Who Plays a Gibson Explorer?


If you have ever wondered, “Who plays a Gibson Explorer?” there is no shortage of options. Here are a few examples of notable guitar players who play Explorers: James Hetfield, Gary Moore, and Elvino Rey. If you are an aspiring guitarist or would like to play the Explorer yourself, consider purchasing one today. Gibson guitars are renowned for their quality and durability. And, the price is certainly reasonable.

Elvino Rey

Elvino Rey is an American guitarist best known for his work with the Gibson Explorer. He played this instrument for many years before starting his solo career. He was a widower and amateur radio operator, who used the pseudonym Ira Ironstrings. Rey was also the brother-in-law of Warner Bros. Records exec Jim Conkling, who was a fan of the singer-songwriter’s music. Rey had an idea to record hi-fi Dixieland music, but he passed away a few months before the release of the album.

Rey’s electric guitar pioneer days have been celebrated in recent years. The guitarist was credited with the first electric guitar, which was later used in many film soundtracks and exotica albums. Rey played an electric guitar with a carbon-thread microphone, and his wife sang along with the lines of the song. This invention was later referred to as a “singing guitar” and was a massive success for Rey and his music.

James Hetfield

The guitar James Hetfield plays was originally a 1969 SG Standard with a tremolo bridge and was given to him by a friend from high school, who played in a jazz ensemble. The guitar was cherry red with a black pickguard and was most likely traded for a PA system. James Hetfield eventually traded the instrument for a different model, but it remains a popular guitar.

Other instruments he plays include ESP Snakebyte guitars, a custom-made model for Hetfield by ESP. Hetfield also owns a white snakebite guitar, likely used during the mid-2010s. The snakebite features a mahogany body with an ebony fretboard and EMG James Hetfield’s signature humbuckers. For his solos, Hetfield typically plays a Gibson Explorer.

Gary Moore

While playing a Gibson Explorer, guitarist Gary Moore often uses the A5 model. This guitar first made its appearance during a live show in 1978. He used it during the songs “Are You Ready” and “Baby Drives Me Crazy.” It was later replaced with a white DiMarzio humbucker. Moore also used it on his 1985 album, The Last Days of the World. Today, the guitar is owned by John Marks, owner of Rare Star Guitars.

Having a Gibson Explorer allows Moore to achieve the grit and sustain needed for blues guitar playing. It was also the first guitar Moore bought. Its vintage design is highly reminiscent of the early 1950s Gibson Explorer models. The Explorer has a resonator that allows Moore to control the amount of output from the pickups. Moore’s original model has a vintage-inspired design, resembling an ebony wood body.

Gary Moore plays a Gibson Explorer

The Gibson Explorer was made in the 1960s and is one of the most popular guitars among rock musicians. The Explorer is one of the most popular guitars ever, and Gary Moore has played it on numerous occasions. He first played the Explorer during a 1977 live performance of Thin Lizzy and was photographed playing it. He used the Explorer on songs such as “Are You Ready” and “Baby Drives Me Crazy.” The guitar has since been replaced by other Gibson models and is now owned by John Marks from Rare Star Guitars.

While recording this song, Moore used a prototype Marshall JTM-45 reissue head and a Guv’nor distortion pedal. This was an experiment that helped Moore achieve his unique sound. Moore was also influenced by B.B. King and Albert Collins, who played with Moore on his debut album. The album is considered one of Moore’s best, and the Guv’nor pedal has earned it a place in the blues-rock history books.