Slash Playing Gibson Guitars


Slash Playing Gibson Guitars. Slash plays several Gibson guitars, including a black Les Paul with block inlays. While he owns some vintage Gibson guitars, he prefers playing modern Gibson models, including the AFD Les Paul. The Gibson AFD Les Paul is a replica of the one used on Guns N’ Roses’ debut album. It features Alnico Pro II pickups, a Floyd Rose tremolo system, and a black finish.

Slash Playing Gibson Guitars

Slash’s Gibson Les Pauls are known for being extremely playable. He uses them on all his major hits, including “Alive” and “Unbreakable”. These guitars also feature the AJF30 and 1965 Fender Stratocaster. Whether Slash is playing a tribute band or a solo show, he’s sure to get a lot of use out of them. Gibson is proud to be a partner in Slash’s musical career.

Slash Les Paul Standard, November Burst
Slash signature guitar

The Gibson Custom Shop produced just 125 of these instruments, and all of them are signed by Slash. Slash’s model is a replica of a Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck, purchased by the rock star in 1990. It features a C-neck profile, versatile LR Baggs VTC pickup, and Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro pickups. Slash’s Gibson guitars are also known for their sound, which distinguishes them from the typical Les Pauls.

Slash played a Gibson SG guitar during the studio sessions for “Appetite For Destruction.” He did not like the sound of the Warlock, so Niven, the band’s manager, gave him a Les Paul guitar. Despite the fact that he’s not always clear about which guitar he played, he still used it during “My Michelle” on AFD. That particular guitar became Slash’s main guitar. It was later used on all of Slash’s albums and solo performances.

Slash Playing Gibson Guitars
Slash collection

Guns N’ Roses

Slash is undoubtedly one of the most iconic guitarists in rock history, known for his melodic, bluesy solos and his signature Les Paul guitar sound. His work with Guns N’ Roses, one of the most successful and influential rock bands of all time, helped to define the sound of rock music in the late 80s and early 90s, and his Gibson guitars played a crucial role in creating that sound.

Slash has been a devoted fan of Gibson guitars since he first picked up a Les Paul at the age of 15. His preference for Gibson guitars has been a constant throughout his career, and his collection of Les Pauls and other Gibson models is legendary among guitar enthusiasts.

The sound of Slash’s Gibson guitars is an essential part of the Guns N’ Roses sound, and it is difficult to imagine the band’s music without it. Slash’s Les Pauls has a distinctive, fat tone that cuts through the mix and provides a warm, full-bodied sound that is perfect for rock and roll. His solos are full of sustain and rich harmonic overtones, thanks in part to the high-quality wood and craftsmanship of his Gibson guitars.

In addition to Les Paul, Slash has also played a variety of other Gibson models throughout his career, including the ES-335, the Flying V, and the SG. Each of these guitars has a unique tone and character that has contributed to the overall sound of Guns N’ Roses music.

One of the most famous examples of Slash’s Gibson guitar sound can be heard on the band’s hit single “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” The song’s iconic intro riff played on a Les Paul, is instantly recognizable and has become one of the most famous guitar riffs of all time. The solo on the song also played on a Les Paul, is equally memorable, showcasing Slash’s virtuosic playing and the unique tone of his Gibson guitar.

Slash Guitars and Gear

Slash’s Gibson guitars have continued to be a vital part of his sound in his post-Guns N’ Roses career as well. Whether he is playing with Velvet Revolver, his solo band, or as a guest artist on other musicians’ recordings, Slash’s Gibson guitars are always present, providing the rich, full-bodied sound that has become his trademark.

In conclusion, the sound of Slash’s Gibson guitars is an essential element of the Guns N’ Roses sound and has had a lasting impact on rock music as a whole. His devotion to Gibson guitars and his unique playing style has helped to define a generation of rock music, and his legacy as one of the greatest guitarists of all time is secure.


How many Les Pauls does Slash own?

In various interviews and documentaries, Slash has mentioned owning dozens of Les Pauls, including vintage and custom models. It is safe to say that Slash has a significant collection of Les Paul guitars.
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What is Slash’s Favourite guitar?

Slash has mentioned several guitars as his favorite over the years, but one guitar that he is particularly associated with and has played extensively throughout his career is his 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard.

He has called this guitar his “number one” and has played it on many of his most famous recordings and performances, including with Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver. In interviews, he has described the guitar as having a unique tone and feel that he loves, and he has also mentioned the sentimental value it holds for him.

Slash Playing Gibson Guitars