making every chord and note resonate with authority and precision.

Just as important to a guitarist as their instrument, the choice of strap can significantly affect playing comfort. Gibson provides some of the finest straps on the market – made from high-quality materials, they offer both longevity and comfort. These straps are crafted to distribute the guitar’s weight evenly, reducing shoulder strain and allowing extended playing sessions.

The guitar cable is another overlooked accessory that can drastically improve the playing experience. Gibson offers an extensive range of guitar cables designed to produce a clean, powerful signal with minimal noise. These cables are shielded to reduce interference, and their robust construction ensures their durability.

Guitar picks, while seemingly a simple accessory, are another quintessential tool a guitarist needs. Gibson offers a vast selection of picks that cater to different musical styles. They provide a range of thicknesses, materials, and shapes to deliver the nuanced sound, control, and comfort specific to each player.

Couple the right accessories with comprehensive maintenance practices that include regular cleaning and humidification, and the unsurpassed craftsmanship of a Gibson guitar shines brilliantly. Attention to these seemingly small details can elevate the experience of playing a Gibson guitar, reflecting the individuality and uniqueness of these beautiful instruments.

After all, as artists or enthusiasts who gravitate towards the elegant Gibson Signature Series, conforming to the vast reservoir of its accessories and well-curated maintenance practices is a passionate pledge to uphold the tradition and the legacy of Gibson guitars – a commitment that echoes the meticulous craftsmanship embedded in every string, fret, and body of these timeless instruments.

Chris Cornells signature ES 335
Chris Cornells Signature ES-335

Being a part of the Gibson Signature Series guitar family goes beyond just owning an instrument – it’s inheriting a piece of musical history and making it a part of your sonic journey.

Every line drawn into the woodwork, each uniquely crafted curve, and the array of playing techniques tell a rich tale of the musicians they celebrate and the music they’ve contributed to the world. Proper care and maintenance, along with the right accessories, will let the essence of this tale continue to resonate.

Let’s appreciate, play, and preserve these precious pieces of art with due reverence and care. The musical world of the Gibson Signature series guitars is as vast, profound, and beautiful as we allow it to be. Here’s to making magical music with our Gibsons – may their notes always dance in the air and their story echo in our hearts.

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