The Master Artisan Collection


Gibson Guitars – The Master Artisan Collection – Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are many Gibson guitars that can appeal to you. Some of them are classic, while others are hybrids. There are even some guitars that are made to play a variety of different genres of music, like blues, rock, and pop.

Leo Scala

Those interested in Gibson guitars will be thrilled to learn that the Gibson Custom Shop has teamed up with luthier Leo Scala, who is known for his fine craftsmanship and creative designs. The Gibson Custom Shop has launched a new Master Artisan Collection of guitars. These are custom-built guitars that feature hand-wound pickups, hand-finished Korina bodies, and Brazilian rosewood fretboards. The Gibson Custom Shop has teamed up with renowned luthiers from around the world to create an amazing collection of guitars.

The Master Artisan Collection starts with the 10 Flying V guitars that Scala has created. These guitars will be available in a variety of pickguard styles. They will also feature a custom hard case with a plush ruby interior. These guitars will only be available from the Gibson Garage in Nashville. The guitars will be limited to ten in total and will be hand-built.

The Leo Scala Flying V’s are available in three different finishes. The guitar features a Korina body, a single custom hand-wound pickup, 50s wiring, and a Tune-O-Matic bridge. The guitar weighs seven pounds. The guitar has a full-face metal pickguard, which follows the outline of the body. The pickguard is engraved with the art deco likeness of a 1937 Pontiac hood ornament. The guitar is also equipped with a coil-splitting feature.

The Leo Scala Classic Flying V guitar is designed in the style of Lonnie Mack’s Number 7 Flying V guitar. This guitar features a humbucker that’s custom-wound, a 50s wiring circuit, a dogear pickup surround, and a custom ‘bumblebee’ capacitor. The guitar comes in Black, White, or Custom finishes.

Rick Hinrichsen

During his tenure as an engraver artist at the Gibson Custom Shop, Rick Hinrichsen has created several unique and interesting models. His work has included Summer of Love/Hippie Les Paul, a Gibson Custom model with a Super 400 neck, and a Spider-themed model.

Hinrichsen’s work will be featured on Gibson’s television channel in the form of an inaugural virtual concert, “Rock To Remember”. The concert will feature a wide range of artists, including U.S. military veterans and a variety of music icons.

The concert will also feature a behind-the-scenes tour of the Gibson Garage in downtown Nashville. The concert will also feature interviews with Jimmie Allen, Lauren Alaina, and Jillian Jacqueline.

Gibson has also partnered with local NBC affiliate WSMV to bring Gibson Gives to the airwaves. Gibson has donated $300,000 to the Metro Nashville Public Schools for music education and music technology. The donation includes 1700 pairs of guitar strings, 36 amplifiers, and 116 guitar stands.

Gibson will also donate an eight-piece high-value music rig, valued at over $13,000. The donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 per organization. Gibson has also partnered with KRK Kares, a music electronics company, to offer a special giveaway. This includes a pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors to be awarded to the winners of the genre categories. The prize will be judged by members of the KRK Kreator Alliance.


Several of Gibson’s famous Custom Shop luthiers will be joining forces with the brand to produce a limited edition series of handcrafted guitars. They will be named the Gibson Master Artisan Collection and feature a variety of pickguard options, hand-wound pickups, and other features. It is estimated that each guitar will be hand-crafted to a high standard and limited to just 10 units. The guitars will be available in Black, White, and Custom finishes. They will also include a certificate of authenticity and a custom hard case with a plush ruby interior. The ten guitars will be sold exclusively through Gibson’s Garage.

The Gibson Master Artisan Collection starts with ten new re-interpretations of the ’58 Korina Flying V. Each guitar features a unique take on the classic guitar. Among the most notable features are a carved Korina body, a custom-etched pickguard, and a dogear pickup surround. They also make use of a number of other luthier-inspired features, including a Korina neck, custom-wound pickups, a hand-made bridge, and a custom-designed hard case. They also boast an ornate headstock, the Gibson brand’s best-in-class fretboard, and the Scala Seraph’s signature “flying V” headstock.

There are also several other guitars in the Master Artisan Collection that are worthy of attention. These include the Gibson Leo Scala Super ’58s, a special edition Seraph guitar, and a pair of hybrid guitars, which are inspired by the Classic and Flying V’s.


Whether you’re looking for a solid-body guitar or a hybrid, Gibson has you covered. They’ve teamed up with legendary luthiers to create an upscale collection of guitars that are ornate, rare, and hand-built. These guitars will be available in black, white, and custom finishes. These are real deals, and they’ll be available for a limited time.

The Gibson Master Artisan Collection is an incredible collection of ten Korina-bodied guitars. The collection features a special Seraph model. This guitar features a darker shade of Korina, a metal double symmetrical pickguard, a Bigsby B7 vibrato, and coil-splitting talents. The Seraph’s aging treatment is much heavier than the rest of the models, and it includes a 1937 Pontiac logo on the pickguard.

The Gibson Master Artisan Collection also includes ten different ’58 Korina Flying V-style guitars. Each model is a unique take on this iconic guitar. These guitars are hand-built and hand-detailed, and will only be available in limited quantities. This is a great opportunity to own one of the most coveted guitars of all time.

The Gibson Master Artisan Series is an awesome collection of hand-built guitars that will be available in limited quantities. Each guitar is hand-built and hand-detailed, with an ornate design. It’s a rare opportunity to own an authentic Gibson Custom Shop product. These guitars are sure to please guitar fans, and they’ll be available in black, white, and custom finishes.


Whether you’re a guitar player, bass player, or musician, Gibson guitars have a wide variety of models to choose from. From the budget-friendly lines to the studio quality models, Gibson’s guitars are made in the USA. Known for their superior craftsmanship, Gibson guitars are the best in the world.

Gibson’s Les Paul Standard is the flagship model in Gibson USA’s range. This guitar features a 24 3/4-inch scale neck with a three-way selector switch. It also has dual volume knobs and a 3-way tone knob. It’s also equipped with Burstbucker Pro pickups, delivering a massive range of tones. It’s a popular choice for rock and metal players, as well as jazz players.

Gibson guitars are made with an ergonomic neck construction. The neck is rounded on both the bottom and top, making it easier to play fast. The mahogany body is finished with a maple cap, which adds bite to the design.

Gibson’s Explorer has an eye-catching design and is well suited to heavy metal and rock. It’s a popular guitar played by artists such as The Edge, James Hatfield, and more. It’s also available in Ebony and Heritage Cherry. The ES-335 is another popular guitar, with its mahogany body, Grade-AAA flame maple top, and two high-output humbuckers. It’s also available in Heritage Cherry Sunburst.

Gibson’s Generation Collection guitars feature a unique side sound hole design that projects sound directly at the player. It’s inspired by a long-lost 1964 blueprint. These guitars also include the innovative Player Port design.


Originally, the Gibson Master Model instruments included the H-5, L-5, and K-5. These were limited edition models. However, the Master Model label has caused confusion. The new Master Artisan Collection is a series of Gibson Custom Shop collaborations with renowned luthiers.

The Master Artisan Collection is a series that includes ten Korina-bodied guitars, each with a unique design and a few tricks up its sleeve. Some of the models include solid Korina bodies and fretboards, while others feature Brazilian rosewood fretboards. The guitars are all hand-built and feature hand-wound pickups. The guitars also feature a custom hard case with a plush ruby interior.

The Master Artisan Collection is also accompanied by a number of other cool guitar features. Aside from the aforementioned, each model features a custom-etched pickguard, a Dogear pickup surround, and a Schaller Roller Tune-O-Matic bridge. The most expensive model in the line features a coil-splitting capability via a switch. The Master Artisan Collection also includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The 777 is a tribute to Lonnie Mack’s Number 7 Flying V.

The Master Artisan Collection also includes ten different pickguard options. The 777 features a skull knob for tone control. It also has a metal double pickguard and the most expensive model features a dogear pickup surround. The 777 also features a Bigsby B7 vibrato, which isn’t found on most guitars.

The Master Artisan Collection is an exciting new project from Gibson’s Custom Shop. This prestigious collection includes hand-built guitars that are sure to impress.