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Epiphone SG Standard 60s: A Detailed Review

Delving into the world of guitars, we come across a notable name in history – the Epiphone SG Standard 60s. A timeless symbol of rock ‘n’ roll music, this legendary instrument has remained a professional’s choice over the decades. With its sleek design and impressive performance, it set new standards in the guitar industry. This instrument has shaped the sound of generations, leaving a significant mark on music history. Today, we delve into the extraordinary journey of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s, exploring its fascinating history and evolution. We’ll also dive deep into its unique features and specifications, as well as the distinctive playing and handling experience it offers.

History and Evolution of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s

Origins of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s

The Epiphone SG Standard 60s came into the world in a time of revolution and change in music; the 1960s. This decade saw an explosion of new music genres and public interest in guitar-based music. The SG Standard 60s was one of several models produced by Epiphone, a guitar company founded in 1873 in Turkey and later moved to the United States.

Unique Features of the Original Model

The original Epiphone SG Standard 60s embodied a unique aesthetic and functional design that set it apart in its era. One of the features that distinguished it was its slim, double-cutaway body design, which not only lent it a distinct aesthetic appeal but also provided easy access to the higher frets on the neck. The original model also featured a twin pair of humbucking pickups, a bridge design that allowed for accurate intonation, and a sturdy mahogany body that endowed it with a warm, rich tonal quality.

Another standout feature of the original model was the use of a set neck construction, wherein the neck and body of the guitar were made as a single piece. This construction method led to an increased sustain and resonance in the guitar, making it an instrument of choice for many performing and recording artists of the era.

Technological Advancements and Evolution

Over the years, the Epiphone SG Standard 60s has benefitted from a series of technological advancements and refinements. One of the key changes has been in the manufacturing process itself. The use of computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques has resulted in higher accuracy in the construction of the guitar, as well as a greater consistency across different units of the same model.

Another hallmark of the guitar’s evolution lies in its electronics. Modern versions of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s feature improved pickups that offer higher output and superior noise reduction. Furthermore, upgrades have been made to the tuning machines, allowing for better tuning stability.

Concerning aesthetics, while maintaining its classic design, the Epiphone SG Standard 60s has seen variations in color schemes and finishes over the years, offering artists more options to express their style.


The innovative blend of classic design and modern advancements has made the Epiphone SG Standard 60s a favorite amongst guitar enthusiasts across the globe. This instrument flawlessly encapsulates the perfect harmony between timeless aesthetics and technical development.

Epiphone SG Standard 60s
Epiphone SG Standard 60s

Features and Specifications of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s

A Close Look at The Epiphone SG Standard 60s Body and Neck

Coming to its key features, the Epiphone SG Standard 60s presents a durable, solid mahogany body that is responsible for its warm and deep tonal resonance. The instrument sports a double-cutaway body design, enhancing access to the upper frets for a wider note range. A slim taper mahogany neck, reminiscent of the 60s style, combined with an Indian laurel fingerboard, facilitates a comfortable playing experience. You will find 22 medium-jumbo frets on this instrument, ideal for both lead and rhythm guitar playing. Further infusing the vintage appeal are the intricate trapezoid inlays on the fretboard.

Pickups, Hardware, and Electronics

The Epiphone SG Standard 60s comes equipped with two ProBucker humbucking pickups, which are designed to offer clear, high-quality sound. The ProBucker pickups feature Alnico II magnets that contribute to the guitar’s vintage tonality. Additional controls include two volume knobs, two tone knobs, and a three-way pickup switch, affording players ultimate control over their sound.

The guitar’s hardware includes a LockTone ABR Tune-o-Matic bridge and Stopbar tailpiece ensuring the guitar has solid tuning stability and intonation. Furthermore, the Epiphone Deluxe tuners, with an 18:1 ratio, offer precise tuning capabilities.


Epiphone SG Standard 60s is available in three different finishes: Ebony, Alpine White, and Cherry. Each finish is glossy and extends a classic, vintage appearance that enhances its appeal.

Comparison with Similar Models

Compared to other similar models like the Gibson SG Standard, one of the main differences is the price point, with the Epiphone SG Standard 60s being more affordable. Despite the price difference, the Epiphone version maintains a high level of quality in terms of both sound and build.

Another distinguishable element is the materials used for their construction. While most Gibson models feature a rosewood fingerboard, the Epiphone substitutes this with Indian laurel, which offers similar quality and sound properties.

Understanding the Epiphone Advantage

The value proposition offered by the Epiphone SG Standard 60s is remarkable considering its affordability. Known for its versatile sound range, strong construction, and vintage appeal, this guitar can cater to the unique requirements of both hobbyists and professionals. Mastering the distinctive character and various tone offerings of this Epiphone model, combined with its high playability, can be pivotal for those in pursuit of a classic, multipurpose guitar.

Epiphone SG Standard 60s 1

Playing and Handling Experience with the Epiphone SG Standard 60s

The Solid Foundation of an Epiphone SG Standard 60s

A standout feature of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s is its solid mahogany body, which plays a major role in the overall balance and heft of the instrument. This guitar projects a feeling of reliance and substantiality without adding unnecessary weight, ensuring a smooth playing experience, whether standing or seated. Moreover, the cherry finish, imparting a glossy sheen, does not just highlight the natural wood grain but also enriches the model’s timeless charisma.

SlimTaper Neck Profile

The Epiphone SG Standard 60s features a SlimTaper “D” profile neck made of mahogany which offers effortless playability. The smooth, hand-rolled fretboard edges make transitioning between chords and notes, particularly fluid. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner, the SlimTaper neck profile improves your playing comfort, making it perfect for extended playing sessions.

Quality Hardware

The Epiphone SG Standard 60s comes with a LockTone ABR Tune-o-matic bridge with a stopbar tailpiece that provides exceptional sustain and intonation. The 18:1 ratio of the Grover Rotomatic tuners guarantees excellent tuning stability. This is crucial for those moments when you’re blazing through a solo or laying down rhythm parts for a song and doesn’t want to doubt the tuning integrity of your instrument.

Versatile Tonality

In terms of tonality, the ProBucker humbucking pickups offer clear, powerful, and rich tones. There are two tone controls and two volume controls, set in the traditional SG arrangement. The versatility of these pickups is a standout feature, as you can pull out both tone knobs to split the humbuckers into single-coil pickups, thus expanding your tonal options. From sharp lead solos to warm rhythm chords, you can accomplish a variety of tones to suit almost any music genre.

How Epiphone Guitars Compare to Gibson Guitars

Personal Insights on Sound Quality

When finely dialed in, the Epiphone SG Standard 60s delivers a definitive SG sound, with the ProBucker humbuckers providing a warm, classic tone that stands up to any Gibson. The tonal range is impressive, with ample scope for customization thanks to the separate volume and tone controls for each pickup. No matter if you are playing blues, rock, jazz, or country, you can create a unique sound that showcases your musical personality.

Experience During Play

Comfort is an important part of any playing experience, and the Epiphone SG Standard 60s does not disappoint. Its sleek body helps to prevent fatigue during long sessions, while the neck profile is easy on the hands. The solid construction gives reassuring feedback as you play and allows you to perform with confidence. The accessibility of the upper frets is also commendable, as SG’s classic double-cutaway design lets you reach those higher notes with ease.

Potential Applications in Various Musical Styles

The Epiphone SG Standard 60s is lauded for its adaptability across various musical styles. Its tonal versatility makes it a great asset for versatile guitarists who need an instrument that can handle everything from mellow jazz to blistering rock. From its detailed clean tone capable of delivering soulful country licks to its high-output roar perfect for metal, this guitar proves to be incredibly versatile. In conclusion, the Epiphone SG Standard 60s is a meticulously crafted guitar that promises a fulfilling playing and handling experience.

Epiphone SG Standard 60s Guitar body with a high-gloss cherry finish

A complete exploration of the Epiphone SG Standard 60s injects a profound understanding of not only this particular model but the broader field of guitar manufacturing and evolution over time. The dialogue around its features and specifications provides an insightful peek into what sets it apart. Learning about the hands-on experience of playing and handling this iconic guitar offers a vivid impression of what it is like to wield such a timeless instrument. Ultimately, the affinity and preference for the Epiphone SG Standard 60s boil down to the subtle blend of aesthetics, purposeful design, exceptional performance, and unique tonal quality it serves every guitar enthusiast and lover of music with.