Brian Ray 62 SG Junior review


Brian Ray 62 SG Junior Review. If you are looking for an electric guitar that is both affordable and versatile, I have found the Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior to be an excellent option. The price is reasonable, the pickups are solid, and the nut width is wide enough to accommodate a range of playing styles. The overall body shape is flatter than other SGs, and I like the way the frets are spaced out, so I feel like I am getting a lot of use out of this guitar. I recommend you check it out!

Brian Ray 62 SG Junior review


Brian Ray 62 SG Junior frets

The Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is a solid mahogany electric guitar that is designed to offer a wide range of sound and playability. It is a six-string instrument that includes a tremolo bridge with a Vibrola system, and a rosewood fingerboard. The body is also constructed from mahogany. The tremolo can be set to either wrap-tail or stop bar.

The SG Junior is equipped with a custom Dog-Ear P-90 pickup. This pickup produces a bright, warm tone that is almost as hot as a humbucker. The pickup is a great choice for players who like to switch between clean and bright tones.

The Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior features a custom trapezoid inlay pattern on the fingerboard. The body is constructed from mahogany, and the neck is glued into the body with hide glue. The body is slightly thicker than the average SG.

The fingerboard is made from Indian rosewood. The frets are Jumbo size. This helps guitarists to press down strings without muting them. The frets are mounted on a 12-inch radius. The frets are stainless steel. The fingerboard also features a custom crown inlay at the 12th fret.

The bridge of the SG Junior is configured for either the wrap-tail or stop bar tailpiece. A removable bridge plate allows the guitar to be converted to the Tune-O-Matic ABR-1 with a Vibrola tremolo system.

A passive “induction coil” circuit reduces RF interference and preserves the tone of the custom Dog-Ear P-90 pickup. The push/pull tone knob is used to engage and deactivate the induction coil. This feature makes the SG Junior more versatile and less harsh.

Aside from the tremolo bridge, the ’62 SG Junior has a lot of other exciting design elements. For instance, the fingerboard is built with a long tenon, and the neck is fitted with hide glue. The guitar is also finished in white fox gloss nitro. The ’62 SG Junior is a well-made and reliable electric guitar.

Nut width

The Gibson Custom Shop Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is a take on the iconic ’63 SG Standard model. This guitar features a convertible bridge and the custom Dog Ear P-90 pickup. It is a great choice for guitarists looking for a versatile instrument. Its body is made of mahogany and its fingerboard is made of Indian rosewood.

The body of the Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is built from an extra thick slab of solid mahogany. It also features a 12-inch-radius Indian rosewood fingerboard with custom celluloid trapezoid inlays. The guitar is available in a white fox gloss finish. It comes with the original soft shell case.

The ’62 SG Junior is a six-string guitar and it is equipped with locking tuners. The resonant body offers a warm tone that is ideal for playing jazz or country. The pickups produce a warm tone that is perfect for high notes. It is also recommended for playing high-output riffs. The pickups offer a Multi-Voicing option that allows the user to adjust the output of each pickup.

The Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is the perfect instrument for players who like a vintage sound. Its resonant body, custom trapezoid inlays, and wrap-tail tremolo bridge all help it to play in the style of its era. It also features a unique induction coil circuit, which reduces noise and RF interference, and preserves the tone of the custom Dog Ear P-90 pickup.

The Brian Ray ’62 is also a popular guitar for musicians who perform in the genres of country, blues, and jazz. It is recommended for players who favor soloing over chords. The SG Junior is a great guitar for its price and its versatility. It also comes with a custom Dog Ear P-90 pickup, which produces a warm tone that is suitable for a variety of musical styles.

Body shape

Brian Ray

The Gibson Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is an excellent choice for guitarists looking for a vintage-inspired guitar, with a few modern features to boot. It’s a solid piece of mahogany, with custom inlays, a resonant body, and good pickups. It’s a classically styled guitar that’s a great value at this price.

The Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is built in the United States. It’s an ideal pick-up for country, blues, or jazz players, thanks to its solid mahogany body and warm, full sound. It comes equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge, locking tuners, and a tremolo. The SG has been a favorite of Sir Paul McCartney on his recent tours and is a good option for guitarists who want a good-sounding, reliable instrument.

The ’62 SG Junior is a solid piece of mahogany, topped with a pearlescent white fox finish. It’s got a few modern touches, such as an ebony block tailpiece, a resonant body, a tuner-on-a-key, and a solid mahogany neck with a long tenon. A wrap-tail bridge completes the picture.

The ’62 SG Junior’s pearlescent nitro finish is a great way to brighten up your sound, while the dog-ear P-90 pickup produces a hotter tone than a standard humbucker. The ’62 SG Junior’s multi-voicing system allows for variable sound, while the induction coil circuit helps to eliminate high-gain noise.

The Gibson Brian Ray ’62 SG ‘Junior’ is a great choice for those who are looking for a classic-styled electric. It has some cool features, a decent build, and isn’t a bad price at all. For a little more money, you could get a better guitar.


If you’re interested in purchasing an electric guitar, the Gibson Custom Shop Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is a great choice. It offers classic features with modern upgrades. Featuring a solid mahogany body, it comes with a custom Dog Ear P-90 pickup. It’s also been equipped with a passive “induction coil” circuit to reduce high-gain noise and preserve the sound of the P-90.

With its custom trapezoid inlay pattern and pearlescent White Fox paint finish, the Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is one of the most versatile instruments ever produced by Gibson. It can be played as a standard SG or as a tremolo SG with the Vibrola tremolo. It has a resonant, comfortable mahogany body and a 12-inch-radius Indian rosewood fingerboard.

This model’s unique design also includes a long tenon neck and a hide glue neck joint. The neck joint can be attached to the body in three ways: glued, bolted, or with a nut.

Its resonant, easy-to-play mahogany body is 1/8 inches thicker than the regular SG. The pickup is further away from the bridge, providing more warmth. The bridge can be easily changed at the same time it takes to change strings.

The SG Junior’s versatility and features make it a good choice for a wide variety of playing styles. It’s also a great guitar for Country players. It’s a well-built guitar that’s made in the United States. It’s a good value and looks good on stage. It has a nice, warm tone and can be used for a variety of genres. It’s not a cheap instrument, but it has a lot of features for its price.


When Brian Ray launched his ’62 SG Junior, he built on the success of his ’63 SG Standard. Now, with the addition of a new passive “induction coil” circuit, he has expanded his model into a truly versatile guitar.

The Gibson Custom Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior features a solid mahogany body, which is slightly thicker than a typical SG. It also has a pearlescent White Fox finish. It is made in the United States, which is an important aspect of its quality. It comes with the original case.

It also features an ebony block tailpiece. It has a custom trapezoid inlay on the fingerboard. It is finished with a black pickguard. It is an ideal choice for guitarists who want a warm, rich tone. It’s also a great choice for Country music.

The bridge of the ’62 SG Junior has an ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic/Vibrola system. The tremolo is available in a wrap-around or stop-bar tailpiece configuration. It can be adjusted via push/pull control.

The ’62 SG Junior also offers a glued-in neck. The neck is designed to have a long tenon. This helps the guitar to remain steady on the fretboard. The nut width is 43mm. This allows for easier string separation at the nut. This gives you the option of playing open chords without muting the strings.

The Gibson Custom Shop Brian Ray ’62 SG Junior is a fantastic electric guitar for players who are looking for a guitar with versatile features. It is available at a very reasonable price. It has some exciting design elements, as well. It is a good choice for guitarists who like a classic sound.

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