Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023


The Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard guitar replica is a limited-edition recreation of one of Gibson’s iconic Les Pauls, owned originally by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and later passed down to Thin Lizzy’s Gary Moore. No wonder why this guitar has become so beloved among players around the world!

Hammett and Gibson have joined forces to bring this legendary axe back to life in two new versions. The first is an eye-popping Custom Shop edition, priced at an eye-watering $19,999 today.

Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023

Aged to match the original by the Murphy Lab

Greeny aged
Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard

The Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023 guitar has been expertly aged by The Murphy Lab to match its original, creating a look and feel that can only be described as magical. The lightweight mahogany body figured maple top, custom-profile mahogany neck, Indian rosewood fretboard, and nickel hardware – all meticulously aged to look and feel just like the real thing with the faux broken headstock and Sperzel tuners.

Peter Green originally owned this guitar while with Fleetwood Mac, then passed it through Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore before ending up in Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett’s hands. A one-of-a-kind solidbody electric, its distinctive sound has become legendary among fans of both metal and blues rock music alike.

As part of Gibson and Metallica’s ongoing tribute to guitar legends, the Custom Shop is bringing “Greeny” back to life with the introduction of their Signature model guitars. Available in both Gibson Custom Shop (out today) and the Les Paul Standard version (coming next month) versions, you’ll have your pick!

This legendary guitar is the pinnacle of Les Paul enthusiasts and a must-have for any guitar player looking to achieve the legendary sound of Metallica. The Custom Shop’s Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul is a replica of the original instrument, complete with a meticulous recreation of all original electronics so that every detail is accurately reproduced.

Custom Greeny Bucker Humbuckers feature Alnico 2 magnets that are out of phase to produce that middle position tone, often described as “magic.”

Kirk Hammett’s signature model of the 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst from Custom Shop has been aged to look just like its original by Murphy Lab and features a lightweight mahogany body, figured maple Top, custom-profile mahogany neck and Indian rosewood fretboard. With its rounded shape, striking burst finish, and faux broken headstock, this guitar is a replica of one of guitar history’s most beloved instruments.

Custom Alnico II Greenybucker pickups

Known for its distinctive sound, the legendary original Les Paul Standard known as “Greeny” has been passed down through three guitar legends: Peter Green, Gary Moore, and Kirk Hammett. Part of its unique sound comes from its reversed magnetic polarity neck pickup.

Music enthusiasts can now own this incredible piece of history in two variants: the Gibson Custom Shop version (just released), and a more affordable standard model set to go on sale later this year. The former boasts a reimagined Greeny humbucker with reversed magnetic polarity for that iconic out-of-phase middle position; while the latter forgoes some of the finer details found on the Custom Shop version at an accessible price point.

This Custom Shop model was aged to match the original, recreating wear-and-tear as well as appointments from that era, including a striking burst finish. Additionally, it comes equipped with a GraphTech nut, Grover Rotomatic tuners, and an ABR-1 bridge for added authenticity.

In addition, the guitar boasts vintage audio taper pots hardwired with bumblebee capacitors. Other period-authentic appointments include an Indian rosewood fretboard and a Brown/Pink Lifton reissue five-latch case.

Although the Gibson Custom Shop version isn’t cheap, it still provides a high level of detail demonstrating the passion and craftsmanship that have always defined this brand. That limited numbers are being produced at such an opulent cost is evidence enough of how important this instrument is to Hammett and Metallica – regardless of the price tag.

According to Gibson’s press release, Hammett was extensively involved in the prototyping process to ensure every detail remained faithful to the original. He even designed the custom mahogany body, two-piece figured maple top, and cream binding. Aged by Murphy Lab to match its original condition, this guitar features an Indian rosewood fretboard along with an exclusive Lifton reissue five-latch hardshell case, a certificate of authenticity with a signed photo of Kirk Hammett, black leather strap, and a pick tin complete with picks.

Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard

Custom tremolo bridge

Guitarists around the world are known for their affinity for classic Gibson guitars, and Kirk Hammett certainly has no shortage of these in his collection. He uses several of them during live performances and owns some signature models from ESP such as the Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023 with its custom tremolo bridge.

Hammett’s piece is one of Hammett’s most distinctive, so you can bet it will remain part of his live rig for some time to come. With such a striking piece, you can be sure it will remain an iconic feature in his arsenal.

This guitar’s custom tremolo bridge has been crafted to look just like the guitar from Dracula, featuring graphics based on the film and an eye-catching finish that completes the look.

Kirk has always had a fascination for classic horror movies, so it’s no shock that he owns this guitar. The finish on it is inspired by the 1931 movie and features some unique bat and cross inlays as well.

Unbeknownst to many, Hammett used one of the first ESP guitars when creating Metallica in the late 1980s. It featured active pickups and standard 81 and 60 humbuckers that would be found on any thrash metal guitar.

This model has been the cornerstone of his collection for a while, and you’ll often see him using it during performances. Additionally, being the first guitar ESP gifted him, it boasts some unique features not seen elsewhere in his collection.

One unique characteristic of this ESP is the purple sparkle it features. It offers a distinct aesthetic from other KH models’ horror-inspired finishes, yet it still looks pretty deadly.

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Custom hardware

The Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023 is a Gibson Custom Shop recreation of an iconic guitar that’s been passed down from Peter Green to Gary Moore and now Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. Working together, The Custom Shop and Murphy Lab crafted this replica to look and play just like its 50-year-old original, right down to its finest details.

Peter Green originally owned and used Greeny, a 1959 Les Paul Standard, throughout his tenure with Fleetwood Mac. Gary Moore later acquired it and used it for three decades with Thin Lizzy and as a solo artist before it was acquired by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett in 2014. Since then, Hammett has been using the guitar both live and in the studio.

This axe has been featured on many classic recordings, such as those by Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers. Its unique sound is created by its out-of-phase middle switch position and reversed magnetic polarity at the neck pickup.

Kirk Hammett’s setup includes Boss Katana Air and Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 pickups, along with an Axe-Fx II XL compressor. For practice sessions, Hammett utilizes a Matrix GT1000FX-1U power amplifier – a rack mount model that’s lightweight yet refined.

Kirk Hammett is one of rock guitar’s iconic figures, renowned for his wide vibrato, rapid alternate picking, and dive bombs. A self-taught musician, Hammett draws from intuition when crafting guitar parts.

He often opts for guitar strings that are slightly stiffer than the standard gauge, which helps him maintain consistency in his playing as well as improve tone and volume. For recording sessions that produced some of Metallica’s iconic hits, Hammett utilized Matrix GT1000FX-1U and Randall KH103 amplifiers in his setup.

The Kirk Hammett Greeny is an expertly crafted guitar aged to match its original by Murphy Lab. It boasts a figured maple top and lightweight mahogany body, plus it has a mahogany neck with a custom profile and a 12-inch Indian rosewood fingerboard for effortless playing pleasure.

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BodyLes Paul
ModelKirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard
Price$ 19999.00
FinishMurphy Lab Aged
Neck PickupCustom Greeny Bucker with Flipped Alnico 2 Magnet;
Reverse Mounted
Bridge PickupCustom Greeny Bucker Alnico 2 Magnet
Controls2 Volume, 2 Tone; Vintage Audio Taper Potentiometers;
Hand-wired with Bumblebee Capacitors
Nut MaterialNylon
Fret Count22
Neck InlaysReissue Trapezoid
Fingerboard1 Piece Indian Rosewood
TailpieceLightweight Nickel Stop Bar
Switch TipWhite
Body FinishMurphy Lab Aged Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Body MaterialLightweight Mahogany
PickguardNone – Mounting Holes Drilled
Neck ProfileCustom Greeny Profile

History of “The Greeny”

This 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, known as ‘Greeny,’ is renowned for its distinctive sound. Initially owned by Peter Green during his tenure with Fleetwood Mac, this guitar then passed through Thin Lizzy’s Gary Moore and eventually ended up in Kirk Hammett’s hands.

Gibson has spent months studying the iconic ‘Greeny’ in-depth, using MRI scans and X-rays to pinpoint its subtle nuances. As a result, Gibson now offers two new editions: the Custom Shop version and the USA Standard edition. Now they’re taking it to new heights with their signature model.

The story

The iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard guitar has seen legendary musicians like Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy), and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett play it. Now Gibson and Hammett have joined forces to release two models: the luxurious Custom Shop edition and the more budget-friendly Standard version.

To recreate the guitar, Gibson had to conduct an exhaustive study. To do this, they utilized MRI scans, X-rays, and various tests and measurements on the instrument – leading to a replica that was considered one of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted on one instrument.

Peter Green originally owned this 1959 Les Paul Standard, which has a distinctive sound that’s both instantly recognizable and captivating. It was used throughout Green’s tenure with Fleetwood Mac before being sold to Gary Moore who used it extensively during both his three decades with Thin Lizzy and as a solo artist.

After passing through several private collectors and dealers, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett now owns the guitar. It is currently being toured by the band to promote their upcoming album, 72 Seasons, with several tracks featuring it on various tracks.

Gibson created Custom Greeny humbuckers to replicate the legendary sound of the original, using Alnico 2 magnets out of phase with each other for an unmistakable middle position tone. Aged to match by Murphy Lab and featuring an Indian rosewood fretboard, players worldwide can now experience Greeny’s signature sound for themselves.

This Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard Burst guitar is the ideal addition to any collection or as a present for your favorite musician. Artfully aged to match the original by Murphy Lab, it comes complete with an exclusive Lifton reissue 5-latch hardshell case in the brown leather exterior and pink interior.

The sound

Kirk Hammett Greeny 1959 Les Paul Standard 2023

In rock ‘n’ roll history, few instruments can rival the 1959 Les Paul Standard. From its inception to today, some of rock music’s biggest names have used this iconic instrument: Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page, and Kirk Hammett from Metallica.

The Greeny 1959 is renowned for its distinctive tone, particularly the out-of-phase middle switch position created by reversing the magnetic polarity on the neck pickup. Initially owned by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green, it then passed to Thin Lizzy’s Gary Moore who ultimately sold it to Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

This Limited Edition 1959 Les Paul Standard guitar is an exquisite recreation, boasting a mahogany body with AAA figured maple top, comfortable hand-rolled neck profile, vintage style brown hard case, and Epiphone metal medallion toggle switchplate. It also has two Gibson USA BurstBucker (TM) 2 & 3 humbucking pickups, Switchcraft selector switch and output jack, CTS pots, Mallory (TM) capacitors, and 50s era wiring for added vintage authenticity.

It also comes with a brand new set of Epiphone Deluxe vintage tuners and an Epiphone metal medallion toggle switchplate available in Aged Dark Burst or Aged Cherry Burst finishes.

Recently, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett posted on Instagram that he’d “snapped up” the original “Greeny” ’59 Les Paul from Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. This black guitar features a Bigsby vibrato and was one of the rarest ever made – an item valued at millions of dollars.

Steve Clarke, an expert on guitars and author of Famous Frets, states that Peter Green’s 1959 Les Paul is considered to be one of the most sought-after models ever created. It was originally owned by Green during his tenure with Fleetwood Mac.

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