3 Popular Gibson Models


3 Popular Gibson Models. When the conversation veers towards exceptional and legendary guitars, the name Gibson is bound to come up. Founded in 1902, this age-old American manufacturer has produced some of the most iconic and highly sought-after guitars in music history.

This article illuminates the unparalleled craftsmanship and remarkable heritage of 3 popular Gibson guitars, each with unique character and stature. We dive into the world of strings and strumming, exploring the rich and resonant tone of the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, feeling the heavy rocking edge of the Gibson Explorer, and indulging in the diverse tonal versatility of the Gibson SG Custom, among others.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Unmatched 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard is one of the most coveted guitars in the world. It’s the gold standard of vintage instruments, hailed for its impeccable craftsmanship and an iconic sunburst finish. This guitar’s aesthetic appeal is just the tip of the iceberg, as its true wealth lies in its unparalleled sound.

The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard produces a rich, complete, versatile tone crafted through the perfect harmony of woods, construction, and pickups. Its distinctive sound quality makes it more than just an instrument; it’s a work of art that generates a symphony of its own. This legendary guitar has been central to some spectacular performances, amplifying the talent of guitarists like Jimmy Page, Slash, and Eric Clapton.

While the 1959 Les Paul Standard was in production, only around 1,600 units were made, making it a rare find and increasing its worth amongst collectors and enthusiasts. Prices for this vintage gem have skyrocketed due to its limited quantity and higher demand among music fans globally.

The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard isn’t just a guitar; it’s a piece of musical history that embodies the core of rock n’ roll. Its value grows as time passes, making it one of the most expensive Gibsons. Among collectors, musicians, and fans alike, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard is the holy grail of guitars, an icon of sound that stands unmatched in its class.

Gibson Custom Shop Michael Bloomfield 59 Les Paul Standard VOS 2009
Gibson Custom Shop Michael Bloomfield ’59 Les Paul Standard (VOS) 2009

Gibson Explorer

A Piece of Rock and Roll History: Gibson Explorer

The Gibson Explorer, introduced to the world in the late ’50s, was groundbreaking and avant-garde. Much like the rock ‘n’ roll it would soon help to define, it was a product that detoured dramatically from the traditional. It was immediately identifiable for its unconventional, almost alien shape – a sharp and angular rebellion against the more classical silhouettes of the era.

This bold guitar quickly found its way into the hearts and hands of rock music’s most daring pioneers. Played by virtuosos like The Edge from U2, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, and Metallica’s James Hetfield, the Gibson Explorer proved that its unique design wasn’t merely a visual gimmick. With a tone as robust and rock-friendly as its appearance, it didn’t take long for the Explorer to become an integral part of rock music’s sonic fabric.

Uniquely Explorer: The Sound

Gibson Explorers are loved for their distinctive tone. Inherently heavy, with a rocking edge that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, it’s a superstar of hard rock and heavy metal music genres. These genres saw soaring demand for hardware that could handle a guttural growl or a sizzling scream, and the Explorer met that demand with enthusiasm.

There’s substance beneath its stylish exterior. Its tone pairs exceptionally well with distortion, allowing the notes to ring even when drenched in effects. This singularity of sound added to its fame and helped it develop a cult following among musicians and guitar aficionados alike.

A Collectible Worth It’s Weight in Gold

Owing to its storied history and enduring cachet, the Gibson Explorer has become a sought-after magical relic for guitar collectors around the globe. Its unusual shape and heavyweight status in the pages of musical history make it a treasured possession. That it stood firmly, refusing to blend into the crowd, only elevates its status.

It’s no secret that the original models command an astronomical price tag, but such is the nature of iconic artifacts. Much like the rock music it’s steeped in, the Gibson Explorer thrives in its audacity.

1958 gibson explorer

Gibson SG Custom

The Famous Favorite: Gibson SG Custom

The Gibson SG Custom is a name among expensive guitars and a favorite choice of many prominent rock guitarists. Icons like Angus Young of AC/DC and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath have strummed this classy gem. Its popularity can be attributed to its sleek and sharp aesthetics. The double-cutaway body adds an extra edge to its overall appeal, making it a standout in the lineup of Gibson guitars.

Beyond Looks: A Versatile Performance

While the unique devil-horned design can impress at first sight, the Gibson SG Custom is not all about looks. The two humbucker pickups make this guitar a versatile performer. It can produce a wide range of tones, making it a versatile option for guitarists. From creamy, full-bodied sounds to sharp, biting leads, the Gibson SG Custom can cater to diverse musical preferences.

The Hallmark of Premium Quality

Pricing is often attributed to the quality, and the Gibson SG Custom justifies its price tag with its premium framework. The custom paint finishes ooze luxury and elegance, maintaining the lavish standard of the Gibson label. It also excels in terms of hardware. The premium materials and meticulous manufacturing process make it a high-performing guitar and a durable and reliable one.

A Collector’s Pride

Given its unique design, rich tones, and premium quality, the Gibson SG Custom is considered a collectible item for guitar enthusiasts. While it requires a hefty investment, it provides unmatched prestige and satisfaction. The fact that it has been used by some of rock music’s legendary figures adds to its significance. Undoubtedly, it stands among the upper echelons of Gibson’s most expensive guitars.

The Best Gibson SG to Buy

Art, quality, and history intertwine majestically in the creation of Gibson’s illustrious guitar lines, granting them their astronomical values and coveted status among collectors and lovers of music alike. The magnificent 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, the audacious Gibson Explorer, and the striking Gibson SG

Customs are just three high-end Gibson models that have set a precedent for electric guitar craftsmanship. The eternal allure of these Gibson classics, subdued only by their near-inaccessible rarity, only magnifies their iconic status.

Their most telling attribute, however, is the raw, captivating sound they produce – a sound that has defined stages worldwide and continues to inspire generations of musicians to this day.

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