Are Gibson Guitars Worth the Money


Are Gibson Guitars Worth the Money? If you’re in the market for a new guitar and you’re wondering are Gibson guitars worth the money? You’re not alone. There are a lot of people looking for the best deals and discounts out there. If you are looking for a new electric guitar, there are a few different things to keep in mind.

Are Gibson Guitars Worth the Money?

Les Paul Special Tribute

Les Paul Special Tribute - Humbucker - Worn White SatinLes Paul Special Tribute guitars are a throwback to the legendary Les Paul Specials of the 1950s. These guitars are made to deliver the iconic Les Paul tone in a stripped-down, no-frills style. They offer tremendous value for money.

The Gibson Les Paul Special and Special Tribute models are priced considerably lower than the Studio model. However, they still provide all of the features that you’d expect from a Les Paul. The models share several common cosmetic features, including flat black pickguards and acrylic dot inlays. They also share Gibson’s Ultra-Modern weight relief system. These features keep the guitar lightweight and comfortable even after prolonged periods of use.

Aside from these common features, both models have their unique touches. The Les Paul Special has a thicker neck with a wrap-around bridge. It is a classic guitar that will serve well as a live instrument. It also has vintage deluxe keystone tuners. The guitar’s finish is smooth satin lacquer.

The Les Paul Special Tribute features two humbucker pickups. The humbucker pickup configuration is very popular for jazz. It offers warm tones and can help to cancel out the single-coil noise that many guitars produce. It is also a good choice for players with small hands.

The Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute is also available in a version with P-90 pickups. It has the same rounded, vintage-style neck, but lacks the “Baseball Bat” style. It is still comfortable to play with and has a sharply-cut fingerboard. The neck has a 43mm nut width, which is generally preferred by most guitarists. This allows for open chords without muting strings. The guitar’s nut is also a good choice for playing bar chords.

Epiphone Les Paul

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul is a great choice. For several reasons, it’s one of the best electric guitars you can buy. It has all the features you want, like a high-quality build and a great sound. You can also find an Epiphone Les Paul for less money than a Gibson model.

The first thing to note about the Epiphone Les Paul is that it doesn’t come with a case. If you’re looking for a guitar for your bedroom, it’s probably not the right guitar for you. But if you’re looking for a quality instrument for the stage, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60s is a great option.

The Epiphone model has a couple of good features, like the Tune-O-Matic bridge and a mahogany body. The Pau Ferro fingerboard and a maple flame top round out the rest of the features.

The Epiphone brand has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It is currently the only manufacturer to produce Archtop models. Among its many offerings are the Casino, Riviera, Sheraton, and Uptown Kat. It’s also the only manufacturer to use the EMG metalworks pickups.

The Epiphone brand has also tapped into the popularity of acoustic guitars. The company’s acoustic Les Pauls are a nice, less-expensive alternative to Gibson’s. The guitar’s mahogany body and carved maple caps add a touch of class.

As for the actual guitar itself, you’re going to find a lot of similarities between the two. The Epiphone model’s two volume controls and Tune-O-Matic bridge aren’t much different from the Gibson version. The Epiphone Les Paul is more affordable and has a few extra features, including a rounded ’59 neck profile and an active EMG metalworks pickup.

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

1961 Les Paul SG Standard - Aged Sixties Cherry
1961 Les Paul SG Standard – Aged Sixties Cherry

The Gibson SG Standard electric guitar is one of the most iconic and widely played models of all time. It has been used by influential guitarists, including Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Robbie Krieger of The Doors, Eric Clapton, Todd Rundgren, George Harrison, and Darby Malakian of System of a Down.

The SG Standard was originally designed as a replacement for the Les Paul and has since become Gibson’s best-selling model. It offers a variety of features that make it an all-around guitar.

The Gibson SG Standard has a solid mahogany body and a Rosewood fingerboard. The frets are Medium Jumbo in size, which offers easy string pressing. The fretboard also has a three-way switch and an inlaid pearl “Gibson” logo. It has 22 frets and a nut width of 43mm, or 1 11/16″.

The Gibson SG Standard has good pickups, which offer a warmer sound. If you play a lot of jazz, blues, or similar genres, it may be a great choice for you. The humbuckers have great output, but they don’t produce a huge amount of treble. They are ideal for playing mid-range power chords and wailing lead melodies.

The SG has an extra thin neck, making it lighter and easier to play. Because of this, it is often the preferred guitar for soloists. It is also a good guitar for rhythm players. It has great sustain, so it is very versatile.

The Gibson SG has a great sound that is both warm and bright. The neck is made of mahogany, which gives the guitar a warm and resonant tone.

The Gibson SG is also a great guitar for solo guitarists. It has a comfortable neck, excellent access to the upper frets, and an Ivory Tusq nut. This nut doesn’t contain any animal products, so it looks and feels nicer than plastic ones. It also provides good tune stability and clarity.

Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s

Gibson Les Paul Standard Standard '60s Bourbon Burst ReviewGibson Les Paul Standard 60’s is the ideal guitar for anyone who’s looking for a new Les Paul but doesn’t want to pay a fortune. They are a great value, have killer tones, and are a nostalgic throwback to the Gibson LPs of the early ’50s.

Gibson’s original series was designed with a simple, but elegant, feature list. It featured a thin taper, AA figured maple top, a rosewood fingerboard, and trapezoid inlays. The body of the guitar was made from solid mahogany.

The neck of the guitar was also slim and tapered. This gave the guitar a slinky feel.

The p90 pickups were voiced for a fatter, punchy sound than the ’50s. They offer a dynamic range that’s characteristic of a single coil pickup.

The neck on the Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s is made from mahogany, and the headstock is made of maple. The pickups are P-90 style Alnico V pickups with orange drop capacitors. The bridge has a Tune-O-Matic tailpiece.

The guitars have been built for speed and comfort. The body and neck are hand-finished by humans, and Gibson uses expert aging and hand-selected tonewoods to make these guitars sound as authentic as possible.

The original Les Pauls has been played by musicians for over sixty years. They’ve shaped the sounds of many genres. The Les Paul Standard 60’s is a great guitar to buy, and it’s one of the cheapest models in the current Gibson catalog. Its slinky feel and killer tones will make you feel like you’re playing an LP.

Gibson has recently introduced a new modern series of guitars, and they’re a great match for contemporary players. They offer unrivaled playability, bold aesthetics, and cutting-edge appointments.

Gibson Les Paul Tribute

best gibson les paul for the moneyGibson has two Les Paul models that are worthy of the name. The new Les Paul Tribute and Studio are priced very reasonably. The Tribute is the more affordable model of the pair, although the studio still offers all of the same features.

The Les Paul Tribute is a replica of the classic 1950s Gibson Les Paul. It is lighter and easier to play than some of its older siblings. It is also more comfortable for chord playing.

The Gibson guitar is one of the most recognizable instruments in the world. Manyaxe-wielding superstars have chosen it as their number one electric guitar. It has shaped rock ‘n’ roll.

The Epiphone has followed in the footsteps of Gibson and has come out with a range of guitars under its “Inspired by Gibson” series. These guitars take the popular Gibson models and repackage them into affordable, quality products.

The Les Paul Tribute has a neck made of maple. This produces a sound that is full of sustain. The pickups are also very good. The tone controls are small. The bridge is nickel finished. The volume and tone knobs are gold top hats. The soft shell case is included.

The Gibson Les Paul Tribute has been a big hit since its release. It is an affordable instrument with an impressive list of features. Its mahogany body is light and durable. The body has been enhanced by Ultra-Modern Weight Relief chambers to keep the instrument a comfortable size.

The guitar’s neck is a rounded C, rather than a smoother ’60s profile. Unlike the ’60s, this Gibson has a maple neck that is smooth to the touch and provides plenty of sustain.