1958 Korina Flying V Reissue Review


1958 Korina Flying V Reissue Review. One of the most impressive instruments that have ever hit the market is the 1958 Korina Flying V Reissue. Not only is this a reissue of a famous guitar, but it also includes an array of modern features, including Alnico-V magnets and a carved one-piece Indian Rosewood fingerboard.

1958 Korina Flying V Reissue Review

Alnico-V magnets are the bullseye

There are many kinds of magnets used in electric guitar pickups. Some are more impressive than others. The best ones are those containing Alnico and Neodymium. They are the same materials used on the finest humbuckers of the past. Using these materials ensures that the pickups will perform well for decades.

In particular, the ’57 Classic is the most popular humbucker in the Gibson USA line. This vintage-style humbucker features a 42 AWG enamel-coated wire. This gives the pickup warm throaty tones. The ’57 also boasts the most robust tremolo system of any Gibson humbucker.

Its two coils produce a range of tonal shades from mellow to crisp. This particular ’57 has a master volume control, including push/pull coil-tapping. The ’57 is also fitted with a brass screw that prevents interference with the magnetic field.

The ’57 has a lot to offer in terms of a fuller, richer sound. It also has a 14-degree headstock, which reduces tuning hang-ups. This is important because it provides more pressure on the nut.

The ’57 is also the first Gibson USA guitar to feature nickel hardware. The guitar is adorned with big block inlays on the ebony fretboard. The guitar is also equipped with the epitome of a classic mahogany neck. The guitar also sports nickel hardware, including the bridge pickup, which is made by EMG.

The ’57 isn’t the only Alnico-equipped guitar. The Epiphone ES-175 Reissue also has the aforementioned Alnico-V classic humbucking pickups. The reissue also boasts individual tone and volume controls, a laminated Maple top, and Bigsby vibrato. The ES-175 is a favored Jazz and Blues guitar. Its sonic credentials are matched by its slick looks. The Reissue is a great choice for the aspiring rock star.

Although the ’57 Classic may not be the most powerful humbucker in the Gibson arsenal, its other innovations, such as the ’57’s magnetically attached “zebra coil” bobbins, are the true stars of the show. The ’57’s master volume controls are among the most sophisticated in the line. Its ‘tasty’ tremolo is one of the most precise in the industry.

One-piece Indian Rosewood fingerboard

The Gibson 1958 Korina Flying V Reissue has an authentic, one-piece Indian rosewood fingerboard that gives you the comfort of a 12-inch fretboard radius. This is an ideal feel for single notes, chords, and bends.

The neck is also very comfortable. Although it is not a traditional neck, it is still thicker than most modern necks, making it easier for players to rest their hands.

The guitar also has an ABR-1 bridge, which is an octagonal, string-through-body design. It has a lacquered brass chevron tailpiece. It also has a pair of Custombucker pickups, which produces a sweet, rich, nostalgic tone. The Custombucker pickups also have independent volume controls.

The ’58 Korina is finished in a nitrocellulose lacquer, which is thinner than a polyurethane finish. This allows the wood grain to shine through while allowing the guitar to breathe. It is available in either a black or white finish.

The guitar also comes with a period-inspired hard case, so you can keep your ’58 safe and sound. It is a solid piece of craftsmanship, and it is a great addition to your rock ‘n’ roll arsenal.

Whether a seasoned professional or a beginner, you will appreciate this guitar’s rich, powerful tone. And the look is very impressive. The guitar has an ABR-1 bridge, True Historic control knobs, and a 4-ply black pickguard.

The Gibson Custom 1958 Korina Flying V Reissue is a meticulous recreation of the iconic model. It is made using three-dimensional scans of museum specimens. It is built with a thicker, C-neck, which is popular in contemporary models. This neck favors medium and small hands.

It is also available in a white or black pickguard. The guitar comes in a brown and pink 1950s-style case. You can buy the guitar for $9,999.

The Gibson Custom Shop Korina Flying V is a true homage to the original. This model was produced after a three-year design process, including a thorough 3D scanning of authentic ’58s.

The Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Korina Flying V is an exceptional guitar. You will not find a better version of this popular model.


Collector’s Edition

The Gibson Custom Shop has reissued two very limited, Collector’s Edition guitars – the 1958 Korina Flying V and the 1958 Korina Explorer. They’re made from some of the most coveted woods in the world, such as African limbo, Brazilian rosewood, and Korina. Each of these new instruments is made to the highest standard of craftsmanship. The result is a truly remarkable musical instrument.

The 81 limited edition models are available for pre-order at select Gibson dealers. The guitars have been undergoing an extensive three-year testing and refining process in the Murphy Lab, led by Master Artisan Tom Murphy. The result is a solid-body electric guitar with a hefty amount of cool factor. This includes the usual suspects – a period-correct hardshell case, an original Gibson shipping box, a vintage-style cable, a custom-made guitar pick, and a handful of other nifty accouterments. The guitars also feature some of the most innovative hardware you’ll ever see, including a custom-built PAF hum bucker, hand-wired with CTS vintage-taper pots and Phone Book capacitors. The pickups are a big draw because of their superior power and tone.

The “Complete Korina Experience” will include a first-class roundtrip to Nashville, overnight accommodation at a four-star hotel, and a tour of the Gibson HQ. All of this is in a plush pink replica case. And it’s not a total ripoff – the model has a hefty price tag, but it’s a worthy investment for any player looking for a rare, collectible vintage electric guitar.

For those who aren’t interested in a roundtrip to Nashville, there is also a cheaper alternative. You can purchase the more deluxe version for $9,999. That includes a first-class roundtrip, a tour of the HQ, and a canvas case protector. That’s not a bad deal, especially considering the guitar is packed with all the coolest and most exciting features you’ll find in today’s music industry.

The new “Complete Korina Experience” is a must-have for any guitar aficionado. It’s not only the pinnacle of modern manufacturing, but it’s also the pinnacle of old-school craftsmanship.

VIP ‘Complete Korina Experience’ package

Gibson’s new Collector’s Edition Korina guitars are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the sound and style of the ’50s and ’60s. The guitars are hand-finished with gold-finished hardware and feature Custombucker PAF hum buckers, Kluson tuners, and a canvas case protector. The guitars were reproduced using digital models, scanned using a 3D wand, and then ethically sourced to ensure they met Gibson’s quality standards. This is a limited collection of guitars that can only be purchased by wealthy collectors. With a price tag of $6,000, it’s hard to imagine a better present for a music lover.

In addition to a special Collector’s Edition Korina guitar, Gibson also offers a special VIP ‘Complete Korina Experience’ package. This includes overnight accommodation in a four-star hotel, first-class roundtrip transportation to Nashville, and a private tour of Gibson HQ.

1958 Korina Flying V Reissue Review

Famous Artist Playing a Korina Flying V

The Gibson Korina Flying V is a guitar that was produced in 1958. It was a radical design with a futuristic look. Today, it’s considered a classic. Many guitarists, including Joe Bonamassa, Paul Stanley, and Marc Bolan have used the guitar.

Although the original was discontinued in 1959, the modernized version was re-introduced in the 1970s. It became a very popular guitar, especially among heavy metal bands. However, it was only sold briefly, with most stores failing to take advantage of the guitar’s popularity.

It has a symmetrical body. It also has a very unique sound. It was used by many guitarists, including Albert King, Andy Powell, and Jimi Hendrix. While some versions were made of mahogany, others were crafted from African limba wood. Some were even modified to function as compressed air machine guns.

In the late 1960s, Dave Davies used a Flying V. Although it wasn’t quite as expensive as some of the guitars today, it was a very valuable instrument at the time. When it was first introduced, it was made of mahogany, but it was later switched to Korina. This wood is a pale blond wood that is lighter than mahogany.

1958 Korina Flying V Reissue Review 1

The V also features a humbucker and a rosewood fingerboard. Other features included a locking nut vibrato system and an alder body. There were 25 models that were manufactured between 1958 and 1959. Afterward, the Explorer series was developed to be a more conventional version of the Flying V. They also featured gold-plated hardware and an alder neck. Later models were made from more conventional woods.

One of the most famous Flying Vs is owned by Steven Seagal. It has been in his family for four generations. Other famous musicians have also used the Flying V, including Tom Petty, Michael Schenker, and Paul Stanley.

The Gibson 1982 Moderne Review

A 1968 version of the Flying V was used by Bolan. The earliest model of the Gibson Flying V is worth several thousand dollars, but it isn’t often seen. During the ’80s, the Scorpions were a metal pop group that took the twin-V sound to the mainstream. Rudolph Schenker and Michael Rudolph used the Flying V to produce a unique tone that served the band well.

As a result, it’s not hard to see why the Gibson Flying V is so revered. Not only did it have a long and colorful history, but it was also the first of its kind. With that in mind, it makes sense that it’s a popular choice for heavy metal fans.

If you’re interested in buying a vintage version of the Flying V, you may want to check out the Blue Book of Guitar Values. Generally, it’s considered a very rare and valuable piece of guitar history. You can find a great selection of vintage Gibson Flying Vs for sale on eBay. Even the oldest ones are still quite desirable.

Legendary guitars like the Flying V are as famous as the people who played them. Their stories make them a part of modern mythology.

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The Super ’58 Flying V collection

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  1. There’s something special about the Flying V that just makes it stand out from other guitars, and this reissue captures that essence perfectly. The lightweight Korina wood and slim neck make it incredibly comfortable to play, and the sound is simply phenomenal. The reviewer’s description of the tone is spot-on, and it’s true that it has a unique character that sets it apart from other guitars. I also appreciate the detailed breakdown of the specs and features of the guitar, which is helpful for anyone considering adding one to their collection.

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