Kiss and Gibson Guitars


Kiss and Gibson guitars have been around for a long time and there are a lot of great models to choose from. They are made by some of the most famous guitar builders in the world. These include Paul Stanley’s Starfire, Gene Simmons’ G2 Thunderbird bass, and Dean MLX.

Kiss and Gibson Guitars

Les Paul Custom

Ace Frehley is known as one of the most talented guitarists of all time, but he’s also known as a guitar tinkerer. It wasn’t long before Frehley turned to Steve Carr to build him custom Les Pauls for his solo hits.

In the late ’70s, the band KISS was on a world tour, and Ace needed a new guitar to keep up with the band’s arsenal. He found a Gibson Les Paul Custom in a store, but the model had a few flaws. The headstock was narrow, and the neck pickup was positioned so far down that it created a cavity. As a result, the neck-to-body joint was compromised.

When the band returned for a reunion in 1996, Frehley and Kiss’s guitarists got into a fistfight. However, after some intense negotiation, the two musicians eventually decided to work together. They were reunited with the KISS band, and it was a big deal.

Since then, Ace has used Gibson Les Pauls on many of his recordings and has a few favorites in his collection. His blue Les Paul Custom has been a favorite. He uses this guitar to play live, and it’s been a staple in music videos.

Several years after KISS was broken up, Ace Frehley returned with a brand-new guitar. This guitar is very similar to the guitar he used on the band’s first record. But it has some added features. For starters, the neck and body are made of mahogany. That gives the guitar a very dense and sustained sound.

The guitar features three high-output Dimarzio pickups and a tune-o-Matic bridge. There’s even a bound headstock.

Ace’s other guitars include an Ebony Les Paul with cream-colored humbuckers and a cherry-burst Les Paul with a top pickup slot. Both of these guitars have a unique look. One of them emitted plumes of smoke, while the other’s headstock shot rockets out of the top of the guitar.

The Gibson Custom Shop produces one-offs of classic Les Pauls. They also produce limited-run “historic-spec” models. Some of these models are identical to the original Custom Shop model, but other models are different.

Dean MLX

Dean MLX guitars are one of the most popular electrics among musicians. It’s a well-made and affordable alternative to high-end instruments. The Dean MLX Floyd electric is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a guitar for blues, hard rock, or jazz, this model is worth checking out.

One of the most notable features of the Dean MLX Floyd is the DMT-designed High Output Zebra pickups. This configuration allows you to get a lot of volume out of your instrument while maintaining a rich sound. There’s also a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo and a jatoba fingerboard.

There are also several other features to check out on the Dean MLX Electric. For example, there’s a custom-painted lightning bolt on the body. In addition to the standard passive and active pickups, there’s a Floyd Rose Special bridge and sealed die-cast tuners. Also, the neck is made from a comfortable maple, with a bolt-on construction.

One of the more expensive models comes with a locking nut, which helps to keep the strings in tune during heavy tremolo use. The nut is also a great way to make sure the strings don’t change pitch.

Another interesting feature is Dean ML’s headstock. Not only is it shaped like a V, but it also is a “string-through-body” design that contributes to the overall resonance of the guitar.

Lastly, the Dean MLX’s frets are jumbo-sized, which makes it easier to press down on the strings without squeaking them. Some guitarists find this feature more comfortable to use.

Although the Dean MLX isn’t the most versatile guitar on the market, it’s an excellent choice for players of all kinds. If you’re looking for an affordable option, it might be worth it to check out the Dean MLX Floyd. With its HH and Passive pickups, you’ll have a warm sound that is perfect for Blues, Hard Rock, and Jazz. Plus, it’s all done in a satin black finish. You can’t go wrong with this affordable and comfortable electric.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable electric guitar, you might want to try the Dean MLX Floyd.

Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird Bass

Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird 1

If you are a fan of KISS, you will be ecstatic to know that the guitar manufacturer Gibson has announced their first-ever Kiss signature model, the Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird Bass. This is the first of several signature Simmons bass guitars that Gibson has promised. The model is designed by the former bassist of KISS and features T-Bird humbuckers, Pearloid reverse split diamond inlays, and a mirror plex pickguard.

These models are aimed at fans of the band and boast an array of classic Kiss tones, from slapped funk to Motown. While they’re not technically the ‘Grabber’ or ‘Ripper’ models, they offer enough of a similarity to make them a great choice for any discerning player.

One of the most notable features of the G2 Thunderbird is the Hipshot(r) Bass Bridge, which delivers a ground-shaking low-end punch. With a resonant mahogany body, this model is a powerhouse for any guitarist. It also comes with a modern hardshell case.

As one of the most sought-after instruments on the market, the G2 Thunderbird Bass is a great purchase for anyone looking to enhance their repertoire. Thanks to the guitar’s powerful T-Bird pickups, you’ll be able to play with a tone that’s both clear and punchy, all while retaining a deep bottom end.

Aside from the usual neck-through-body construction, the Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird is equipped with Black Chrome hardware, T-Bird humbuckers, a mirror plex truss rod cover, and a GraphTech nut. These deluxe features will ensure that the tone of your bass remains smooth and consistent, no matter how intense your playing.

The G2 Thunderbird Bass is one of the most luxurious bass guitars you can buy. It’s crafted from nine pounds of mahogany, and the pearloid reverse split diamond inlays will make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s available for a reasonable price, with a list price of $2,799. So go ahead and grab a pair!

In the end, the Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird bass has a cool look and a powerful sound. With its impressive tones and superior craftsmanship, the instrument will become a favorite of music lovers and serious players.

Paul Stanley’s Starfire

If you are familiar with Kiss, then you probably already know Paul Stanley. As the frontman of Kiss, he is a world-renowned rock icon. He also is a talented guitarist.

When KISS was first formed in the early 70s, they played Gibson guitars. Later, when they had a hectic schedule, Paul Stanley would use a Washburn. His Washburn guitar had a mahogany neck and an ebony fretboard. The instrument also had chrome hardware. It had mini-humbuckers.

In the 1990s, the Flying V guitar was stolen from a KISS recording studio. After this incident, the guitar lived out its days in a warehouse. However, it was still used for a few KISS tours.

Paul Stanley began to play distinctively shaped Silvertone guitars on subsequent tours. This was after his relationship with Washburn had ended. At that time, he was playing an Ibanez PS1.

After a few years, Paul began to explore other instruments. He decided to do things more traditionally. Some of these instruments included the Ampeg Dan Armstrong.

Paul Stanley also toured with a Flying V-type guitar. This model was a tribute to his old Flying Vs from the 1970s. Unlike his other models, it had a more reasonable headstock.

He also has a signature Washburn model, the Starfire. This guitar is made in the Washburn Custom Shop in Chicago. It features Seymour Duncan SM-3 Mini Humbuckers and a Tone-Pros Tune-O-Matic bridge. The guitar also has 22 jumbo frets.

Another guitar that Paul has been seen playing is a customized Hamer Standard. He used this guitar for the Return of KISS tour in 1995. It was modeled after the Gibson SG and featured Seymour Duncan pickups.

He also used a Sony PlayStation 10 in tours in the 1990s and 2000s. During this period, he had pieces of mirrored glass arranged by hand on the top of the instrument.

These are just a few of the many guitars that Paul Stanley has owned. The musician has a long and fascinating history and is a recognizable rock star. Although he hasn’t been seen performing with his signature guitar in a while, he remains the frontman of Kiss.

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